SEO Proxy Server – Should You Go For It

SEO Proxy Server - Should You Go For It

Businesses struggle hard to make big in the digital space and get noticed in the crowd. SEO is one of the most preferred ways to have great online visibility, reach the right audience, and outshine. However, effectual SEO is taxing. So, along with advanced human acumen, using the right kind of tools is recommended to make any SEO work.

Proxy server is a well-known web security solution that allows people to keep real IP addresses hidden and thousands of risks and hassles at bay, but have you tried it for SEO? Do you even know about the use cases of SEO proxy?

Well, if it sounds like an unconventional proxy server use and you’re curious to explore this idea, this post is just the right thing for you.

SEO Is Powerful But For How Long?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an assured way to gather enough attention in the virtual space. Both businesses and individuals can make them heard if they deploy advanced and strategic SEO approaches to their websites and online content.

While everyone with an online presence adopts SEO, many fail to experience expected outcomes mainly because of a lack of expertise. SEO, as we all know, is not kid’s play. A minute error like not using proper image resolution or placing the right header can make your business lose.

To make things worse, businesses have to deal with frequent blocking as they scrape the web to accumulate enough data that they can use to do better SEO.

Search engines and competitors scrape almost all websites. Web scraping is a part of SEO as it helps businesses to understand what’s going wrong on their part. But, when a search engine or the website server finds frequent visits to a website from a single IP address, they block that address immediately.

Because of this blocking, it’s hard to have substantial data about keyword performance, social media activities, product reviews, and other stuff that are useful to empower existing or future SEO strategies. Once a website blocks you, you can’t scrape it. So, you only have a good chance to stand as long as you’re not blocked.

SEO Proxy – A Friend In The Need

The easiest way to prevent this blocking is to make sure that either your IP address remains hidden or you have a new IP address each time you visit a website so that things don’t look suspicious. SEO proxy is the only tool that makes both things possible.

SEO Proxy is a proxy server that acts as an intermediary between the website server and the client. It accepts the client’s request and replaces the original IP address with a dummy or proxy IP address. The request is then forwarded to the website server.

By doing so, an SEO Proxy allows businesses to:

Scrape more websites without being blocked

When you’re using a rotational SEO proxy, you will get a new IP address each time a new connection is established. This way, the targeted website server will not find multiple scraping requests from one IP address, and you will have very minute chances of being blocked.

Remain anonymous as you scrape for SEO

One aspect of successful SEO is keeping an eye on competitors and finding out their actions to improve their SEO ranking. However, revealing identity should never be a part of this plan.

With SEO Proxy, hiding the actual IP address and keeping your competitor in the dark as you scrape its website is possible. You can find out many details about competitors’ websites and plan things that will help you stay ahead of them.

Scrape without any geo-restrictions

When you’re planning a global SEO strategy, it’s imperative to scrape without any geo-restrictions. But, fee websites block traffic from certain locations and make themselves unavailable.

SEO Proxy allows users to have IP addresses of any location. For instance, A UK business can use an SEO Proxy and connect with a US server. So, when that business visits a US website with US IP addresses, the server will not block it.

Final Say

While you’re banking on SEO to improve your business’s online presence, you need an SEO Proxy to ensure your SEO practices are advanced, updated, and extensive. With SEO Proxy, you have better online growth prospects.

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SEO Proxy Server – Should You Go For It

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