Best Inventory Management Software for Windows and Mac

Best Inventory Management Software

In this era of startups, skills are the prerequisite for any business to flourish and reach the heights of the market. In addition to this, management is also crucial because of the tremendous amount of competition from other businesses and startups involved in the same pursuit. Thus, for most of the business-oriented person, sales, orders, deliveries, tracking of inventory levels is made efficiently by a type of software known as Inventory Management Software. It’s natural for anyone to choose the best software available for the task, but there are just so many out there. That’s where we come in. We’ve shortlisted the best inventory management software.


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Best Inventory Management Software for PC

The list also included the best free inventory software, and the best inventory management software for Mac. 

1. Cin7

Cin7 is an inventory and warehouse management software with additional tools designed for integrations and automation. Offers centralization of inventory, ordered workflow, stock locations, and sales channels. Along with that, the software allows users to connect their products to their customers. With built-in POS, selling to big retailers and online businesses is pretty easy and convenient. Critical business data is displayed in a single dashboard view. It’s key integration partners are Salesforce, Amazon, Shopify, Nordstorm, and Xero. It is one of the best inventory management software.



*The pricing for the software starts from $299 per month, but it is not fixed. A quote is given by the company considering the user’s unique needs.

Starter: Especially for those who have just laid the foundation of their respective businesses and require a system to scale beyond the startup phase. The following are its specialties:

  1. Comprehensive inventory management.
  2. Pre-order/backorder management.
  3. Multiple locations.
  4. Built-in POS.
  5. Built-in B2B functionality.
  6. Light manufacturing.
  7. Inventory-specific CRM.

Momentum: Suited for the ones who have established their brand and also have a good product range. Features, along with the features of the Starter plan are given below:

  1. Forecasting.
  2. Automated order splitting and geo-routing.
  3. Multiple routing.
  4. Custom 3PL integrations.
  5. Automated replenishment.
  6. Warehouse management system.
  7. Complete Amazon suite.

Advanced: Made for brands, which are enterprises that hold stocks in many locations and sell through multiple channels. Specific features, along with the features of the Momentum plan are as follows:

  1. Advanced automation.
  2. Custom EDI integrations.
  3. Custom retailer-specific labels.
  4. Maintains Custom reports.
  5. Multi-company automation.

2. Ordoro

Ordoro is a single e-commerce app for managing shipping, inventory, and everything in between. By using it, accessing cost-effective rates, print labels, and syncing, your inventory becomes extremely simple jobs. It is your one-stop software for shipping orders from each of your sales channels which makes it so unique and one of the best inventory management software out there. Apart from that, Ordoro is packed with automated features that optimize your workflow, allowing you to achieve peak productivity. Through advanced analytics, the software tracks and visualizes a multitude of data from financial information.



Express: It costs $59 per month. A smart choice if you’re a beginner in the field. Features offered are:

  1. Heavily discounted rates of USPS Shipping.
  2. Included automation and shipping presets.
  3. Provision of barcode scanning.
  4. No SFP fees.
  5. API access.
  6. Pro Creation with one click.

Pro: It costs $499 per month. Besides the features of the Express plan, you also get features like:

  1. Inventory management.
  2. Dropshipping facility.
  3. Knitting.
  4. Purchasing.
  5. Third-party warehouse integration.
  6. Supplier integration.

3. FishBowl

FishBowl empowers you to turn uncertainty into opportunity with FishBowl’s powerful asset tracking solution for all organizations, no matter the size. Manufacturing, selling, servicing, sales, or management of goods, FishBowl can handle them all. With high-profile users such as the U.S. Air Force, Mercedes-Benz, and NASA, it is without any question one of the best inventory management software currently available. Best of all, it offers a free 14-day trial. Similar to Cin7, FishBowl also has prices depending on the client’s needs.


Key features:

  • Streamlined Operations.
  • Better automation through integration.
  • Generate work orders.
  • Reduces the number of steps involved in the manufacturing process resulting in lesser cost.
  • Gives real-time inventory updates so that you know how much inventory you have left.
  • Eliminates all the data entry errors.
  • The software also integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, and many other solutions.
  • Tracking of items by lot numbers, serial numbers, and other methods is possible.
  • Monitoring of asset levels in multiple locations.
  • Pack and ship goods with awesome accuracy and efficiency.
  • Cuts down on overstocks and shortages to ensure you a healthy balance of assets on hand.

4. Veeqo

Veeqo helps online retailers deliver the experience their customers expect from them in an efficient, concise, and easy way. It has been used and verified by mega-brands like Brompton, Brewdog, Castore. The Cambridge Satchel Company, Dove, Roland Mouret, Harry Potter, and Lovisa.

As a result, Veeqo can be cited as a great example of the best inventory management software. In addition to that, it has received excellent customer response, including MNCs like SockSnob and Naissance. With the provision of a free trial run, you can get a feel of the software and decide whether or not it will serve your needs, which in most cases, it will!



Accelerator: It costs $156 per month. Facilities include:

  1. 21+ shipping integrations.
  2. Sync inventory at 20+ marketplaces.
  3. Unlimited products.
  4. Phone, live chat & email support.
  5. Multiple channels of inventory control.

High Growth: It costs $202.40 per month. Features that come along are (all features of Accelerator included):

  1. Purchasing forecasting.
  2. User permissions.
  3. Returns management.
  4. Order routing.
  5. Tagging of products.

Premium: it costs $260 per month. It’s specialties (along with all of the High Growth):

  1. Digital picking service.
  2. Transfer of stocks.
  3. Wholesaling of products.
  4. History of the inventory.
  5. API access.

5. Unleashed

Unleashed’s powerful business tools assist you in growing your business to new heights. Its makers claim it to be the next evolution of inventory management that proves to be an asset to achieve complete control of your products and instant clarity across suppliers, production, inventory, and customers. Lets you enjoy real-time stock visibility and maximum control. Understand your product margins and make better decisions based on real-time, accurate profit reporting. Best of all, you can get a free trial without having to enter your credit card credentials.



Medium: It costs $259 and includes 3 users. Features offered:

  1. Sandbox environment.
  2. Unlimited products.
  3. Document designer.
  4. Serial and batch tracking.

Large: It costs $499 per month and includes 8 users. Included facilities (along with all of the Medium):

  1. Production module.
  2. B2B eCommerce
  3. Unlimited customers.
  4. Unlimited currencies.

Large Plus: It costs $819 per month and includes 20 users. Features included (along with all of Large):

  1. Unlimited transactions.
  2. Unlimited suppliers.
  3. Product attribute sets.

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6. Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is one of the best inventory management software for growing businesses. The Zoho increases your sales and keeps track of every unit with its powerful stock management. It integrates with G Suite, Shopify, Etsy, PayPal, Razorpay, and Zoho CRM. Add iOS and Android support to all that, you can get real-time updates on the order status, and Zoho Inventory does exactly that. Warehouse management has been made easy with features designed to monitor stock level, inter-warehouse transfer, and generate reports within seconds.



Basic: It costs $39 per month. Features:

  1. 1500 online orders per month.
  2. 150 shipping labels per month.
  3. 150 shipment tracking per month.
  4. Monitoring of 2 warehouses.

Standard: It costs $79 per month. Specialties (along with all Basic features):

  1. 10000 online orders per month.
  2. 1000 shipping labels per month.
  3. 1000 shipping tracking per month.
  4. Monitoring of 5 warehouses.

Professional: It costs $199 per month. Specialties (along with all Standard features):

  1. 30000 online orders per month.
  2. 3000 shipping labels per month.
  3. 3000 shipping tracking per month.
  4. Monitoring of 10 warehouses.

7. EZOfficeInventory

EZOfficeinventory is a cloud-based asset tracking software, useful for tracking physical and technological assets. From small businesses to industry leaders, the software is trusted by leading brands like Amazon, Cnn, Intel, Honda, Fox Sports, and stryker. With its impressive UI, it places itself among the best inventory management software. EzOfficeInventory has been designed as a complete asset management solution that comes with a comprehensive log for each asset – starting from procurement through to retirement. You can even design and print barcodes and QR codes and scan them with our app. You can also use RFID readers to scan items and take quick actions on them.



Essential: It costs $35 per month. If offers exciting features like: 

  1. Asset Tracking
  2. Reservations
  3. Alerts
  4. Maintenance
  5. Basic Reporting

Advanced: It costs $45 per month. Features offered by this plan are (including all Essential features):

  1. Scheduled services.
  2. Advanced reporting.
  3. Carts for projects.
  4. External data backups.
  5. Purchase orders.

Premium: It costs $50 per month. Includes attributes such as (including all Advanced features):

  1. Advanced access control.
  2. Single sign-on.
  3. Service desk integrations.
  4. Work Orders.
  5. G Suite integration.

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8. Finale Inventory

Finale Inventory provides a cloud-based, multichannel inventory management software designed for high volume eCommerce industries and also provides a 14-day trial. Designed to be flexible with scalability in mind and built to solve all your inventory needs.

Finale Inventory


Bronze: It costs $99 per month and allows up to 2 users. Additional features provided are:

  1. 1000 orders per month.
  2. 2 integrations.
  3. Multi-location.
  4. 100000 items.

Sliver: It costs $99 per month and allows up to 6 users. Additional features provided are:

  1. 5000 orders per month.
  2. 4 integrations.
  3. Multi-location.
  4. 100000 items.

Gold: It costs $99 per month and allows up to 8 users. Additional features provided are:

  1. 10000 orders per month.
  2. 8 integrations.
  3. Multi-location.
  4. 10000 items.

Platinum: It costs $99 per month and allows up to 12 users. Additional features provided are:

  1. 20000 orders per month.
  2. Unlimited integrations.
  3. Multi-location.
  4. 100000 items.

9. Epos Now

EposNow is a software that can be set up within minutes to get you trading as fast as possible. With top tier achievements such as the 13th fastest growing tech company-2015 and 32nd fastest-growing tech company-2016, the best services are guaranteed. Rated excellent across all major review sites, including TrustPilot, SiteJabber, and FreeIndex. Similar to FishBowl and Cin7, Epos Now requires the user to register a call with the firm, and a final quote is given after carefully reviewing the client’s traffic, needs, and intents.



  • Customizable dashboard.
  • Works with any device.
  • Integrated payments.
  • Access rights and permissions.
  • Powerful promotions.
  • Online booking system.
  • Customizable receipts.
  • 30000+ happy customers.
  • Simple to use and scalable.
  • HAndsfree installation.

10. Orderhive

If you’ve been looking for a simple and powerful multichannel inventory management software to help you track orders, control inventory, create shipments, raise purchases, and do much more, Orderhive has got you covered. Orderhive has been powering 5500+ e-commerce companies worldwide, including giants such as Spigen, Ikea, Puma and Eleventh Avenue. It is an e-commerce automation platform that helps you save your time and focus on growing your business. With Orderhive software, it’s easy to automate tasks within your operations and across all your apps.



Lite: It costs %44.99 per month. It brings basic features for beginners along with the following add-ons:

  1. All orders, shipping, and inventory management features.
  2. Unlimited SKUs.
  3. Unlimited integrations.
  4. Best in class onboarding chat and e-mail support.

Starter: It costs $134.99 per month. Enables you to take your first step towards becoming an organization. Features include (along with all of Lite):

  1. All sorts of automation.
  2. Orderhive API access for integrations.
  3. Chat support and hand-holding at each and every step of setup.

Growth: It costs $269.99 per month. Assists in growing your business, once established properly. Peculiarities included are (along with all of Starter):

  1. All premium integrations.
  2. 4 hours of employee training to enable your employees to use Orderhive to its fullest.

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So those were our picks for the best inventory management software. The list also included the best free inventory software, and the best inventory management software for Mac. If you’re a complete novice and have no idea of how things work, Ordoro or Zoho Assist are the best ones you can try your hands on. If you need more premium inventory features, you can try out QuickBooks Premier Hosting on a Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure which supports multi-user environment users.

On the contrary, if you are a pro trader with as well established businesses and huge amounts of traffic, Unleashed, Veeqo and FishBowl can prove to be smart choices. All in all, the skill to choose the right software, and most importantly, the right plan, can bring you loads of profit in your respective business, and would give you an edge over the pack!

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Best Inventory Management Software for Windows and Mac

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