How to Expand Your Building Maintenance Business

How to expand your building maintenance business

Building maintenance business is segregation of two important divisions of management; the hard and soft services and this separation is what makes this trade one of the most laborious, time-consuming and complex amongst other entrepreneurial endeavours. Not to mention the hefty amount of money spent on asset collection, financing and team formation, building maintenance management does come with its fair share of problems.

However, it does pay off investing in this field since it is also an extremely lucrative business that returns all your investments by doubling them! But what if you get triple the investments while halving the amount of labour, time and funds? 

This is exactly what a virtual assistant does, the digital software detail below are an entrepreneur’s dream since they not only handle half of your schedule and maintain it but even give you autonomy to control everything without having to travel anywhere! Everything is virtual and a super important stepping stone to let your building maintenance business climb new heights! Check out for your urban planning and all the real estate needs.

3 CMMS software for skyrocketing profits

  • Workever:

This app utilizes smart, cutting-edge, cloud-based technology to store all your data into one secure and organized system. The simple interface is easy to understand while the customizable dashboard and complex toolkit give you liberty to utilize functions at your will. Workever’s best feature is how it is built to completely eliminate the use of any paper.

Whether that be transactions, invoicing, quoting or simply filling domestic compliance forms, creating documents or having field workers send you over information which is in the form of pictures or PDFs. You can even create your signatures virtually to further reduce wasted time and paper!

The communication between office staff and field staff is ace when it comes to this software. You can easily schedule and assign projects on-the-go to a specific, qualified worker and then you can even track them using the virtual, live GPS tracker. This maximises your potential and productivity and directly affects your progress and profitability!

Other brilliant functions include creating an organised database for filing the contacts of all your contractors and clients under one roof along with being provided with detailed reports regarding your progress using analytical software which will help you to see where you are lacking and create better decisions for future endeavours. 

  • Snappii:

Another cloud-based software that aids you in all the entrepreneurial aspects of your building maintenance business whether that be easy documentation, vehicle inspection or simply requiring an overview of all your projects and progress.

Not only does it boast a 0 paper policy where you deal with all transactions virtually but it also encourages creating online forms and documents to overall eliminate the wastage of paper. Snappii also allows you to quickly customise apps to better fit what you require and it increases productivity by maintaining a consistent record of all tasks and projects.

You can have an inspection app to keenly supervise all the funds going into your building maintenance business and triple the efficiency of your trade! 

Other amazing features include basic tools such as supporting voice notes, having brilliant compatibility with other apps and instantly backed up data so you never lose any important files!

  • Key2act:

This digital software is literally your key to act productively to maintain and expand your building maintenance business and increase profitability by a wide margin. It not only provides important analytics regarding the specifics of your trade but also has automated workflows to further enhance efficiency.

Key2Act also has a smart system that makes sure you have the correct parts and assets to avoid any possible blunders or wrong orders. Find the roots of your problems and identify diagnostics that are contributing to unsuccessful aspects of your business using this software and then utilize its analytical data function to create better decisions and make your building maintenance business top in the game!

Other notable functions include active monitoring of field staff and their progress, downtime and productivity thus motivating them to increase their earning potential. You can also have automated texts sent thus improving the professionalism of your business!


After learning about these CMMS software, entrepreneurs will choose wisely and opt for smart technology by ditching the archaic, traditional methods of building maintenance businesses since these apps have modernized everything. From your work strategies, business plans and fund calculation to the way you manage and track your assets and collect an inventory of your stocks! All on the tips of your fingers.

The best part is how this software gives liberty to every member of the team equally. The office admin can easily control, assign and schedule projects while keeping an eye on the live map tracker while the field staff can easily obtain and export information, complete jobs and get paid on the spot! 

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How to Expand Your Building Maintenance Business

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