Top Detective Agency in India

Top Detective Agency

Cases like crime, extramarital affairs, missing persons, etc have been rapidly increasing in India. Whenever such a case arises, it may take weeks, months, or even years to get the correct pieces of evidence that you need to solve it. Hiring a detective agency makes it easier as they help you to gather the proofs and pieces of evidence within a fraction of the time.

A professional detective agency provides investigation services to companies and individuals by gathering data, spying on the suspects, collecting tangible proof, and collecting information from the database. The best detective agencies in India use their expertise and knowledge along with the latest gadgets to solve your problems. Connecting with such an agency can help you solve your major cases fast and easily.

Things to remember before approaching a detective agency

Top Detective Agency

Issues like extramarital affair investigation, divorce case investigation, employee theft case, or missing person case are very sensitive as it involves emotions and personal details. Therefore, it is highly essential to choose an agency that is trustworthy, faithful, and reliable.

The following points should be kept in mind while choosing an investigation agency for your case.

Know what you want

There are a lot of investigation agencies in India that are specialized in different fields. Before connecting with an agency you should be sure about what type of pieces of evidence you want to achieve through the investigation. To choose the best investigation agency for your problem, you should be properly aware of the level and type of investigation that you require.

Connect with the agency’s expertise in your case

You also need to research the agencies to find the ones that have expertise in your case. Always hire a detective agency that has excellent records of solving similar cases. Go through the websites of the agencies, and check the client reviews, and achievements made in the past. This way you can shortlist the best investigation agencies to investigate your case.


Before proceeding further with the detective agency, make sure that they are fully professional and have a well-maintained record of keeping client details confidential. The agency must be well-experienced and known in this field. Also, check if the detectives of that organization are loyal to the agency, highly professional, and follow the ethics of the company.

Choose an experienced and well-knowledgeable detective

The detective handling your case plays an even more important role than the agency. You need to be assured that the detective dealing with your investigation is as trustworthy as the agency. Go through their profile, experience, and records before proceeding with the investigation.

Best Detective Agencies in India

There are a lot of detective agencies growing up in various parts of India. But you need to connect with the best ones that help you settle your case faster by gathering shreds of evidence within a fraction of the time.

AMX Detectives

AMX Detectives India is known to offer top-quality detective services in various parts of India and worldwide. Based out of Delhi, AMX Detectives has a team of a highly experienced private detective who is highly skilled and prepared to perform with honesty. They use all the latest technologies to gather the correct pieces of evidence and satisfy the clients.

AMX Detectives offer a wide range of investigation services such as pre-matrimonial investigation, extramarital affair investigation, divorce case investigation, and many more. With more than 35 years of experience, the team has successfully settled a lot of sensitive cases and stands to be the most trusted detective agency in the capital. They also make sure that all the client details are confidential and do not reach any third party.

Lady Detectives India

Another detective agency that offers the best investigation services is Lady Detectives India which is also based out of Delhi. This agency has been successfully solving cases like infidelity checks for post-marriage investigations, extramarital affair investigations, background checks for matrimonial investigations, and many more. It offers investigation services in India and abroad as well.

Lady Detective is considered to be the best private detective agency and has successfully solved a lot of pre-matrimonial investigations. The CEO of this agency Ms. Tanya Puri happens to be one of the young investigative entrepreneurs in India. The agency includes a team of private detectives who come from various backgrounds like government, information technology, and law enforcement.


Private detective agencies play a wide variety of roles depending on the cases of the clients. If you are experiencing any kind of major issues like problems in your marriage, fraud, personal, or business issues; then you can hire a detective agency to solve your case faster. Hiring a detective is the best way to solve a case that requires deep research and extensive surveillance and if you do it through a private detective agency, then you also save a lot of money.

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Top Detective Agency in India

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