How to Download Windows 11 ISO File: Top 3 Ways

How to download windows 11 iso file

Since Windows 11 was launched, you must have heard a lot about it from people around you. Users love Windows 11 for its improved multi-window multitasking and support for multiple monitors. Not just developers love it for its improved and more powerful performance, but the Windows 11 has also proved to be a boon for PC gamers. Windows 11 put an end to a lot of problems that users faced with Windows 10, such as the keyboard not working on Windows 10.  To put it in simple words, Windows 11 is a must-have. Now the question arises of how to get Windows 11? In this article, we are going to discuss how to download Windows 11 iso file?

How to download Windows 11 iso file

If you are still waiting for the Windows Update to push notification on your desktop to update Windows, then you might have to wait longer; the quicker way is to take control, download the Windows11 iso file and create a bootable install disk and do a clean install.

Before moving on to how to download Windows 11 iso file, let’s see what does a clean install mean?

What is a clean install?

When you want to install a software’s new version by removing the previous version entirely, it is known as a clean install. When you just “update”, some parts of the previous version of the software remain. So, when you are aiming to eradicate the last version, that is when you need to know how to download Windows 11 iso file. Check out some of these best bootable usb maker software.

Installing the Windows 11 iso file

Now that we know what a Windows 11 iso file downloaded file is let’s see how to download Windows 11 iso file.

Method 1: Downloading the Windows 11 ios file from Microsoft

The easiest and the most credible way of downloading the Windows 11 file is to download it from Microsoft’s website itself.

On Microsoft’s website, navigate to the Windows 11 ISO page. There you’ll find a section “Download Windows 11 Disk Image(ISO)” select Windows 11 from the menu. After having selected Windows 11, simply click on the Download button. A pop-up will ask you to choose a language; after doing so, click confirm and once again click on the download button that appears. 

The ISO file will be downloaded on your PC, and you can move with the further installation steps just like every other software that you download.

Downloading the Windows 11 ios file from Microsoft

Method 2: Using the UUP Dump

We know that you’re wondering what UUP Dump is. Well, UUP Dump is nothing but just a free and secure service that allows the users to download UUP files from Microsoft and create the respective ISO files. Well, isn’t that precisely what we are looking for? Here’s how to proceed:

On your search engine, type:

On the website, you’d find a “quick options” section. Under that, select the x64 button next to the “Latest Dev Channel Build”. Select the latest build and then click next. A list of options will pop up; from that list, select whichever edition of Windows you want. We will move further with “Windows Home”, but you can go for any edition of your choice out of Windows Home, Windows Home N, Windows Pro, Windows Pro N, and Windows Team. After having selected the edition of your choice, click Next. Next, click on the “Download and convert to ISO” option. Click on “Create download package”.

After following the above steps, a zip file will be downloaded to your PC. Although this is not the iso file that we were looking for, the iso file can be extracted by unzipping this downloaded file. After unzipping the file, click on the uup_download_windows.cmd file. The process of installation begins, and a window opens. After the process ends, press 0 to exit. You’ll finally see the Windows 11 ISO file you wanted and double-click on it to install it on your PC. 

Using the UUP dump

Method 3: Enroll in the Dev channel using a script

When it comes to how to download Windows 11 iso file, this method might be a little confusing for some, but we’ll try to break it down into easy steps. 

  • Firstly, download the script from the Github page, where the script is available for download. 
  • Next, run the downloaded script by right-clicking on it and selecting “Run as Administrator”.
  • A command prompt will pop up asking you to choose from certain options.
  • Choose option 1; the process will proceed further, and when it finishes, press any key to exit the command prompt.
  • Go to Settings >> Update & security >> Windows Insider Program and Check for updates, and you should see the option to upgrade to Windows 11.

 And, that’s it, you’ll be able to install Windows 11 on your PC and get access to the newly added powerful features.

Using a script from github


Although there are plenty of ways how to download the Windows 11 iso file, in this article, we tried to keep it brief and not confuse you much regarding the various paths you have to reach your destination. We hope one out of these three methods will work for you.

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How to Download Windows 11 ISO File: Top 3 Ways

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