Windows Password Recovery Tool

Top 10 Best Windows Password Recovery Tools 2018

November 13, 2018

The worst thing that can happen to anyone is losing password when it is required to log into your system. If you lose your windows login password, the only solution that left is clean installing your system all over again. Tedious job to do, isn’t it? Well, that is not the ultimate solution to your […]

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Blue Light Filter for PC

Best Blue Light Filters for Windows and Mac

November 11, 2018

Have you ever felt your eyes heavy while staring at the computer screen for a long time? Most of them did face a similar situation. But why is the blue light that is radiated from the screen harmful to our retina? Blue light, which is a unit of the visible light spectrum, is capable of […]

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Best Free VPN for Android

Best Free Unlimited VPN app for Android (November 2018)

October 13, 2018

Do you desire to surf anonymously and boost up your internet downloading as well as internet speed? If yes, then VPN(Virtual Private Network) is the best tool that is widely used by thousands of people across the globe to access certain websites that’s restricted by internet service provider firewall. Not just that, it makes your […]

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Best Fast Copying Software

Top 7 Fast Copying Software for Mac and Windows

October 7, 2018

Contents1 What is a Fast Copying Software?2 1. Wondershare DVD creator3 2. Teracopy4 3. ExtremeCopy5 4. Fastcopy6 5. Ultracopier7 6. Killcopy8 7. Richcopy9 Conclusion What is a Fast Copying Software? When we find the need to copy a file on windows, what we usually do is, press the Ctrl+C shortcut key or just the right […]

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Registry Cleaning Software

Top 10 Best Registry Cleaning Software (November 2018)

October 2, 2018

The world is moving at a faster pace than we expected. Technology is the main reason behind it. The computer is the beginning of a change in our society. With time Registry cleaning software are upgraded our computers but also improvised their use. At first, when the computer was made it was only made for […]

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Best Game Recording Software

Best Game Recording Software for Windows (2018)

June 29, 2018

With the advancement of technology, gaming has also taken a huge leap be it in the category of smartphone games, console or PC gaming. But PC gaming is still the most popular in all of the categories. There are a lot of people who still prefer the classical use of keyboard and mouse, plus the […]

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