5 Benefits of Accepting Contactless Payments for Your Business

Benefits of Accepting Contactless Payments

Many of today’s customers are guided by their individual social distancing concerns and comfort zones when deciding which businesses to visit. When you accept contactless payments, your retail or service business shows you’re well-prepared to accommodate your customers’ wishes.

Clover Business Solutions is one of the companies leading the charge in providing touch-free payment solutions to retail and service businesses eager to assure their customers of a safe and hassle-free transaction. Here are five ways contactless payments can benefit both you and your customers.

NFC Technology

Near Field Communication technology relies on contactless radio-frequency data transfers to process payments without customers touching a terminal. NFC enables electronic devices, such as mobile phones, to safely and securely transmit information to a portable credit card reader via a wireless internet connection. Zero physical contact with a Clover NFC device also means your customers can move on to their next destination quickly.

Secure Encrypted Transactions

By using a portable POS system such as the Clover Flex for sale and service transactions, you can remain confident you’re providing your customers with a secure transaction. The wireless connection uses encrypted information to move funds from a customer’s account to yours. Customers only need to wave a chip-enabled card or mobile device over your terminal to transmit encrypted payment data.

Reduced Fraud

Customers who use a mobile device or smartwatch have already verified their identity when they initially set up a digital wallet. Their personally identifiable information is stored electronically, and completing a transaction requires neither a PIN nor a signature. You’re more assured that the debit or credit card numbers transmitted to your Clover Flex unit belong to the person making the payment.

Paperless Electronic Receipts

When pressed for time, customers may not wish to deal with a printed receipt. A portable Clover POS system eliminates the need for one. Whether your customer is sitting at a table, standing on a checkout line or sitting in the back seat of a cab, transactions can be completed at a distance from your main countertop terminal. Your customers can also pay by the method that feels the most comfortable or convenient.

A Clean and Contagion-Free Establishment

A true contactless payment system does not require physically handling cash, checks or credit cards. Not only does this make for a faster checkout process, it also reduces the spread of contagion. By prominently displaying a clean portable credit card reader, your customers can rest assured that you have their best interests in mind.

Addressing the Unique Needs of Taxi and Transportation Businesses

Contactless payment systems provide riders with speedy, no-fuss and secure payment transactions. They’re a great way to provide passengers with a sense of comfort and efficiency, which can make a notable difference for those in a rush. Drivers and owner-operators can minimize distractions by offering a hands-free service for their ride-hailing and taxi payment solutions. After arriving at a destination, you can offer riders a paperless receipt that’s emailed or sent via text message.

Whatever line of business you’re in, a Clover contactless POS unit securely accepts customer payments while helping keep your transactions in line with social distancing requirements. It also enables you to keep a paper-free organized record of your transactions so you can review them when it’s convenient.

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5 Benefits of Accepting Contactless Payments for Your Business

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