Top 5 Anti-Detect Browsers that Integrate with Proxies

Top 5 Anti-Detect Browsers that Integrate with Proxies

Advertisers and websites are known to track visitors. The tracking entails using a set of data that, when combined, creates a unique digital identity known as a browser fingerprint to monitor or follow the user as they access various websites on the internet. Simply put, browser fingerprinting enables companies and advertisers to follow you around the internet. Given the often invasive nature of the data these websites collect, safeguarding your digital identity is becoming increasingly crucial. Against this backdrop, anti-detect browsers play a crucial role in making this a reality.

What is an Anti-Detect Browser?

Before detailing what an anti-detect browser is, let us first explore and understand what browser fingerprinting is.

Browser Fingerprinting

Usually, advertisers inject a fingerprinting code that collects an unrestricted amount of data about your online activity. For example, this code gathers information about your browser type and version, device model, operating system, screen resolution, keyboard layout, language used, location and time zone, plugins or extensions, fonts, and so on. It also collects data on more technical aspects of your computer or network, including your CPU, GPU, device storage, and memory.

The advertisers then combine these datasets to create a unique online or digital identity of a user, which is then stored as a user profile. It is this profile that enables them to track your browsing activity as you move from one website to another. In some cases, the advertisers may work in cahoots with wayward data brokers who may have existing information about you. This collaboration allows them to then make more targeted advertisements or sell the data to the highest bidder.

Anti-Detect Browser

With the definition of browser fingerprinting out of the way, what is an anti-detect browser? In simple terms, this is a browser that prevents accurate browser fingerprinting. It achieves this by spoofing the parameters that a tracker would otherwise use to create your digital identity. As a result, the anti-detect browser can create thousands of unique fingerprints using numerous permutations of the spoofed parameters. It also allows you to manage all the different user profiles created. Check out how to use rotating proxies with

Moreover, the anti-detect browsers have additional features designed to improve their functionality. For instance, some, such as Incogniton and GoLogin, support proxy integration, while others enable data synchronization across the various devices on which the browser is installed. Wanna learn more about the Incognition proxy integration? Check this from Oxylabs.

Top 5 Anti-Detect Browsers Supporting Proxy Integration

The top 5 anti-detect browsers that integrate with proxies include:

1. Incogniton

Incogniton is an anti-detect browser that has the following advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Incogniton

  • Incogniton offers 10 free profiles
  • Its free trial period is unlimited
  • Provides a 30% discount on bi-annual (every 6 months) billing
  • It supports automated browser operations using Puppeteer or Selenium
  • Incogniton automatically generates browser fingerprints
  • It facilitates bulk profile creation and management
  • Incogniton supports proxy integration

Disadvantages of Incogniton

  • It limits the number of profiles users can save, with the most expensive package enabling users to save up to 500 browser profiles – it does not offer unlimited browser profiles

2. GoLogin

GoLogin is a leading anti-detect browser.

Advantages of GoLogin

  • It offers full access to all functions during the free trial period
  • Provides 50% discount on annual billing
  • GoLogin supports proxy integration with different proxy providers and proxy types
  • It stores profiles for up to six months (if you cannot pay on time)

Disadvantages of GoLogin

  • Its free trial is limited to 7 days

3. Kameleo

Kameleo is a stealth browsing platform that offers both computer and mobile profiles.

Advantages of Kameleo

  • It offers mobile profiles for both Android and iOS
  • Kameleo supports HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy connections
  • Kameleo can create hundreds of profiles automatically
  • The basic package offers access to an unlimited number of profiles
  • It supports proxy integration

Disadvantages of Kameleo

  • It is expensive, with the basic package starting at €59 per user per month
  • Bi-annual billing only offers a 15% discount
  • No free trial

4. AdsPower

AdsPower is the most affordable anti-detect browser in our top 5 list. It offers the following advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of AdsPower

  • AdsPower is extremely affordable, with the Base package that offers 10 profiles starting at $9 per user per month
  • Annual billing offers a 34% discount
  • The platform offers free remote training
  • It supports automation via an RPA (robotic process automation) robot and an assortment of local API
  • AdsPower provides operation logs
  • It encrypts the data, transmission, and its servers
  • AdsPower support is multilingual – English, Russian, Chinese, and Vietnamese
  • It supports proxy integration

Disadvantages of AdsPower

  • Its free trial is limited to 3 days

5. VMLogin

VMLogin is an anti-detect browser that allows you to create multiple virtual browser profiles, in effect eliminating the need to use multiple computers.

Advantages of VMLogin

  • It supports automation through the Selenium web driver
  • VMLogin protects against browser fingerprinting
  • It supports proxy integration

Disadvantages of VMLogin

  • It is expensive, with the basic package starting at $99 per user per month
  • Despite being expensive, the basic package limits the profiles to only 200
  • The free trial is limited to 3 days


There are multiple anti-detect browsers in the market, some of which support proxy integration. These include Incogniton, GoLogin, VMLogin, Kameleon, and AdsPower.

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Top 5 Anti-Detect Browsers that Integrate with Proxies

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