7 Best Ways to Maximize Your Battery Life

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We have all had that uneasy feeling in the pit of our stomach whenever we are about to send the final text of an ultra-important message, but then the phone suddenly goes pitch black. To make matters worse, there is no charging station nearby, and your power bank battery is also dead. And that is where real panic strikes. For Android users such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Tecno Mobile and others, you can easily check the battery health from settings. So, to tackle this ever-present issue, we have rounded up the seven best ways for you to follow:

1. Keep Your Battery from Going To 0% Or 100%

Leaving your mobile phones charged overnight might be the root cause of battery damage. When you leave your phone plugged in after it has reached 100%, the battery will begin to deplete itself. You may notice any difference in the near run, but in a few years down the road, its lifespan will be significantly reduced. This is because lithium-ion batteries are most pressured when fully charged.

The key is to maintain your battery somewhat between 20% and 90% charged. Charge it as soon as it falls below 50%, but make sure to unplug it before it reaches 100%. Another option to consider is to juice it up and switch off your phones at night before sleeping or recharge it at the breakfast table in the morning. This makes it easier to observe the battery percentage when charging.

2. Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode

Try disconnecting your phone from the network it is connected to. Twitter, for example, cannot ping your phone every few seconds for updates if it is not linked to a cellular network. If you truly want it to stay longer, set it on airplane mode and watch as the battery level stays stagnant throughout the day.

It is well worth using the airplane mode option especially in areas with a patchy connection. This is because phones tend to increase their efforts to connect when they can’t locate a signal, which will then cause the battery to deplete faster. But the major drawback is that you would be unable to make calls or send texts. But hey, on the bright side, it helps keep unwelcome distractions at bay!

3. Remove Unwanted Running Apps

Many people use multiple apps all at once. For example, simultaneously texting someone on WhatsApp and scrolling through the latest newsfeed while waiting for their replies. Although we may perceive multitasking to be a useful feature, what most of us fail to realise is that running so many apps at once consumes far more power than is required, ultimately draining your device’s battery.

To make it worse, many forget to remove the apps from their tabs, causing them to forever run in the background. This will deplete both, your battery life and also your phone data. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Fortunately, though, unused apps can be temporarily put to sleep by setting it under the Battery section of your iPhone and Android.

4. Reduce Your Phone’s Brightness

No matter how much you love your phone’s display, it, unfortunately, consumes your battery health at a much quicker speed. The only time you are likely to need your phone at full brightness is in the middle of the day, when the sun is at its brightest. Otherwise, you can adjust your phone’s brightness to 60% or less.

You can either adjust the brightness level or put it in auto-brightness mode, which will automatically alter the phone’s screen brightness based on the ambient illumination. You can easily boost your battery life by at least 2 hours by using the adaptive brightness feature. It will also not strain your eyes, which is an added bonus.

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5. Turn on Power-Saving Mode

Well, you know what they say— drastic times call for drastic measures. The power-saving mode is a clever feature that conserves your phone’s battery by lowering background programmes’ screen brightness, resolution, and data usage. You can adjust each of these settings to estimate how much extra battery life you will get with each modification.

In short, it serves much like a magical reminder. Alerting you that the battery needs to be charged, pronto. For earlier versions of Android, you may be presented with a number of power-saving mode presets, each with its own unique balance of performance and battery life. On the latest ones, however, the latest Emergency Mode allows you to use your battery for multiple days while only having access to specific apps and features.

6. Disable Unwanted Push Notifications

Smartphones offer push notifications, allowing apps to provide the latest information and reminders in just seconds. Push notifications are undeniably useful. After all, they are part of what makes a smartphone a powerful tool. But a little bit of battery goes into every ping of notification as it requires your phone to brightens for a few seconds. And if you receive a lot of notifications, your energy consumption might quickly build up.

If a specific app, say, Snapchat or Facebook, is continuously sending you notifications, then you might want to consider disabling notifications for those apps. However, if they are necessary and you want to keep them coming, consider changing the settings so they would not make a sound, vibrate or even brightens your phone.

7. Remove Battery Draining Apps

iOS and Android have included monitoring features within their phones’ operating systems, allowing users to see which apps are consuming the most power. There, you will know which apps have consumed the most battery power since your phone was last completely charged.

Once you have put together a list of the worst offenders, you may uninstall the apps completely or you can go into the specific settings for those apps and try to lower their battery usage. Keep in mind that you can access certain apps like YouTube and Gmail on your web browser.

Modern screen technology tends to put unnecessary of strain on your phone’s battery, but you can extend its life by adjusting your habits and taking advantage of the latest features built directly into Android and iOS.

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7 Best Ways to Maximize Your Battery Life

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