How To Get a Tragon Ship in Lost Ark?

How To Get a Tragon Ship in Lost Ark?

So, here’s our guide on how to get a Tragon ship in Lost Ark. Lost Ark is filled with sailing adventures and along with that comes a variety of different ships. You can get and unlock different ships as you proceed in the game. While there are some ships you can obtain by crafting, there are some ships that require you to grind on quests. If you are looking for the Tragon ship, you can do the latter to unlock and get it.

Lost Ark is a surprisingly balanced game. Whether you’re looking for an overpowered class or a sturdy ship, there’s not one that stands clearly above the rest. That makes it difficult to pick a “best ship,” as that title is often determined by what you’re currently doing. If you’re looking to speed around the water as fast as possible, you’ll want to unlock Astray.

Lost Ark is an MMORPG brimming with content for players to engage with. It offers a vast, vibrant world for RPG aficionados to explore and unravel all kinds of secrets in Arkesia. At times, it might even be not very clear due to all the different mechanics and things you can do in this game, and that’s not only true for the content the game has to offer.

As the boat with the fastest base speed, there are not many other ships that can keep up. You’ll also want to pay attention to where you’re going to be sailing and pick a ship that has the best resistance for the task at hand. All eight ships in the game excel at handling specific hazards, so plan ahead and bring the ship that will best handle the threat.

Most players will find the Estoque to be a well-rounded ship that handles most threats with ease. It’s not necessarily the best ship in Lost Ark, but it’s easy to obtain (it comes as part of the main campaign), is easily upgradeable, boasts an impressive base speed, and has equal resistance to all threats.

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How to Unlock a Way To Get a Tragon Ship in Lost Ark?

Follow these steps to unlock and get Tragon ship in Lost Ark:

  • You need to travel to Hypnos’s Eyes Island and complete all the purple-coloured quests.
  • Once you have completed all the quests, you will unlock a daily Una task which is “playing by the pirate rules”.
  • If you are unable to see this task even after completing the quests, complete the yellow-coloured questline to unlock Una’s daily task.
  • The task involves an invitation from an Arena Manager Logan for defence matches.
  • Accept his invitation to enter defence matches.
  • Then, locate these defence matches and reach Hypno’s Eyes. Enter a defence match and win the fight.
  • Your reputation level increases for every defence fight you completely.
  • Keep on grinding on these defence matches until you reach reputation level 3.
  • You will have to complete over 30 defence matches to unlock the Tragon ship as a reward.
  • As soon as you complete these defence matches, you will become the longest-reigning defence champion in history and receive more rewards.
  • You will notice a reward of Tragon ship on reputation level 3.
  • Complete this Una’s task to fight a defence match and earn the Tragon Ship as a reward.
  • The Tragon ship has a base speed of 18 and is pretty much resistant to Tempest seas.
  • Along with the Tragon ship, you will also receive 36,000 pirate coins and a courage potion.
How To Get a Tragon Ship in Lost Ark?

That’s all on how to get a Tragon ship in Lost Ark. If this guide helped you make sure to check our other guides on how to unlock Brahms ship, how to get Astray ship, and how to leave a shipwreck in Lost Ark right here on Gamer Tweak.

How to upgrade Tragon Ship in Lost Ark?

To improve your odds when encountering hazards on the water, you’ll need to upgrade your Tragon Ship in Lost Ark. This confers a variety of benefits, including improved movement speed and overall ship durability. There are quite a few components you’ll need before upgrading your ship — although the game will let you know exactly which items (and quantities) are required.

While on the Sailing menu, select the ship you’d like to upgrade. From there, click the Upgrade button at the top-right corner of the screen. This will bring up a Ship Upgrade menu. Here you’ll find a detailed rundown of all items needed for the process. Upgrade materials typically include:

  • Timber
  • Ship parts
  • Blueprints

Many of these parts can either be purchased from merchants near ports, crafted at the Processor NPC, or found on the Auction House. You can also improve your Tragon Ship in Lost Ark’s performance by hiring and equipping Sailors.

While docked at a port, navigate to the Sailors menu at the bottom of the screen. This is where you’ll find any available Sailors. Many can be used with any ship in your fleet, but some of the best Sailors will only ride on specific ships. Be sure to check their details before adding them to your crew.

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How To Get a Tragon Ship in Lost Ark?

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