Mobile App Security – Why SSL/TLS Certificates Are Essential in 2023?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a specific type of cutting-edge technology creating a shielded encryption layer for details shared between a browser and a server. Every conglomerate enterprise, or the smaller ones, spends millions of dollars to safeguard its information and data. It has been surveyed that 170.4 billion dollars will be spent on Information Security by 2022.

Security has been the greatest concern for cyber-professionals since this era of online business is susceptible to malware, Trojans, safety breach, manipulations, and more. These mobile applications have become part of today’s society that the users are oblivious to verifying their security.

They often blindly trust the company, which leads them to share sensitive and personal details without thinking twice. Therefore, the top-notch way to bypass cyber-attacks is by opting for the best security options, such as installing an SSL certificate. Today’s article will discuss why SSL/TLS is crucial in 2023 for mobile application security. So, let’s get straight to it!

Why Do You Require an SSL/TLS certificate for a mobile application?

Let us begin with what you understand by “SSL/TLS certificates?” The probabilities are you may contemplate WordPress or other desktop website susceptibilities. But mobile application security is as important as web app security.

As per a study conducted by StatCounter, it has been seen that mobile application usage has surpassed desktop app use. Smartphone apps account for 51.3%, whereas desktops account for 48.7% of internet usage.

The mobile applications have quick access to everything, from your information and passwords to banking details. Therefore, installing an SSL certificate or TLS assists mobile app developers in ensuring the user’s data stays safeguarded and steadfast while being preserved or in transit. Having those certificates on your site will allow your application to seem credible.

Let us analyse a few illustrations of how you may become a cyber-target while using a slackened application:

  • You must have a banking application on your device. Therefore, you might be at a stack of third-party crawlers getting access to your banking details whenever you provide the banking app password or other information.
  • Suppose you have several online applications on your device. However, you may not be mindful of the vulnerability of the apps while playing games or surfing the internet blissfully. An application, which does not follow adequate mobile application security protocols, is susceptible to being attacked by malicious hackers.

This is why, as a user, you must ensure all downloaded applications have a top-notch certification on mobile app security. They should be conscious of impending breaches while using their devices for sensitive things.

What is TLS Pinning?

TLS pinning incorporates a strong layer of security for cybercriminals to the infringement. While a connection is made to a website, a TLS certificate verifies the site’s security and authenticity, ensuring a trustworthy source called certificate authority has issued the certificate. Therefore, you can increase the security of mobile applications via TLS pinning.

The TLS/SSL certificates have been in the business for decades. However, its importance has increased than before! Visitors and Google consider a site that does not have an SSL certificate unreliable. One of the biggest search engine ranking factors is having an SSL certificate.

The biggest benefit of TLS pinning is it makes it challenging for fraudsters to infiltrate. A cybercriminal will attempt to decode your secured connection if he intends to harm your application. However, it is necessary to have a Code Signing certificate while developing and publishing a code to ensure end users that the software code is unique and not altered since it was signed.

He would have to pass an additional layer of protection to decode since you have a TLS certificate loaded on your application, which would be more difficult for him. Additionally, if the TLS certificate detects an access request from an unidentified source, it will refuse the app from being accessed.

Advantages of SSL/TLS certificates in 2023

The biggest advantages of SSL/TLS certificates in 2023 are the following:

Enhanced visibility

You will be non-existential on the internet if your site is not visible. Installing an SSL certificate is the most crucial factor in getting a higher rank on a search engine. The 2018’s algorithm of Google transforms state, which only prioritizes sites with SSL certificate or HTTPS security. Therefore, having one on your site will help you rank higher on the SERPs and stand out from the crowd.

Protecting your data

Data security is the 21st century’s biggest concern, and as people are conducting their business online, compromising data security is what they cannot afford at all! In the meantime, the internet is loaded with sensitive information, which enables them to search for more hacking scopes. Nevertheless, nobody can invade your site surreptitiously when you have installed an SSL/TLS certificate.

Cost-efficient approach

An SSL certificate does not cost a fortune. It is the best shutter for your digital shop. Genuine SSL resellers, for example, CheapSSLShop offer budget-friendly SSLs for several domains, which are reliable and inaccessible.

Furthermore, it saves much cash by protecting your customer details because of data thefts and contraventions. However, while having an SSL certificate installed on your site, you have a 0% chance of customer data leaking. This is how you can save valuable money and time.

It helps you achieve customer Trust

Put yourself in the customer’s place and think if you navigate an unsecured site! No, obviously! Similarly, a customer will only believe in your site if it has an SSL certificate installed.

It will boost your site rankings, and the visitors will keep flocking to the site. Therefore, having one will allow your visitors to trust the details you have added about your products or services.


An SSL certificate is extremely valuable if you conduct a successful online business. Without it, your app’s details and your client’s private information are in danger. The number of smartphone users is gradually increasing, putting serious liability on the app developer’s shoulders. Given the importance of cybersecurity in recent years, it is logical to assume that consumers will begin selecting robust systems that safeguard their information and privacy. Therefore, to impede such attacks, SSL certificates, and other premium cybersecurity tools must set up full-fledged mobile app security and achieve customer fidelity. Doing so boosts your chances of appearing well in Google’s SERPs while maintaining your reputation.

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Mobile App Security – Why SSL/TLS Certificates Are Essential in 2023?

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