How To Get Lost Ark Pheons?

How To Get Lost Ark Pheons?

Lost Ark Pheons is an MMORPG brimming with content for players to engage with. It offers a vast, vibrant world for RPG aficionados to explore and unravel all kinds of secrets in Arkesia. At times, it might even be confusing due to all the different mechanics and things you can do in this game, and that’s not only true for the content the game has to offer.

Lost Ark Pheons is a free-to-play (FTP) game, and as such, it has all kinds of different currencies, both in-universe and purchasable with real money, which provides players with different resources to spend on various activities, items, unlocks, and upgrades. MMOs from the Far East are especially known for the overwhelming number of currencies, and Lost Ark is coming from South Korea.

One such currency that players are not exactly sure how to get and for what to use is Pheon. If Pheon causes confusion for you as well, read on. Pheon is one of the many currencies that you can get in Lost Ark. This is a type of currency that you can’t directly buy but can get by converting other currencies. Its main use is to purchase stuff from the Auction House.

So in this guide let us check all the ways that let you get Lost Ark Pheons and how to use it. Pheons are valuable but often difficult-to-obtain currency in Lost Ark that can be traded for various useful items and materials. Getting your hands on them can be vital to your adventures around Arkesia. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get and ultimately use Pheons in Lost Ark.

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Lost Ark Pheons

First things first, Lost Ark Pheons are a Legendary item that’s bound to your roster on picking it up. Some players are confused by the “Bound to Roster” part, so let’s clear that first. This essentially means that you can only use this item on the server where you first got it. All your characters on that server can use that item, but not simultaneously.

Go to the “Storage Keeper” in any town (the chest icon), and you can move any “Roster Bound” items into the “Roster Storage” for your other characters to use it. This “Bound to Roster” thing essentially means that this item can be used server-wide, but not account-wide. Other than that, you can not sell, destroy, or dismantle them.

Now, when it comes to their actual purpose in the game. They are essentially a currency designed to fight off scalpers. They are used when buying some rare items in the Auction House, either when you are trading or bidding on an auction. Redditor Artaica explained well their purpose in Lost Ark Pheons.

“You only spend pheons to buy high-end gear, it’s effectively a trading tax to help discourage people from buying their way to the top, ” he wrote. “Also helps keep prices on high-rolled accessories relatively low by putting a bottleneck on-demand, plus slows down gold sellers.” The next thing you will want to know is how to get them.

There are two ways as far as we know. The first way is to buy them with Blue Crystals. You can buy the Blue Crystals with Royal Crystals, and you buy Royal Crystals with real-life money (we’ve warned you, there are a lot of currencies in Lost Ark). The second option is to buy them by using Gold to buy Blue Crystals and then buy Pheons with the Blue Crystals. With that being said, that’s all you need to know about Pheons in Lost Ark.

How to Get Lost Ark Pheons

There are currently two known ways to collect Pheon when paying Lost Ark. You can collect them through the daily login rewards system, which gives you a few cool items each day, one of which will be a handful of Pheons (so make sure to log in daily to grab them). And the second way would be to buy Pheons in exchange for Blue Crystals. And it typically costs around 850 Blue Crystals to get 100 Pheons.

Blue Crystals can be obtained in two ways: first, by exchanging them for gold, and second, by using Royal Crystals. When it comes to Gold, you can easily obtain it by advancing the game’s campaign or by completing quests. But Royal Crystals is a premium currency that you buy for cash. Below we have outlined the fastest method you can use to take your Gold and turn them into Blue Crystals. From there you’re just a quick trade away from having all the Lost Ark Pheons.

There are 2 ways to get Lost Ark Pheons.

  1. From Daily Login: Simply launch the game and daily login rewards. One of the rewards among them will be Pheons. Keep logging in daily to make sure you don’t miss out on them.
  2. Using Blue Crystals: You can buy Pheons in exchange for Blue Crystals. It typically costs 850 Blue Crystals to get 100 Pheons.

There are two ways to get Blue Crystals, one is by exchanging them for gold and the other by using Royal Crystals. You have to spend real money to get Royal Crystals. As for Gold, it is easy to get, you can get it by progressing the game’s campaign, or by completing quests. Lastly, you can also spend Royal Crystals to get Gold. This is how to get Blue Crystals:

  • Go to the Lost Ark shop.
  • Next click on the Currency Exchange button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Here, click on the Buy Crystals button.
  • Now, set the Sale Price as the Recommended Sale Price. You can also change the quantity below it, it will increase or reduce the Blue Crystals you get.
  • Press Add button, and it will bring up a popup about the information of your transaction. Click on the Add button again.
  • It will now bring up a popup that says Transaction Complete. Here click on the green check mark to go to Transaction History.
  • Click on the Claim button to get your Crystals.

The above method uses gold to get Blue Crystals. If you have Royal Crystals then you can first convert them into gold and then follow the above steps.

How To Get Lost Ark Pheons?

How to Use Lost Ark Pheons

Once you have a hefty collection of Lost Ark Pheons in your pocket, you might want to start spending them. Trading Pheons in Lost Ark can net you some cool items in exchange for them. To do this, simply head over to the Auction house and trade your Pheons for some of the following items available. You can use it to buy items from the Auction house. You can find the following things in the Auction House:

  • Equipment Chests
  • Avatar
  • Seal Books
  • Enchant Materials
  • Combat Goods
  • Food
  • Life
  • Adventure Book
  • Voyage
  • Pets
  • Mounts
  • Misc
  • Gem Chests

That covers this guide on how to get Lost Ark Pheons and how to use them. Since you are interested in this game you should also learn about the different currencies it has. Also, check out our Lost Ark guides if you need help on other topics of this game.

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How To Get Lost Ark Pheons?

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