How Can You Record Phone Calls On The iPhone?

How Can You Record Phone Calls On The iPhone

On an Android phone, recording phone calls is simple. Even some Android phones have a built-in option to record calls despite the support of third-party applications.

But how can you record phone calls on an iPhone?

There are some call recorders for iPhones, but many don’t work as needed. Apple takes privacy strictly. However, even in iPhone recording, a phone call is simple.

There are a couple of ways and options that you can use to record a call on an iPhone. And we’ll talk about the same in this post.

Whether it is an interview or an important meeting, you can now use your iPhone to record calls and help yourself in the future.

Can You Screen-Record A Phone Call And Hear It On The iPhone?

With the iPhone, you can use the screen recording feature and other third-party apps to record your screen and the audio message. You can also use this technique for your video calls and zoom meetings.

But before recording your face, call, or zoom meeting, remember to tap the microphone icon to make an audio and video recording. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a video-only recording with no audio.

Four Ways To Record Phone Calls On iPhone

When it comes to the iPhone, there are some limited options available in the market for call recording. Here, we have listed some proven techniques you can use.

1. Google Voice

Google Voice recording option allows you to record all your calls with clarity.

Google Voice is one of the best voice call recording services. It provides a free phone number and an inbox that allows you to make international and domestic calls.

The best part? You can record phone calls. This feature is available only for voice calling options.

By accessing the settings, you can record the call by tapping the phone number. The major disadvantage of this technique is that you cannot place a secret recording since Google will notify the person on the other side about the recording option.

Also, with Google Voice, you can switch phones while attending a call.

2. iPhone Speakerphone

If you want to record phone calls, you can always use the screen recorder app and record the audio by placing it on speakerphone. The speakerphone will allow you to record the content using your Windows or Mac PC.

Even though Apple sometimes blocks users from recording a call while it is on speaker, you also have the option to use other external devices for call recording through iPhone speakers.

Some call recording applications allow you to record unlimited phone calls and efficient storage space and downloads.

3. Third-party Application

One of the best ways to record calls on an iPhone is by using a third-party application. There is no shortage of such apps on the App Store. But only some of these apps work correctly. We recommend using a reliable call recorder for iPhone, such as the one from Accordmobi. This call recording app also offers a free trial and fantastic features.

For instance, you can store and share your call recordings on your iPhone with other people. But one of the best things is that the app can transcribe your calls and present them as a chat between two people. The benefit is that you can turn your phone conversations into voice notes and analyze them later.

Also, you can translate these transcriptions into other languages.

4. Voice Mail

One of the most famous techniques is setting up a voicemail that allows you to record all your attended and unattended calls.

Along with recording a cell phone call, you can even download it depending upon the cell phone service carrier you use.

The latest model of iPhones has the Voicemail recording feature with download options. If you can’t download and have an old model, you can always go for the speaker phone model we have discussed before.

Is It Legal To Record Phone Calls?

Even though no law states whether call recording requires permission, there are some rules and regulations with recording. But regardless of the rules, acquiring the consent of the involved party members is a necessity for recording calls that might later lead to policy-based evidence.

So, if you are recording such calls, it is always better to inform the other person about recording the phone call. Unless it is a prank call, you must record the call with permission to avoid the issue with the law.


All these ideas mentioned above are just techniques you can use to record your phone call on your iPhone. There are no native applications to record your phone or voice calls on your iPhone.

So use applications from outside and speaker phone techniques to record the calls on your iPhone for free. While some versions have their limitations, you can still go for a premium version if it is professionally a requirement.

Enjoy recording your phone calls and meeting your deadlines with accurate information.

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How Can You Record Phone Calls On The iPhone?

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