What to Do If Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting Windows 11 Updates

What to Do If WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Windows 11 Updates

Wireless networks have become the most important aspect of everyday life. Nowadays, most people prefer this network. But, while installing the latest Windows 11 update, some users are facing WiFi connectivity problems.

If you, too, the experience that your WiFi keeps disconnecting Windows 11 post-update. This article will introduce some common network issues related to Windows 11 update and their quick fix.

Windows 11 WiFi Not Working

There are multiple ways to solve this problem. But, before going ahead, there are certain requirements that your computer should meet. It includes disabling airplane mode, enabling a WiFi adapter, and accessible WiFi.

After this, you can try running the internet troubleshooter. Corrupted or outdated wireless network drivers can be the cause. So, remove and reinstall the WiFi driver. You may also try turning on the WLAN AutoConfig service.

Antivirus Cause Connection Issue

Some Windows 11 users also reported the problem with their antivirus. The antivirus prevents their system from connecting to the WiFi network. Check the type of antivirus installed on your computer through the Windows Defender Security Center.

On the Start Menu, you will find the list of ‘All Apps’. After accessing the app, expand the panel and hit Virus and Threat Protection. Access the app interface and disable the service temporarily.

Think of this step as a cleanup of your computer to get rid of potential factors jamming the internet signal. By eliminating the problem, you should notice improvements straight away.

Windows 11 WiFi Driver Problems

One of the basic solutions to WiFi driver issues on Windows 11 is deleting and reinstalling the WiFi driver. You can also try updating your Windows 11 WiFi driver or roll it back to the last version. Right-click the Start Menu and hit Device Manager.

Expand the list below Network Adapters. Next, right-click your adapter and choose Properties. Then, click Driver and select any one option – Roll Back Driver or Update Driver.

No WiFi After Installing KB5014697

Windows 11 users encounter some nasty connection issues after installing the KB5014697 update. After this update, they can no longer use the WiFi network. It affects the WiFi hotspot feature of Windows 11.


More often, the main cause and potential solution to this problem are hard to find. But, to restore internet access, Microsoft recommends disabling the WiFi hotspot feature.

WiFi Connection Keeps Dropping

If WiFi keeps disconnecting Windows 11 without warning, the network adapter’s power management settings could be the reason. So, disable the feature that allows Windows to turn off the adapter to save power.

Choose Device Manager by right-clicking the Start Menu. Right-click your network adapter and choose Properties. Hit Power Management and uncheck the box that says Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

Windows 11 Won’t Connect to WiFi

Some users reported that they get a message “Windows 11 can’t connect to this network” while establishing a network connection. To fix the WiFi not connecting issue, uninstall the network adapter of your driver.

Now, allow Windows for automatic reinstallation. For this, press Windows key + X and hit Device Manager. Right-click the network adapter and select Uninstall. Tap Delete the driver software for this device and restart your system.

WiFi Is Connected But Can’t Access Internet

Sometimes the WiFi gets easily connected, but users are unable to access the internet. It could be due to a faulty DNS client resolver cache, TCP/IP stack, and IP address. Run the native Network Troubleshooting tool by going to Settings, System, Troubleshoot, and then Most Frequent.

You can also try the commands – netsh int ip reset, ipconfig /flushdns, netsh winsock reset, ipconfig /renew, ipconfig /release in the Command Prompt.

No WiFi Network

Before trying any troubleshooting tips, check if the router is turned on and the range of the network. If these things are proper, then try updating or reinstalling the network adapter. Or change the WiFi adapter region by pressing the Windows key + R.

Enter the devmgmt.msc command and press Enter. Right-click your network adapter and select Properties. Hit Advanced and then choose Country and Region.

WiFi Issues on Windows 11 22H2

After upgrading to the 22H2 version, Windows 11 users are facing WiFi issues. For example, missing configuration, slow wireless speed, the wireless adapter stops working, and more. These problems may be due to device driver incompatibility, unnecessary setting changes, or bugs with new updates.

Try using a network reset or network adapter troubleshooter. You can also fix them by uninstalling the 22H2 update.

The Conclusion

Poor or no working of Windows 11 WiFi is one of the most frustrating problems that bring productivity to a screeching break. Wrong credentials, corrupted files, not in-range WiFi, driver issues, and connection problems could be the reasons.

Hope you can solve the Windows 11 WiFi issues with the help of the tips discussed in this post. If none of these methods help, try uninstalling the update.

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What to Do If Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting Windows 11 Updates

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