How to Fix Canon Error B200 for 2 and 4+ Cartridge Printers

Error B200

The clinging Error B200 on your Canon Printer mostly points out that the print head has died! Before you go wrecking the printer or buying a new one, try some of the following suggestions. 1. Abolish all ink cartridges and install new ones. Try turning the printer off and unplugging it at the wall for at least 2 hours.

What is Error B200 on Canon Printer?

B200 Error
B200 Error

Canon Printer Error B200 is another common printer issue you might have faced once or many times when using your Canon printer. Canon Error B200 usually relates to a print-head issue and Error information of support code B200 will appear on the control panel. Orange and green lights will keep on flashing ten times as signal of this Error.

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Solutions to this Error

The most familiar solution we hear is to turn off the printer and let it cool down for a fraction of minutes. It may be caused by some external debris inside the rollers or due to paper jam to it has to be detached. To some extent, this really works. But if this doesn’t work, there is still a trick you can try. However, it depends on no. of cartridges your Canon printer has. The number of cartridges actually matters in solving this issue. The downside of this solution is it actually does not refers to which cartridge has a problematic print head. So you must really have to go through the cartridge set to resolve and fix it.

Easy troubleshooting is the one factor that Canon Printers are very well known for across the entire market worldwide. The most common Error encountered in Canon Printers is the support code Error B200.

The Canon Printer comes with different variants of either 2 or 4+ cartridges. It makes troubleshooting Error B200 different for both variants.

The process to fix it is quite simple and easy to understand if the steps are followed in the right manner.

Troubleshooting 4+ cartridge printer:

  1. We start by removing all the cartridges from the cradle. The cartridge cradle will automatically lift off once you open the top cover of your printer.
  2. Gently remove the printhead from the printer. It can be done easily by lifting up the lever located beside the cartridge cradle.
  3. Reinsert the printhead back into its position and lock the lever. Make sure that the lever is locked properly at this point.
  4. The next step would be to place back all the cartridges in their original positions. Ensure that there are no open doors. Closure of all doors makes sure that the printer is ready and has access to the cartridges and printhead.
  5. Next, we make sure that we cool the printer down. We do this by manually unplugging the printer cord from the electricity board. Also, It ensures that there is no lingering electricity. Leave the printer in this state for at least 5 minutes and then replug the printer.
  6. Error B200 occurs only when the printer doesn’t have regular access to the printhead. That is why the final step would be to perform an extensive nozzle check and start a cleaning cycle.

Troubleshooting 2 cartridge printer:

  1. The cartridge origin actually gets stuck in the Error B200 state. We can further rectify Error B200 by returning the printer temporarily. For this, we have to turn OFF the printer first.
  2. Turn the printer ON back again.
  3. It would help if you had a rough idea about the cartridge you placed last. It is because the cartridge having the problem is generally not indicated by Error B200. We then proceed to remove that particular cartridge gently from its slot.
  4. Replace the cartridge with an old functioning cartridge or a new one. The main reason behind doing so is that the printer’s printhead is a part of the cartridge in a two-cartridge printer. We have to replace the problematic cartridge in order to solve Error B200.
  5. The most critical step after the replacement of the cartridge is to check whether the desired cartridge is replaced from the printer or not. It can be done by an extensive nozzle check or by performing a cleaning cycle.
  6. If the problem still remains unresolved, replace the other cartridge from the printer. Because this is a two-cartridge printer, one of either the cartridges has to be at fault. Replacing and checking both cartridges one by one, in turn, can fix the problem.

Some other methods to overcome Error B200:

  1. Another method to resolve Error B200 is to check for obstructions. Obstructions in the printer can cause working failure. To fix this problem, power down the printer, remove the paper and check for any obstructions. Remove any obstacles found and turn the printer back ON.
  2. Pressing the POWER and COPY button simultaneously has also been reported to solve the issue easily. After doing so, the printer should start, and you must simply perform a nozzle check.
  3. Replacing your current tank holder with a new one can also get you rid of the problem. We recommend you to read the user manual carefully before returning the tank holder.
  4. In some cases, simply unplugging your printer can fix the problem. Some users have reported this to be the simplest method.

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If the problem persists even after performing all the above methods for both types of printers the problem still persists, we would then advise the user to get in touch with the Canon Helpline or a printer technician.

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How to Fix Canon Error B200 for 2 and 4+ Cartridge Printers

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