How to Convert Excel to PDF without Losing File Formatting

Convert Excel to PDF

Were you ever in a situation where you needed to modify a soft copy of a document, like that one time your boss asks if you could convert an Excel into a PDF file? Did you fumble with your computer to figure out how to convert it quickly without distorting the file? But no matter what you can’t get it done? You have searched the internet for a reliable website to help you, but each time you feed the file it doesn’t maintain the original formatting. You begin to lose patience or start to sweat and it doesn’t help that the person waiting for the file is just waiting around. It’s those times that you need a trusty companion to help you convert your files with ease-a a PDF website that will not fail you and get you out of hot waters. The PDF buddy that you need is no other than PDFBear!

Do Your Work With Ease on!

This Website will help you out of those tense situations with your every PDF need. Do you want to convert any Excel file to a quality PDF? Below are the simple steps that will help you deliver that file without scratching your head, visit PDFBear and choose the Excel to PDF converter:

  1. Upload the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet file that you would like to convert.
  2. Choose the options available.
  3. Click “Convert!” and wait for it to analyze and change the file to PDF.
  4. The converted PDF file can be downloaded to your computer.

With PDFBear you are assured that the entire format of your file, from the columns to the data tabulated is maintained and is converted into a presentable PDF file. Now that you can confidently send that file back to your supervisor in the compact PDF file you will no doubt, with the help of PDFBear, do any PDF Task with ease! Because PDFBear has an array of tools that any soft copy/ or PDF file will need.

Do PDF Tasks Like a Boss

PDFBear is the secret tool that every efficient employee uses to create excellent PDF files and it is capable of many tasks besides converting Excel files into PDF. Below are the many different capacities of this mega- PDF converter:

1.    Convert to PDF

As mentioned, PDFBear is more than capable of converting Excel files. You can also entrust any Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPEG, and HTML file that you want to convert as a PDF file with PDFBear. Do you have a document you need to share? You will surely find it better after it’s converted to a PDF. A PDF will help you make sure that the file is compact, light to share and save, and maintains its original format, regardless of any device you open your file with.

2.    Convert From PDF

Almost everyone today uses PDF files. It surely is the most portable file format. Most of the information and data on the internet are formatted this way. But even if most files are in PDF it doesn’t mean you can’t extract content from them. With PDFBear’s convert from PDF tools, you can easily convert any PDF file into the file format you desire, whether it is Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPEG, or HTML. Once you convert these files, editing them will be easy-peasy for you!

3.    Organize Your PDF Documents

Creating a presentable PDF file sometimes can mean, adding and deleting pages. You will find that you might need to rearrange and merge pages to make your document not only informative but have a cohesive flow. If you need to separate, rearrange, add, or delete pages from your PDF files, PDFBear’s tools allow you to organize your PDF and do these tasks without the hassle.

4.    View and Edit Your PDFs

Sometimes PDFs can be tricky especially when you need to put additional elements like watermarks, and page numbers, or e-signatures. If your work entails a lot of editing soft copies of documents, especially PDF then you don’t have to worry about how to go about doing it. With PDFBear’s editing tools you easily improve and polish any file into an excellent PDF file.

5.    Optimize PDFs

Working with a lot of soft copy files can sometimes be burdensome not only to you but also to your device storage. With a lot of files to save, having a file format that does not consume a lot of space is an advantage. If you have PDF files that you want to compress to lessen their file size, PDFBear’s compress tool is the solution. In terms of damaged PDF files, you also have a life-saver. PDFBear can restore distorted pages caused by viruses.

With PDFBear, Your Workflow Will Be Smoother

It feels good to know you can execute tasks, especially at work. Being able to perform a simple task is one of the things that help us maintain our momentum and keep our focus on other areas that demand our greater attention. We all experienced being stuck on our to-do’s because we can’t execute a simple step. For every employee that would like to have a productive, stress-free work system, creating and looking for the best solution is important to be able to stay on your work target. That’s why having a dependable service provider, in terms of your soft copy files like PDFBEAR, is a must. PDFBear, however, has more in store for their pro-members. Besides being able to utilize every tool, members of their community get to take advantage of online storage for their files and have maximum use of their tools. For those who like to explore their services PDFBear also offers a 14-day free trial. Explore PDFBear’s tools and services and you will no doubt say that PDFBear is the smart employees’ secret tool.

In Conclusion

The next time your boss asks you to improve his files, you don’t have to have a mini-heart attack. You can use PDFBear to do the work for you. Your co-workers will probably think it’s your expertise and flock to ask your help on how to go about their soft copy files. Use PDFBear to your advantage and improve your work!

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How to Convert Excel to PDF without Losing File Formatting

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