Cell Phone Repair: To DIY Or Not To DIY

Cell Phone Repair To DIY Or Not To DIY

Are you having any issues with your smartphone? Is the screen broken or the battery damaged? When it comes to cell phone repair, you’re left with two main options: to DIY (Do it on your own) or not to DIY, i.e., contact a professional cell phone repair service. We have often seen people in the dilemma of whether to DIY or not! If it’s a minor repair and you own the tools, a DIY can be a better option as it costs you little to no money. However, if the extent of the damage on the cellphone is greater, consider a cell phone repair service.

We’ve come up with this article to give you the best tips on whether to dIY or contact cell phone repair services. We’ve classified the common cell phone issues into their extent of damage and suggested the best solution. We will be your companion in identifying some common cell phone issues and offering the best solution, i.e., whether to use DIY or contact a professional for the issue! In case your cell phone is giving you some similar issues, you can check out the article and find a solution that suits your phone the best.

But just because we’re mentioning DIY, it doesn’t mean that it can be done anyway. You must be careful while repairing your cellphone by following similar YouTube videos or informative guides. Further, you also must make sure that you have the necessary tools and equipment to repair it.

Cracked Screen

A cracked screen is the most common cell phone repair issue. It is also the most common way people damage their phones. Whether a small piece of chip or a completely shattered screen, a broken screen must always be replaced, that’s because a cracked screen keeps the display in danger. For a damaged screen, you can buy a repair kit to do it yourself.

However, replacing the screen requires a few specialized tools you might have yet to have lying around in your house. In the case the screen repair is not done the correct way, it can result in extensive damage, costing you more money.

A professional cell phone repair has tools and resources to help you replace the broken screen and repair other damaged parts without causing further damage to your phone. Long story short, a broken screen is something other than something for DIY. Instead, you should reach out to a cell phone repair service.

Charge Port Failing to Charge

This is yet another common cell phone issue. Over time, your port fails to charge your phone. Here, you can carefully clean the charge port. The debris (dirt) in your phone must be carefully cleaned. You shouldn’t enter sharp objects but blow into the port with your mouth. There are also port cleaning tools available at a cheaper price that allow you to clean it repeatedly.

Once the cleaning is done, you must hold onto your charger firmly. In this case, cleaning the port doesn’t solve the problem; that’s when you reach out to a professional cell phone repair.

So, the conclusion is that port cleaning can be DIY!


Yet another common issue on your cell phone that requires clarification about whether to DIY or reach out for a professional cell phone repair is overheating. The reason behind overheating is the problem in the hardware or software of your cell phone. So, the best way to resolve the overheating issue on your phone is by turning off your phone and removing the app that consumes the most space and battery. We think it’s a good idea to protect the case before you shut it down in case anything more is to happen to your cell phone.

Once the phone cools down, you can restart to check if the phone remains cool or starts heating again. In the case, the phone starts overheating, it means that your DIY didn’t work and you might further require help from a professional to tackle the main issue and resolve the overheating issue.

The conclusion for overheating of cell phones is: you can DIY but in the case the issue continues, you might have to contact professional service. The DIY method is quite simple as it only includes deleting the app that occupies most of the battery’s space, shutting it down till your phone cools down, and restarting to see if it remains cool.

Dead Battery

In new smartphones, it is difficult to get the battery removed. And it’s only sometimes in your hands to do it alone. Most people try wasting money on buying a new phone, but the truth is that you can simply replace the battery. While there are many YouTube videos and online tips on replacing a batter, it’s something you can and can’t do at home. That’s because some phone’s functionality is simpler, while few phones are complex to deal with if you don’t have training on repairing the phone.

Before thinking of replacing the battery on your own, ensure you have the exact correct battery for your phone and the required tools to open your phone. You must be very careful when changing the battery because you’ll damage your phone if you don’t use the correct amount of pressure.

It isn’t a repair you want to DIY. Cell phone repair service will come to your rescue. They have professionals with training and all the required tools and materials to replace your phone’s battery and extend its life safely.

Wet Phone

While all of us are careful while handling our phones, sometimes, the case might be a wet phone. This is when you drop your phone on water, or a coffee falls on your phone. When such an issue happens, the ‘rice trick’ is the most common solution. But the truth is this trick doesn’t provide a solution every time! In fact, if not done carefully, it can even add up to the issue.

If your phone gets wet, you can try using a hair dryer, but it is only safe if you keep the heat under 166 degrees Fahrenheit. Another popular repair method is using salt to draw the moisture from their phones. Sometimes, salt works better than rice, but we recommend you be careful when drying out your phone.

For a wet phone, you can try DIY, but you have to be very careful.

Running Too Slow

The slow down time of your phone indicates a lagging issue. You can try deleting the files you don’t need, like pictures and videos. Further, you can also delete apps that are not often used but are taking up the space on your phone. If your phone is running too slow, it could be because of the constant use. You can minimize the screen time and see if it improves the slow time.

Once you apply changes, you can see if it works, and in case it doesn’t, we suggest contacting a professional cell phone repair. But, slowing of the phone is something you can try to resolve with DIY

Don’t Risk Losing Your Cell Phone To a Bad DIY Attempt

Here, we discussed some common cell phone issues and how DIY can be helpful.

But you must be careful of the action you take. You wouldn’t want to risk it all and damage your phone. If you’re new to DIY, we suggest you watch informational videos showing the exact steps. Further, be careful of the tools you use to fix your phone. In the case you think, the issue can’t be resolved by your DIY, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional cell phone repair service.


This sums up our article on whether to DIY or not! We mentioned various cell phone issues and what might work the best in the situation! Make sure to check out the problem and our suggestions. We have generalized the common issues and offered suggestions accordingly.

Depending upon the issue, you can choose whether to DIY or contact a professional cell phone repair service.

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Cell Phone Repair: To DIY Or Not To DIY

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