10 Steps Guide on How To Get a PR Package

how to get pr packages

In today’s digital age, influencers wield significant power and impact in the realm of marketing. With their ability to reach and influence large audiences, influencers have become a sought-after partner for brands looking to promote their products and services. Are you an influencer wondering how to get PR packages? This blog has 10 easy steps that’ll help you understand how to get PR packages as well.

One of the perks of having an influencer is receiving PR packages – it is a gesture that not only signifies recognition but it also opens new doors for influencers to collaborate with different brands and content creation. We can say that it is also a source of excitement and opportunity for them.

PR Package

However, Securing PR packages requires more than just having a large number of followers: it requires a strategic approach, genuine engagement, consistency, and perseverance. This comprehensive blog will help you learn How To Get PR Packages, how to create PR packages and reach influencers.

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How To Get PR Packages

PR packages are personalized collections of different products that social media influencers receive from many different brands. The main purpose of the PR Packages is to encourage influencers and share the products with a wider audience. Here are the steps that’ll help you understand how to get PR packages.

To get a PR package you should follow these simple steps:

1. Do your Research

Doing the research is like finding the perfect one for a special occasion – it is all about the right fit.

Browse through the internet to discover many emerging brands and agencies that just might be your perfect match. 

2. Build your Audience

Numbers don’t lie and as an influencer before you even start thinking about asking to be included in the PR list you need to have a platform and a large engaged following. Brands and Agencies always look for those who can command a devoted audience.

3. Show Brand Loyalty

When a brand sees that you are talking about them on social media they may trust you more easily.

Participate in their campaigns and show the world why their products are your go-to favorites.

4. Focus on your Niche

As an influencer aiming to get a PR Package, honing on your niche is very important. When you establish yourself in a specific field or interest, you’ll attract brands that are looking for those specific types of influencers who show genuine interest and passion for their products or services.

5. Know Your Skills

You should always make strategies with your content to gain attention from the brands and get PR packages. You should know your audience’s behavior and optimize your posting schedule to match active times and increase engagement. We can also use hashtags for better reach related to the content.

6. Produce Outstanding Content

Being a Standout content creator is your ticket to getting on the radar of those PR brands and securing your spot in their PR list. Consistency is the key. you have to deliver high-quality content and it should stand out from the others.

7. Build Relationships 

Building strong and meaningful relationships with PR teams is the secret to securing that spot in their exclusive PR lists. You should take the initiative to introduce yourself by showing genuine interest in their work. Attend various industry events that could provide you with excellent networking opportunities, allowing you to make an unforgettable impression on the next person. 

8. Pitch Yourself to the brand

Don’t just wait for brands to come knocking on your door; go ahead and make your move first. Craft a pitch that could showcase your unique talent, passion for their products and services, and also the value you can bring to their brand, don’t just ask for free products.

9. Be Patient

Building relationships and establishing yourself as an influencer over whom the audience can trust doesn’t happen overnight. You have to dedicate yourself, put in your efforts, and be persistent.

Embrace the process, celebrate the small victories along the way and before you know it, your hard work will pay off, and you’ll find yourself on the radar of brands.

10. Be a Self-starter

Brands and small businesses look for brand ambassadors or models, DM them, or comment on their posts to get selected. You can also apply to influencer marketing platforms like UpFluence, Klear, NeoReach, CreatorIQ, Traackr, and LTK.

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What you should not do 

  • You should not approach brands when you have just a small number of followers. 
  • Your account should not look personal with pictures of your cats, dogs, and family.
  • The amount of followers has to be above 1000 if you want to be on their list
  • You have to show your passion and your audience should also be engaging.
  • Never ask for free products
  • Never send a brand direct DM on Social media with a message like: Hey, Let’s Collab
    • Brand doesn’t know who you are
    • You ask for a collab but without even telling them what you do

How to create a PR Package for Influencers?

Apart from how to get PR packages, another important concern for brands is how to create a PR Package for Influencers? Here are the simple steps:

how to get PR packages

Make a great first impression 

When you send a PR Package to an influencer the very first thing they are gonna notice is Packaging of the product so your packaging should be of high quality and attractive.

Unboxing experience

You didn’t have to go overboard with the design and fill the package with colors, taxes, and images. You can make an impact as long as your package is unique and visually appealing from the start.

Personalize your PR Packages 

Even if you’re sending some basic collection of products to several influencers you have to show that you pay attention to them by tailoring your PR packages according to their personal preferences.

Show Appreciation

According to each influencer, you need to show influencers your appreciation by including a personalized “Thank you” note in each package.

Provide Information about Your Brand

The last but certainly not the least important step is to include a media kit in your PR Packages.

How do I package a PR Package?

If you want to Package your PR then 

  • You need to use your packaging to make a great first impression.
  • Use Custom packaging to make the best first impression possible.
  • Custom packaging with your brand name, logo, and colors.
  • Reinforce your branding and show influencers that you put thought into your packaging.

I hope this will help you to learn how to get PR packages, approach brands and receive PR one day. Be patient and you will get noticed by your favorite brand. It is always important and helpful to buy their products first and review them so that they can see you are familiar with their products and services. As I said, it is just all about goodwill! If you do something for them without even asking, they will be pleased and will see your content.  

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10 Steps Guide on How To Get a PR Package

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