3 Reasons Why People Put Watermarks on Their PDF Files

Why People Put Watermarks on Their PDF Files

If you have read or seen many documents throughout your life, there is a chance that you would have some files with translucent text or images on the pages of those documents behind the main content of these files. These are called watermarks, and you will see this on almost every document format. Furthermore, every document format has different ways to add a watermark on their files, and these include PDF files.

More and more documents for various purposes are starting to be made in PDF format. And these include legal files and other types of documents that need to be protected. Luckily, there are many ways to enhance the protection of a PDF file, and adding watermarks. This article will discuss some of the most common reasons why people add watermarks to their PDF files.

For the Security of the File

Perhaps the most common reason why people use an Add Watermark to PDF Tool is to add security to the file. As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to enhance the security and privacy of a PDF document, and that includes creating a password for the file. But for some reason, locked PDF files could be unlocked using various tactics, which could compromise the data in those documents.

Therefore, one way to make a PDF file even more secure is to add a watermark to it. You can use different types of text for the watermark of a PDF file, and the size, font, and color of your PDF file’s watermark would totally be up to you. You can either put common watermark texts like “Confidential” and “Do Not Copy” to less conventional ones which could include your name or the name of the document’s owner if you are adding the watermark for someone else.

Now you might be thinking, how does a text behind another text in a document prevent my documents from being copied, misused, or accessed without your permission. For one, watermarks are a great way to signify someone reading your document that it contains highly sensitive and confidential information. And therefore they should take great care in using it. Furthermore, since watermarks are difficult to remove, it would be impossible for someone to copy a document without permission from the author and then use it for his or her purposes. Watermarks also prevent other people from altering a document, which preserves the information in that file.

Ownership and Copyright of the File

Stealing content is one of the most common types of theft in the world especially now with the Age of the Internet. From videos to documents, various content and information are being stolen from creators and authors and it is extremely difficult to provide evidence that you are the person who owns the document. This is where watermarks come into play. Since you can put any text or image on a watermark, you can use it as proof that you own the content written on a document that was stolen from you or accessed without your authorization. For this reason., watermarks are a great way of protecting intellectual property as well as preventing content theft and misuse.

Aside from that, watermarks provide information as to whether a document is an original or a copy and it even tells whether the PDF file is an invoice, an estimate, and so on. This is important especially in professional or business settings, where there is a need to organize documents based on certain categories and where there is also a need to ensure the security and authenticity of a PDF document. Therefore, while watermarks do not necessarily guarantee that a document and its content will automatically be free from any form of theft, putting a watermark on a PDF file is the first step towards protecting your copyright and making sure that your document is secure and will not be used for wrong reasons.

Watermarks are Hard to Miss

One reason why watermarks are so great at providing security and proving the authenticity of a document is that they are so hard to miss and easy to see, even when you just glance at the file. Oftentimes, people would not always notice some parts of the document’s main text, but they would instantly notice the watermark written on a document. This is because most watermarks tend to be big enough to occupy a huge part of the file, and they are also translucent enough to be seen. However, the effectiveness of a watermark would still depend on its size, position, and even font color.

The Best Way to Add Watermarks to PDF Files

There are certain ways to add watermarks to a PDF file. One of the first methods is to use a website to add a watermark to these documents. The main advantage of using this method is that you can use a website on any mobile device or computer with a web browser to perform this task. Therefore, it is possible to add watermarks with websites anytime and anywhere.

Websites also make the process simpler by using fewer steps to add watermarks to PDF files. Another way to add a watermark to a PDF file is to use the Adobe Acrobat software on your Windows or Mac computer. While this method involves more steps and requires a log-in before access, many people use this method since it is the most secure way to add watermarks to a PDF file. After all, Adobe was the one who created the PDF file format, so people would naturally trust them for any PDF-related changes.


Watermarks are more than just text or images behind the content of a document. And they are not certainly decorations. They serve the important purpose of keeping PDF files safe and secure. They also ensure that a PDF file will not be misused, copied, or even accessed without the permission of the author. Along with passwords, they are some of the most common ways to add security to a PDF file. So if you are looking for a way to add watermarks to your PDF files in a safe, easy, and quick manner, then you should give GogoPDF a try!

With GogoPDF, you can add any type of watermark (image or text) to your PDF file in just a few steps! Aside from that, you only need a few minutes to perform this process with this website and you can use GogoPDF on any mobile device or computer. As long as you have a web browser and an internet connection, you can use their services to make your PDF files more secure and protected.

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3 Reasons Why People Put Watermarks on Their PDF Files

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