Laptop Hinge Repair Cost In India

In a world full of technology, the laptop is the most important and desirable gadget. From official work to watching movies, listening to music, or playing video games, every work is done on the laptop.

What if laptop parts such as hinges got damaged? Then all your work comes to halt. You will be facing difficulties in getting any of your jobs done. Laptop hinges are an essential part of the laptop, as they connect the laptop screen to the keyboard. If by any chance the laptop hinges are damaged, then your laptop can have some serious impairments. 

To avoid these harms, one should know what laptop hinge repair costs are. 

In this article, we are going to discuss laptop hinge repair cost. 

What Is a Laptop A Hinge?

Laptop hinge repair cost

Before knowing about the laptop hinge repair cost, you should first understand what laptop hinges are. A hinge in a laptop is an important instrument that connects the screen to the keyboard. Laptop hinges can become loose or can be broken in some cases, if not used carefully. And if the laptop hinge breaks or gets loosened, then your laptop can have some serious issues. That’s the way to avoid using a laptop with insensitivity. Check out for any tech-related and tech repair problems.

Therefore, you should know the laptop hinge repair cost, in case your laptop hinge gets damaged, to avoid any further damage.

Why Are Laptop Hinges Important?

Before discussing the laptop hinge repair cost, you should know why a laptop hinge is so important. And if by any chance it got broken, why is it important for you to get it repaired as soon as possible?

A laptop hinge is a very significant organ of the laptop, as it connects the screen and keyboard. And also, helps the screen to rotate. Therefore, if the h breaks open or gets damaged, then it will be difficult for you to use the laptop again. 

So, in that case, a replacement or repair is possible.

While replacing or repairing a hinge in the laptop, it is important to know why a hinge is so important and what are its functions.

A hinge in a laptop plays a very crucial role. It is connected to the main frame of your laptop, which helps the screen rotate. And if the hinge breaks down or gets damaged, then the screen will stop working, or in the worst cases, it will fall off the laptop.

So, if your laptop shows any sign of damage, for instance, your laptop starts getting loose or starts wavering. Then it’s your cue to get it repaired or replaced. Because, as it is said, ‘prevention is better than cure’. 

So, if you see any sign of hinges getting damaged, get it repaired because any further delay can cause some serious issues to the laptop. 

And if you are not sure whether your laptop hinge needs a replacement or restoration, then go to the nearest service center and get the work done.

What Damages The Laptop Hinges?

Now, we know what a laptop hinge is and why it is important. When it gets damaged, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. But a question arises here, what causes this damage? 

There are a few reasons which cause damage to the laptop hinge. One such reason is, the laptop not being used carefully, or using it the hard way, causing the hinge to get loosen. Or simply, with time, the laptop hinge gets weakened. 

When the laptop hinge gets weak, it starts getting separated from the laptop. This results in difficulty in opening and closing the laptop. 

So, what can be done to secure the laptop hinges?

If you see the laptop hinges getting loose and coming out, then the following measures can be followed, such as 

  • Use a hair tie or a rubber band and wrap it around the hinge preventing it to fall down 
  • You can tape the hinge, which will secure the hinge from dirt, worsening the situation more.
  • Keep the laptop closed when not in use as it avoids dust and dirt in any part of the hinge resulting in it falling.

Now, we know what causes damage to the hinges. Let’s discuss the laptop hinge repair cost.

Laptop Hinge Repair Cost 

Previously, we have talked about laptop hinges, and what, and why they are so important. Now, is the time to discuss the laptop hinge repair cost. There are different laptop companies in India. And every company has its price for repairing or replacing the laptop hinge. In simple words, the laptop hinge repair cost is not the same, every company has different rates. 

A list of different laptops with their hinge repair cost is given below:

1. Lenovo Laptop Hinge Repair Cost 

If you are a Lenovo laptop user and facing a problem with its hinges, this means it needs a replacement. The hinge repair cost varies from model to model. Different models of laptops have different costs. Lenovo hinge repair costs in India are around Rs 450- 1650 and the replacement price is around Rs 1850.

2. HP Laptop Hinge Repair Cost 

HP Laptop hinge repair and replacement costs depend on different models of the laptop with the type of hinge that needs to be replaced. The price of the repair is around Rs 650 which can be increased to Rs 1650.

3. Asus Laptop Hinge Repair Cost 

An Asus laptop user with damaged laptop hinges considering repair or replacement needs to keep a few things in mind. Such as the hinge type, and how worse the hinge’s conditions are. Because the cost of hinge repair or replacement depends on the seriousness of the damage. The cost is around Rs 650 to Rs 1550.

4. Acer Laptop Hinge Repair Cost 

The hinge repair cost in Acer laptops varies from model to model and also how old the laptop is. Usually, Acer laptops provide a hinged cover that can be replaced. And whether the broken cause any further damage. Usually, the repair and replacement cost is around Rs 450 – 1450.

5. Dell Laptop Hinge Repair Cost 

If you are a Dell laptop user and looking for a hinge repair or a replacement, then you should be aware that different models of laptops have different hinge repair costs. Therefore, the hinge repair cost of the Dell laptop is around Rs 550 to Rs 2250.

Above, we have roughly mentioned the laptop hinge repair cost of the most used laptop companies. This is a rough estimate. You can go to the nearest laptop service center.


In this article, we discussed the laptop hinge repair cost in India. We also talked about why a laptop hinge is so important. If by any chance, the laptop hinge gets weakened, it can cause some serious issues to your laptop. In worse cases, it will stop working. So, don’t go hard on your laptop, if you want your laptop for a longer run.

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Laptop Hinge Repair Cost In India

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