The 8 Best DIY for Phone Cases

DIY for Phone Cases

We all seek some change in our lives so that it doesn’t get too boring and dull, right? Well, then why make our phones go through the same mundane? Let’s shake things a little bit—time for a makeover for your beautiful phones. The most striking and convenient way to do a makeover for your phone is to get an aesthetically pleasing phone case for it, and no, it does not cost you a fortune. Where to start looking for pretty but affordable phone cases? Just keep reading further as we have brought to you 8 exceptional DIY for phone cases.

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Before proceeding further with the articles let’s check out the OMGs custom iPhone cases.

iPhone users, this is for you all. OMGS brings you a vast range of beautiful phone cases to choose from. The prices start from as low as ₹299. The best thing about OMGS is that they don’t have just one kind of phone case. They cover everything. Do you want customized phone cases with name? OMGS has got you covered. And again, it’s just not one kind of custom-text phone case that they have. You get to choose from a transparent case, a frosted case, a silicone matte case, clear custom phone cases, and many more options.

The advantages of buying a phone case from OMGS are: the phone cases are light in weight, multiple type cases available to choose from, precise cut-outs, high-quality material is used ensuring premium build quality, long-lasting UV print. Moreover, OMGS iPhone cases come along with a 6 month print warranty! How cool is that? OMGS iPhone cases support wireless charging too. There is no reason left why you should not buy a phone case from OMGS.

OMG phone cases are made of high-quality Soft Silicone material. For long-lasting printing quality, premium quality original Mimaki inks are used. OMG Phone cases come with a fade-proof guarantee. The other merits of these phone cases are edge protection, finished edges, and lightweight. The best part about OMG phone cases is that before placing your order, you get to see a preview that lets you decide if that’s what you want or you want to make some changes with resizing, cropping the picture to be printed. The cases are 100% transparent and show the actual device. 

1. Using Washi Tape:

Using Washi Tape
Using Washi Tape

Another way to give your phone a new look is to use washi tape and make patterns the way you want to. You can mix and match different colors and different kinds of lines, vertical, horizontal, even diagonal. If you feel lost about choosing the right colors, you can always look on the internet for inspiring color palettes.

2. Using craft paper:

The easiest and most convenient way to make a phone case is to take a transparent case and paste some craft paper on the inner side of it. Since craft paper comes in all colors and designs that will also provide you with the broadest range of options. Also, it costs you only the craft paper and nothing else. You can also change from time to time and keep your phone always fresh and aesthetic.

3. Pressed Flowers:

Pressed Flowers
Pressed Flowers

Flowers? Yes, you read it right. Nature is the most beautiful, we all can agree on that, right? We all love flowers and their beauty. But have you ever thought that you could use those flowers to give your phone a new look? Here’s how: You will need a transparent phone case, and you can simply glue a flower or maybe more of them to the inner side of the case. You’ll be stunned by how pretty it’s going to look.

4. Use your own art:

Have you got an artistic instinct? Then why not use it to DIY a beautiful phone case. Cut out the art you have made carefully so that it fits your phone. Transparent cases are always lifesavers, take one and paste the art on the inside. As simple as that. Your own art as your pretty phone case.

5. Watercolor art:

All the above options use a transparent phone case, and you have an opaque one? No problem, we’ve have your back. You could simply use some watercolors and paint brushes as. Use your imagination, draw whatever you wish to on that simple dull phone case, and bring it to life. And of course, if you can’t think of anything to draw, the internet, my friend, is a beautiful place.

6. Magazine cuttings:

Magazine cuttings
Magazine cuttings

We all admire someone in our lives. Has that precious one to you ever done a magazine interview, or maybe have had their photos in a magazine. That’s something to treasure. How about you use those magazine cuttings as DIY for phone cases. Amazing, right? Not only will it give your phone a new look, but also inspire you whenever you take a look at it.

7. Fabric Covered Phone Case:

Fabric Covered Phone Case
Fabric Covered Phone Case

Do you have a piece of cloth you are highly fond of? You can use it as a DIY for phone cases. Cut out the fabric neatly and glue it to your regular phone case to give a special touch to it.

8. Pearls & Stones:

Pearls & Stones
Pearls & Stones

There’s a way you can put that broken necklace to use. Using the pearls, stones, or any similar decorative items from your artificial jewelry, you can beautifully stick them on your plain phone case and make it look prettier.

These were 8 simple DIY for phone cases. As it is said, “Art is a way to express yourself,” let your art, your creative mind, and your beautiful phone case express you. 

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The 8 Best DIY for Phone Cases

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