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Do you feel like you should monitor your teenager’s online conversations and chats without telling them? Parenting for teenagers is difficult in this era of digital madness. Thanks to smartphone monitoring apps, filtering and viewing unwanted content on kids’ mobile phones is no longer a problem. 

Technology provides a way to monitor kids’ online chats and text messages. However, it is sometimes of paramount importance to visualize what your busy kids are saying to their friends on social media platforms. The fact remains that, too often, parents miss out on a piece of vital information while observing their children’s chats online. 

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, ninety percent of teenagers in the United States between 13 to 17 years use social media. Moreover, 51% of those teens open their social media accounts at least daily. This means that two-third of the teens’ population having their own mobile phones loves spending time chatting on social media. 

That means for concerned parents, only looking at their teens’ social media chats is not always effective as taking screenshots of live chats. No matter how angelic your underage child might look, parents often get a shock when they find age-inappropriate content on their child’s Android phones. 

Particularly, social media such as Snapchat and Facebook are notorious for sharing explicit photos and content with friends. Since many public forums are discussing such behavior of teenagers today, it is time for parents to take charge of their young ones’ tech and visualize what they are doing instead of only observing it. 

This is where Xnspy’s screen recording feature helps the parent to take real-time screenshots of their children’s private conversations with their friends on social media. The New feature is called “IM Screen Recorder,” which records live screenshots of instant messages stored on your children’s Android phones. 

What is Xnspy IM Screen Recorder?

It’s a brand new feature for parents to take screenshots of their kids’ Android phones. 

The screen recorder makes it easy to capture and record screenshots of mobile phones possessed by your kids. The best parental monitoring app offers these innovative features to users for several reasons. 

Because today’s technologically savvy kids often tend to unsend text messages or even delete them from their smartphones. That allows them to hide text messages or social media IM chats from parents. If you are already suspicious of your teenager’s social media activities and doubt that they are hiding something from you, then the IM screen recording feature can work perfectly for you.

For instance, you can easily find out through IM screen recording that your teen is getting sexts Or you can also figure out why your child is depressed as a result of receiving messages from cyberstalkers. No matter the reason, it is always a good strategy to keep tabs on your child’s smartphones. 

How the IM Screen Recorder Works?

The new IM screen recorder feature does great things for you. For example: 

  • There is no additional cost related to using advanced feature of IM screen recorder.
  • Activate Xnspy on the target device that requires physical access to your kid’s Android phone. 
  • When the app is installed on your kids’ smartphone, it automatically takes screenshots of their IM activity.
  • Simply capture all data related to social media chats, contacts, or instant messenger chats. 
  • The data will be stored on Xnspy’s servers in your secure account for 24/7 retrieval. 
  • View real-time screenshots through your online web account available, hassle-free. 
  • Discover the hidden truth behind your teenager’s depression or anxiety. 

Why Should You Use Xnspy’s IM Screen Recorder 

You can dive into real-time activity on your child’s smartphone with Xnspy’s IM screen recorder tool. It offers ample benefits to parents, employees, and spouses to take screenshots of suspicious chats.

  • Unlimited Screenshots 

There is no restriction on the number of screenshot recordings. So many people wonder whether the app limits the number of screenshots after a specific number. With Xnspy’s brand new feature, you can be ensured that you can store an unlimited number of screenshots in your online account.                                                   

However, beware that all the screenshots-related data is stored only for three months on the servers. Therefore, it is a wise strategy to take backups of your data and download them on other devices. Moreover, it is also recommended that you should first root your Android device before using the IM screenshot recorder.  

  • Many New Apps Will Be Compatible

Since a large number of teenagers in the United States also use social media such as WhatsApp, Viber, and YouTube, parents should also be able to record live screenshots on these platforms. 

For example, you may be doubtful about your teen’s video-watching habits on YouTube. Since any child can access hate speech or age-inappropriate videos on video streaming platforms, it is also vital for the screen recorder to be compatible with those social media.

No need to worry! The new feature will soon be powerful enough to be compatible with WhatsApp, Viber, and YouTube in the future. 

  • Get More Details 

As a caring and loving parent, you must not forget that using only the standard instant messenger monitoring feature cannot help you to get powerful results from your kids’ conversations. The fact is that standard instant messenger or social media monitoring only allows you to monitor sent and received text messages. 

However, with an IM screen recorder in action, it is possible to get all the recordings in real-time in one place. That gives you a highly effective view of all the social media chats and conversations. 

Moreover, for employers looking to monitor their suspicious employees, an IM screen recorder can work wonders to record their official conversations online. 

The app is great to track and visualize all social media chats of your child. It works with several platforms including Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, and Instagram. 

No need to install extra or additional screen recording software on your child’s smartphones. Xnspy’s IM screen recorder app is enough to take all screenshots you need to monitor your kid’s phone.


In the light of the above discussion, the concluding arguments can go in the favor of this new screen recorder feature due to myriad factors. For example, Xnspy’s new IM screen recording tool can let parents, employers, and spouses remotely take screenshots of their target Android devices in a blink of an eye. 

The free feature will be compatible with many other social media applications soon. To dive deep into the real-time mobile phone activity of your teenagers, parents need not install the expensive screen recording apps or tools. 

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Why Choose Xnspy for Screen Recording on Android

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