10 Must Have Business Tools for Time Management

Best Business Tools for Time Management

Businessmen have to work as per the deadlines. It is important for the business owners to complete all the tasks on time to get fruitful results. Time management is the nerve of any successful organization. Technology can do what the employees can’t.

Best Business Tools for Time Management

Many small businesses and companies use smart tools to cope with different activities. These tools are mainly developed to save time and money of the business. If you are looking for tax filing tools then you can check out free tax tools from here. Using these effective tools, many companies actually got better results. Let us discuss some of the time management tools for businesses:

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1. Asana

Asana has been widely used by small as well as large companies to perform various tasks. It comes with different features such as file storage, project management and much more for business.

This tool divides every project into small tasks to make it easier for you to divide among your team members. Asana will keep you informed about all the latest updates of your important projects. Furthermore, this tool has a beautiful dashboard wherein you can check the performance of your team members. There are many alternatives to this tool available like Basecamp and Trelllo.

2. MindMeister

For creative and wise ideas, you can try MindMeister. It is a business tool useful for the completion of various projects in a company. This tool works effectively on different platforms like Linus, Windows and Mac OS.

MindMeister eases the process of communication among the team members on a particular project. Further, it keeps the active interactions between the group members. You can send files as well as share important details of a project with your team members. They will then leave comments on how well your ideas work.

3. Replicon

The next is Replicon app which is a boon for IT companies and small venture. It shows all the activities in the organization and the time spent on each of them. This software helps in minimizing the unnecessary expenses in small companies.

In addition to that, this tool helps to plan the activities in a proper manner. Through its robust features, you can save time on each project and use it in other activities to bring more lucrative results.

4. RescueTime

This is basically a time management tool with simple features. It tracks all your business activities and shows the time spent in each of them. For companies burdened with ample projects, RescueTime is really a useful tool.

This tool works on both desktop and mobile phones. You can know where to give more time and where to cut time in certain projects. Furthermore, it includes features such as alerts by which you can know how much time you take to finish one task.

5. Timecamp

Another smart tool ruling in the corporate world is Timecamp. It has a time-tracking feature so that you can pay the unpaid bills to the clients. It integrates well with different payment gateways to pay money to the clients.

With Timecamp tool, you can also know the income earned by working the total hours. It is one of the best Asana or Trello software alternatives for small business owners. Other benefits of this tool include its ease to work on mobiles and desktops.

6. StayFocused

If you want to increase productivity in your organization, StayFocused app will help to a large extent. It synchronizes with Google Chrome and automatically restricts the time you spend on useless sites.

One of the major benefits of using this tool in a company is that it blocks certain social media sites. If you spend more time on Facebook or Instagram, this app knows well and blocks all sites for everyone. As a result, you cannot view the sites after a certain time.

7. Scoro

Now, what more can we talk about this versatile tool? It is fed with every feature necessary to take an organization at a higher level. You can track time and get reports of projects via this app. Further, this tool divides every activity of the project in equal parts among the group members.

Additionally, this smart tool will send the invoices to all the clients thereby reducing your burden. It also sends payment reminders and helps you in clearing all debts.

8. Toggl

The next on the list is Toggl app. It is quite an impressive time management tool used by many small concerns and large groups. Toggl helps in improving the efficiency of all the group members.

It reduces the hassles of lack of communication among the team members. You can share every detail, document, and file with your team members. Apart from that, it is simple to use Toggl app with other business tools like Asana, Scoro, and Trello.

9. Freckle

Freckle is still behind the curtains but some companies do use it for tracking time. It helps in preparing bills on the basis of the client’s details. This tool comes with tags feature to divide the tasks between billable and non-billable ones.

Further, this tool has a wonderful dashboard to show the time spend on each project. It will further help to know how to use time wisely by eliminating the time-consuming tasks. Freckle works on iOS and Mac platforms as well.

10. Trello

The last on the list is the Trello app. It is the most famous tool which small as well as large concerns use for completing major projects. It has dashboard similar to that of cardboard which helps in finishing all the daily tasks effectively.

This app helps you in preparing effectively to do list without hassles. Furthermore, you can share images and files with your team members on the Trello tool. It is a good app to organize your daily work.


These business tools save precious time of the companies and perform many normal tasks. They prepare an invoice, send payment reminders to debtors and carry out the payment processes. Fulminous Software

Project management is now easier and better with the introduction of these business tools in the company. You can run your organization efficiently by using these apps. They will increase productivity in the workplace as well.

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10 Must Have Business Tools for Time Management

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