How to Download YouTube Videos in Blocked Countries

Download YouTube Videos in Blocked Countries

Imagine you are not able to access the YouTube content, then you do not have stuff for entertainment, study, knowledge, etc.

Scary right ?

We use YouTube for almost everything. It is the best platform for gaining information, entertainment, etc. And it is a known fact that we take YouTube for granted but do you know in some parts of the world YouTube is totally banned.

It is a substitute of Google that has become the most popular site of online content  for media creation and sharing content. As it is free to use, we access it whenever we want.

In some places YouTube is blocked either for a limited period of time or for a long term duration. There are many other ways to download blocked YouTube videos, will discuss further in the article. After September 2012, countries like China, Turkmenistan, Iran etc have banned YouTube.

List of countries where YouTube is banned –

  1. Iran
  2. Syria
  3. Sudan
  4. South Sudan
  5. North Korea
  6. Turkmenistan
  7. Eritrea
  8. Tajikistan

As the technology is advancing day by day, we are using it to make our lives easy. We have found the solution to this problem as well. Now anyone can access anything.

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Let’s talk about some of the solutions to this problem

1. Proxy

Proxy is a PC in a remote location which acts as a middle man between the internet and computer. The Proxy works on a principle of receiving the requests and routing them through the servers to pretend that the requests originated from different locations.

Proxy Server advances the security of any firm or individual by isolating the network from the Internet and by acting as a middle man in the exchange of traffic between the network and the internet

In other words, the path that YouTube follows is that it tracks the visitors by the IP addresses and the proxy hides your real IP address and changes it with some different IP so that country specific restrictions can be removed easily.

There are various paid and free proxy servers and proxy sites available on the internet. You can use them easily to even surf YouTube in the countries where it is banned.

Similar to VPN, there are free proxy servers available with limited facilities. You will   have to access the proxy server through browser and select the desired country.

There are various proxy servers available on the internet. It can be used by anyone.

Some of the features of Proxy-

  • Security is maintained
  • Lot of privacy benefits
  • Improved speed and bandwidth saving

2. VPN

The word VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

It is the most trusted way of hiding your real location and getting any data. VPN uses an encryption method for protecting the internet traffic and hiding the real location on the web. The hidden location depends on the type of VPN server you are using or connected to.

It is one of the easy ways to surf YouTube in the banned countries.

In other words, VPN reroutes the activities that you carry out online in encrypted form to any external server. By mentioning encrypted form, we mean that it is highly impossible that your IP address will be traced back by the activities you do online.

VPN lets you browse the internet from anywhere to anywhere. You just need to install the app from the chosen VPN provider on your device from where you want to surf YouTube. There are different apps for Android, Mac, PC, and other gadgets like Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Sign up to the service and choose the server in the country you want.

Some of the features of VPN –

  • Security credentials: If you are anonymously handling the internet, VPN will help you hide your identity.
  • Hardware Supports: Select an appropriate VPN accordion to the device you are using

3. SmartDNS

Similar to Proxy services and proxy servers, SmartDNS spoofs your location by redirecting the traffic through various servers.

It spoofs the IP address to mitigate minor restrictions by the government and other firms.

DNS stands for Domain Name Server.

It is a little bit similar to the work that proxy servers do. SmartDNS is perfect for situations like when you want to access the banned or blocked content without masking the IP address and affecting the traffic of the device.

Talking about YouTube, you can use SmartDNS to surf YouTube even if you are in a country where YouTube is banned.

All the SmartDNS are secured and encrypted. As there are no logs generated, you can stay anonymous over the internet. You can secure the internet traffic with PPTP, OpenVPN Support, and L2TP.

Some of the features of SmartDNS –

  • Encrypted Internet Traffic
  • No compromise in the speed
  • DNS proxy
  • Reliable speed
  • 80 locations and 400 servers
  • 5 connections
  • Unlimited Device Access

Comparing the three

All the three options are great for surfing YouTube anonymously.

In my opinion, if you want to get access to geo blocked content or banned site content, SmartDNS will be a great choice. SmartDNS is faster, cheaper and provides more stability than the other two.

SmartDNS supports 400+ services and helps you unblock websites whichever you want.

The only drawback of SmartDNS is that all your internet activities will be seen and available publicly.

And to overcome this fear, you can use VPN instead of SmartDNS. As we already discussed, VPN provides encryption and it is a known fact that encryption is highly secure. Its  security cannot be breached. There is a guarantee that there will no logs be retained on the activities you do online. It means that when you disconnect the internet, no one will know what exactly you did online.

This is the only thing that is provided by VPN; SmartDNS and Proxies lack this quality.

Talking about Proxy, in my opinion it lies between VPN and SmartDNS. If you want any service cheaper than a VPN then you can go for Proxy.


In short, wherever you are you can get access to anything over the internet. Although YouTube is banned in some of the countries around the world still people use it peacefully with the above mentioned solutions.

Using proxy servers, VPN, and SmartDNS is an easy way to access the banned content in your country.

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How to Download YouTube Videos in Blocked Countries

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