Comparing The Specs Of The Apple Watch Series 3 And Series 8

apple watch series 3 vs apple watch series 8 specs

Comparing The Specs Of The Apple Watch Series 3 And Series 8

With its various capabilities, including contactless payments and fitness tracking, the Apple Watch has become a necessary technology for many people. But now that the Series 8, the next generation, is approaching, an important question is raised: should you upgrade from your reliable Apple Watch Series 3? 

apple watch series 3 vs apple watch series 8 specs
apple watch series 3 vs apple watch series 8 specs

In this article, we will evaluate the design, performance, health features, and other aspects of the two models, going further into their main differences and help you understand the benefits and drawbacks to decide whether the anticipated improvements of the Series 8 warrant an upgrade, or whether the Series 3 is still a good option for your requirements.

What Makes The Apple Watch Series 8 A Good Upgrade?

Here are some reasons why the Apple Watch Series 8 might be the best option for you, as it is expected to represent a major advancement in wristwatch technology:

Sleeker Design and Enhanced Display:

The Series 8 has an edge-to-edge display and possibly larger case sizes, embracing new aesthetics and saying goodbye to outdated bezels.

Lightning-fast Performance: 

It is anticipated that the next-generation chip in the Series 8 will make the smartwatch experience snappier and more responsive.

Features of Advanced Health Tracking: 

You can take your health monitoring to the next level with capabilities like blood oxygen level monitoring, an ECG app, and possibly even temperature sensing (these features to be confirmed).

A Variety of Novel Opportunities: 

Savor prospective upgrades like extended battery life and an always-on

Apple watch series 3 vs Apple watch series 8 specs

Between the Apple Watch Series 3 to the Apple Watch Series 8, the following important specifications are broken down:

1. Design and Display

The Apple Watch Series 3’s design feels like it is being outdated. It features a square look with thick bezels around the display. The Series 8 is expected to continue the trend set by the Series 7, offering a larger, more modern look with a nearly edge-to-edge display and slimmer bezels. This translates to a sleeker watch and more screen space for you to see your notifications, messages, and fitness data. The Series 8 is also rumored to come in potentially larger case sizes (41mm and 45mm) compared to the Series 3’s 38mm and 42mm options.

2. Performance

It is being said that the Apple Watch Series 8 has a next-generation microprocessor, whereas the Series 3 makes use of an outdated dual-core processor. This ultimately results in a notable speed improvement, offering quicker app loads, more seamless navigation, and an all-around more responsive experience.

3. Health and fitness features

both the Series 3 and Series 8. Still, the Series 8 may have some interesting improvements like activity tracking, GPS, and heart rate monitoring with basic health functions. There are rumors that it might have more sophisticated health functions than the Series 3, such as an ECG app and a blood oxygen level monitor. The Series 8 may even have temperature sensing, however this has not been verified.

4. Other features

Cellular option: 

Both include cellular alternatives so you may use data and make calls without having to keep your phone close by.

Watch Faces: 

A greater selection of watch faces and more personalization possibilities will be available for the Series 8.

5. Cost-effectiveness:

Cost is still a big consideration. Even though a lot of customers want the newest features, price is a key factor, particularly for casual wristwatch wearers.

6. Beyond the Basics: Feature Frenzy

Several other advancements might grace the Series 8:

  • Battery Life: The Series 3’s battery life is decent, but the Series 8 might offer improvements, allowing you to go longer between charges.
  • Always-On Display: While the Series 3 requires a wrist raise to activate the display, the Series 8 might boast an always-on display, similar to the Series 5 and onward. This allows for constant timekeeping and information retrieval without raising your wrist.
  • Durability: The Series 8 might offer a wider range of case materials like stainless steel and potentially even titanium, compared to the Series 3’s aluminum construction. This could enhance durability and scratch resistance.
  • Storage: The exact storage capacities remain unknown, but the Series 8 will likely offer more storage than the Series 3, allowing you to install more apps and store more data on your wrist.

Should You Upgrade or Hold On?

It depends on your needs and financial situation. Here’s a summary to aid in your decision:

Upgrade if: 

You value the newest design, a quicker CPU, possibly more sophisticated health features, a bigger screen, and possibly a longer battery life.

Hold on if: 

You value basic wristwatch features like activity tracking, notifications, and simple heart rate monitoring but are on a tight budget. For these essential requirements, the Series 3 is still a capable choice.

Comparing the Series 3 and Series 8 Apple Watches:

These preferences suggest that the Apple Watch Series 8 would be preferred by consumers who value the newest features, a sleek look, a quicker CPU, and possibly enhanced health tracking.

Nonetheless, the Series 3 continues to be a decent choice for consumers on a tight budget who value essential features like activity tracking, notifications, and simple heart rate monitoring.


Although the Apple Watch Series 3 still has value, the Series 8 is expected to be a major advancement. Decide what features are most important to you after weighing your options. Recall that the ideal smartwatch fits in perfectly with your daily routine and gives you the tools you need to stay informed, connected, and in control of your health.

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Comparing The Specs Of The Apple Watch Series 3 And Series 8

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