How to Get Tinder Plus Free for 6 Months: The Untold Mystery

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Do you know How to Get Tinder Plus Free? Well almost everyone knows Tinder is one of the best online dating apps that any person who is single can have. The outstanding application is helping the youth of 196 countries to mingle well. With more than a hundred million-plus users, the application is doing quite well. Tinder the app was launched back in 2012 and has an uprising number of people each day.

You can easily hook up with like-minded people and find the perfect Soulmate through the dating application. The premium version of Tinder comes with some extra features that do require some extra payment. Having a good number of followers on Instagram is also a plus point for you if you are going to create an account on the Dating app. You can buy Instagram likes and followers online which will help you to increase your likes and followers in a very minimal amount. Somehow, these prices can be pocket-pinching at times. So, if you are the one who wants those premium features free of cost, here we have brought an article for that.

Well before moving ahead most of the guys said to me that Tinder is already free then why such a post? Well here is the answer to your question – Is Tinder Free?

What is Tinder all about?

The social media online dating application allows users to like and dislike people shown on screen. You can hunt for people near your current place and also create a profile that would help you to find better matches. Tinder is easily available for Android, iOS, and Windows. You can sign up and create your own account to get hooked aup with the partner of your choice.

The application needs to access your location so that it can suggest people near you. Tinder suggests people according to their gender choices and age group. You just have to swipe left or right depending on your choice and someone might like back you then. Enjoy chatting with the person you like and go on a date. To date, tinder has successfully made more than 1 billion matches. It is indeed one of the most successful dating apps at the global level.

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Tinder pricing details

  • The basic features of Tinder applications are free to use. Somehow you need to bear with the flashing advertisements that might hinder your privacy.
  • Tinder Plus comes with unlimited features and exceptional specifications. There are no advertisements displayed and you have to pay a certain price to subscribe to them.
  • $ 9. 99 for a one-month subscription
  • $ 37. 99 for 6 months subscription
  • $ 49. 99 for a one-year subscription

Check out who likes you before you pick up someone for yourself. Get 5 Super likes in one day and also get some additional boost on your profile.

How to get a tinder gold free trial?

It is impossible to get a tinder gold free trial. But,…..

Want a tinder gold subscription? Here is what it costs-

  • $ 29.99 for 1 month
  • $ 112.99 for 1 month
  • $ 149.99 for 1 year

What does Tinder Platinum cost?

Tinder Platinum costs around $ 18 month per month

Why should I choose tinder plus over basic features?

Tinder Plus comes with exotic features that you would love to use. If you like Tinder already, probably would fall in love with the dating app after subscribing to the premium pack. Here are a couple of features that you get with the Tinder Plus app –

  • Swipe and like – swiping left means that you dislike the person whereas swiping right means you have shown interest in someone’s profile. The feature of swiping allows you to find a proper match that can perhaps become a lifetime affair.
  • User profile additionally allows you to view the profile picture, location, interest, bio, and other details of people. You can even change your name on Tinder.
  • The discovery settings help you to set up gender, distance, and people of your choice.
  • Boost is one of the primary features of Tinder Plus that gives a better ranking to your profile so that it is visible to maximum users. This particular position is specifically granted for the nearby location.
  • Zero advertisements and no disturbances
  • You can block away from any users you have displayed so that they don’t become too cheesy.
  • The passport feature allows you to find a match in the exact place you want. You can select any 4 places and it will suggest people that might fall under your interest

How to Get Tinder Plus Free?

Unfortunately, there is no legal way out to avail free subscription to tinder plus. You need to take another route in order to save some money.

#1 Trial and Error Method

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC
  2. Check out the settings option located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and choose the advanced option.
  3. Now visit the Uptodown website to download the Huawei app gallery.
  4. Create a custom profile and provide a brand manufacturer such as Huawei. Provide the model number – VOG-L29
  5. Save all the changes made
  6. Go back
  7. Choose my games option from Google Chrome and follow up to down website link that will take you to the Huawei app gallery
  8. Download and install HMS
  9. Visit the Huawei application login and you will be able to register a new account over there.
  10. Choose Mexico as your location and provide a date of birth and email. Verify your phone number later on. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  11. Visit the go to my option and choose to open rewards
  12. Hit get more option and there is in search for Tinder
  13. Click upon claim
  14. Install the Tinder application from there and you will get a triple dot sign toward the bottom right-hand corner of the screen
  15. Search Mexico and after that choose to set a fixed location
  16. Choose to turn on the mock location option and wait for around 2 minutes so that you can go back to me option and rewards once again.
  17. You will see the Tinder Plus Promo code under the gift option. If you could not find the Tinder Plus Promo code this time just go back to the main page again and wait for a couple of minutes and come back.

#2 Exploring Working Modded App

Above we have already tried the promo code method. For some users, if the promo code won’t work then they can use the modded apk of Tinder. The only difference is – Modded apps are built on top of editing original codes and the promo code method does not have to edit in its original app. Anyway, if your goal is just to get tinder plus for free then you can use any of the given methods. Here you go…

  1. Firstly, Download Tinder MOD APK and install it on your device.
  2. Now before opening the app disconnect from the internet.
  3. Restart your phone.
  4. Open the app and then connect to your internet connection.
  5. That’s it.

Now you will be amazed to see that you now got Tinder Plus for free.

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How to use Tinder plus free code?

  • Apply whatever code you have got and visit the official Tinder website so that you can provide the code
  • Log in with your email address and complete the account creation process
  • Allow the location access and after the profile completion is executed, just visit the profile section
  • Search for the promo code option and provide you have got
  • Immediately you will get 6 months of Tinder plus a subscription for free

You would feel happy to know that tinder plus is a better option than tinder gold and tinder platinum. It is more user-friendly and comes with better features that you can enjoy using every day. Make a little extra effort and grab away the tinder plus subscription for absolutely free.


In conclusion, the answer to the question “Is Tinder free?” depends on the services you want to use. You can use Tinder for free but there will be some limited services that you can use. Also, you cannot get a tinder gold free trial as it is strictly a paid service.

I hope you enjoyed the article on How to Get Tinder Plus Free. We will be back soon. Till then, stay connected. Thank you.

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How to Get Tinder Plus Free for 6 Months: The Untold Mystery

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