Top Best Snapchat Marketing Tips for 2021

Snapchat Marketing Tips

No question that social media marketing is here to stay, and is something you should be giving ample attention to when choosing where to direct your advertising efforts, and with every new year seems to be a new social media platform that gains significant traction. Many of these disappear as quickly as they arrive, but Snapchat has been steadily keeping users’ attention and growing with the times for almost a decade, and marketing opportunities within the service are aplenty.

Even during the recent election cycle, social media use by the government saw heavy increases, and their reach included Snapchat. President Biden’s campaign, for instance, topped $500 million in fund spent on social media advertising, and it certainly had an influence on the outcome of the election. These same tactics have positive outcomes in the business sector as well, and here are 5 tips relative to Snapchat marketing that your team can use in 2021 and beyond.

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You Need This Now!

Urgency is a great way to get young people to gravitate to a product, and going back to the political examples, many campaign managers utilized verbiage that pushed their audience to act quickly with donations, petitions, etc. “We need to raise $20,000 tonight!” was a similar offering from the political campaign teams, and though most likely not related to fundraising, business teams can adapt this strategy to drive sales quickly.

Millennial Product?

If your target audience includes millennials, and you’ve been having some troubles reaching them, look no further than Snapchat. 60% of adults under 34 who own smartphone use Snapchat, and it’s also fair noting that the majority (at almost 70/30) of users are women. With that in mind, however, the men tend to spend a little more time scrolling through “snaps” and videos. Snapchat is also less sought out as a means for advertising, making your competition smaller, especially relative to this age group.

Let Someone Else do the Work

Another growing trend in social media advertising, across all mediums, in marketing via brand influencers. Comparable to professional athletes who have sponsors on their jerseys, brand influencers with a heavy Snapchat following sharing posts of them using your product, or just saying they like it, can mean a big reach in a short period of time. Levels of influence vary, but if your product has a very slim niche, someone who represents that niche, but may only have a couple of thousand followers would be a smaller investment with better potential than someone with a larger reach who wasn’t really someone representing your niche.

Model Behavior

A lot of Snapchat users are amateur models, and if your product is wearable or anyway related to self-care, start seeking out brand ambassadors on Snapchat right now. Causes are also easy to spread awareness about via the Snapchat model community, because a little guilt trip from someone worthy of a crush can go a long way!

Party Time!

The app revolves around fun, and videos made to make users laugh or get excited. No one scrolling through Snapchat wants to see a ho-hum ad that they might also see while watching TV. Ageism is never a good thing, but if you happen to have younger staff members, it’s been a proved social media marketing strategy to include staff in advertising to make for a more personal feel. Invite the Snapchat community into your Friday afternoon happy hour!


Trends within the medium come and go as frequently as rival social media applications, so be sure to keep steady tabs on how influence is happening within the Snapchat realm. In a given day, more than 10 billion videos are shared on Snapchat, so making sure you have advertising content within the proverbial walls is a great way to reach a dedicated audience.

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Top Best Snapchat Marketing Tips for 2021

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