How To Grow Your Business With Video Marketing: The 8 Best Strategies

Growing a business can be challenging. But the methodologies you apply to keep your business running and working decide whether you can thrive in the industry or not.

One stand out methodology is digital marketing and, more specifically, video marketing. People are visual creatures and absorb so much of what they see, followed by what they hear.

In this article, we share the eight best strategies to make video marketing work for your business.

Business Video Production

But before we discuss how you can use video marketing techniques to help your business grow, let’s cover business video production in more detail.

It is very simple. Creating a video is video production. As to what a video can contain, the possibilities are endless. Some ideas include:

  • Company overview
  • Product promotion
  • Educational content
  • Customer testimonials
  • Behind the scenes
  • ‘How to’ content

Compared to other content, videos are easy, convenient and painless. On Facebook alone, consumers view videos more than 4 billion times a day.  Just think about how long it takes to read an article or a book. Video can condense this information, making it easier for viewers to become familiar with your service or product. The majority of digital users prefer to consume video content on social media. A video can take viewers on a journey through your business to learn about you and have it cemented in their memory, encouraging purchases or other actions.

Business Video Production Strategies

The internet is full of opportunities. Sometimes just one video can make the difference when it successfully ‘talks’ to the target audience.

Take a look at these strategies that you can apply to video marketing and make it worth your while.

Decide the purpose of the video.

The purpose is probably the most crucial part of business video production. Since business videos are supposed to be product-focused and customer-oriented, make a proper outline of the video’s intention before its creation phase.

Know your target audience

Find your target audience

A lot of the time, video creators focus on the content of the video and nothing else. The problem with this is content that differs from the audience it’s trying to target. For example, consider a video made for kids. The language should be simple, the video should be engaging, and if a voice-over is provided, it should be slow-paced. On the other hand, this type of video made for a mature audience wouldn’t be very suitable, right? This is why it is a must to analyse the target audience appropriately and produce the video accordingly.

Outline the topics

When you start designing the layout of the video content, it can get confusing. Instead, make a list of topics that you have to include in the video. Mind maps are the best when it comes to complex tasks like this. Create a mind map, or maybe a flow chart, whatever suits you the best. List out all the main topics, the sub-topics, introduction, and conclusion. Making a basic outline of the content will optimise the time taken in video creation.

Equipment for video production

Video production gears

When it comes to business video production, professionalism is the key. To maintain professionalism, using proper video production equipment is a necessity. The basics can include a good camera, video editing software, a microphone, and powerful computer hardware. Otherwise, professional video production companies use their own professional video production equipment to create your video.

Create interesting content

A video containing interactive content elements work well. The main aim of the video should be to grab your audience’s attention, make them watch to the end and have them engage with your call to action. The colours, styles, frames, and other elements of the video should be eye-catching. If you include a voice-over in your video, ensure the voice modulation is correct and the voice texture is pleasing to the ears. Video Production Gold Coast suggests that these are some ways to make your videos appealing and memorable.

Make sure the videos are short.

A key thing to remember is that people have very short attention spans. Suppose you’re targeting your audience on Facebook and Instagram in particular. In that case, you’ll find that these audiences respond better to shorter videos while they scroll through their feed. Sprout Social covered video length best practices and mentioned that on Facebook, most people watch videos to the end if they are 15 seconds long. They also say that if you want higher engagement, a 2 to 5-minute video is what you should aim for. Instagram, on the other hand, sees better performance when feed videos are around 26 seconds. Story videos are good, but they rely heavily on those first few seconds to determine if the user will watch to the end.

Search Engine Optimisation

Often, Search Engine Optimisation is forgotten for videos but can make a significant impact when done correctly. But before you even start thinking SEO, you’ve got to make sure your video is something people will want to share because shares are a big part of SEO success. Embedding videos on your website is great for SEO too. Not only does it encourage people to stay on your website for longer, a video (particularly one on a landing page) plays a big part in converting visitors. Perhaps you’ve opted to publish your video on YouTube. Don’t forget to research keywords and use them in your video title and description.

Boost your video marketing campaigns even more by using SEO rotating proxies, which can help improve the speed and efficiency of your video marketing efforts. By using rotating proxies, you can ensure that your IP address is changed regularly, which can help increase your chances of being found by potential customers. Additionally, rotating proxies can help strengthen the security of your video marketing SEO campaigns, as they can prevent your IP address from being blacklisted.

Review the video performance

Once you’ve completed the video creation process, your job doesn’t end there. After you put it forward on a video-streaming platform for the audience to watch, regularly analyse how the video is doing. Doing this will help you in the creation of future video projects. Analysing the video’s performance will help you to figure out the best video marketing strategies yourself.

Video marketing is fun, but it is time-consuming and technical if a professional finish is what you’re after. If you’re embarking on a video for the first time, go through these strategies using what you have available. When finished, analyse whether or not you’re ready to take the next step to a video professional.


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How To Grow Your Business With Video Marketing: The 8 Best Strategies

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