Skullcandy Crusher 2014 Review Specs Pros and Cons

Skullcandy Crusher 2014 

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A quick review of the Skullcandy crusher 2014

The Skullcandy Crusher headphones are a solid option for those who are looking for a bass-heavy audio experience. The adjustable bass control allows the user to customize the amount of bass to their liking, which is a great feature for music lovers. The built-in microphone and in-line remote control are also convenient for taking calls and controlling music playback. The headphones are also designed for portability, with a foldable design, and included carrying a pouch. However, it’s worth noting that these headphones are from 2014, so the technology and design may be outdated compared to newer models in the market.

What is the Skullcandy crusher 2014?

Crusher, S

The Skullcandy Crusher is a pair of over-ear headphones released in 2014 by Skullcandy. They feature an adjustable bass control that allows the user to customize the amount of bass in the audio. They also have a built-in microphone and in-line remote control for taking calls and controlling music playback. The headphones have a foldable design for easy storage and transport. They also come with a carrying pouch and a 3.5 mm audio cable for use with devices that do not have Bluetooth connectivity.

Four Reasons to Buy Skullcandy Crusher 2014

  • Strong bass: The Skullcandy Crusher headphones feature dual-channel haptic bass, which delivers a powerful and immersive bass experience.
  • Adjustable bass: The headphones also have an adjustable bass slider, allowing you to customize the level of bass to your liking.
  • Comfortable fit: The Crusher headphones have been designed with a comfortable and secure fit in mind, featuring plush ear cushions and an adjustable headband.
  • Durable design: The headphones are built with a durable and sturdy design, making them ideal for everyday use and travel.

Four Reasons to Not Buy Skullcandy Crusher 2014

  • Sound Quality: Some users have reported that the overall sound quality of the Skullcandy Crusher headphones is not as high as other comparable headphones in the same price range.
  • Battery life: The headphones use a built-in battery, which may need to be charged frequently.
  • Build Quality: Some users have reported issues with the build quality of the headphones, with some components breaking or malfunctioning after only a few months of use.
  • Noise isolation: The Skullcandy Crusher headphones do not have active noise cancellation, which means they may not block out external noise as effectively as other headphones with this feature.


  • Good Noise Isolating
  • Deep Bass
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Cheap


  • Limited Inline Controls
  • Skullcandy Crusher 2014 Specifications


  • Brand: Skullcandy
  • Colors: Black, Deep Red, Olive, Grey Tan
  • Battery Time: 40 Hours
  • Type: Over-Ear
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Model: Crusher
  • Weight: 277 Grams
  • Mic: Yes

Connectivity and controls

The Skullcandy Crusher headphones may cause you to wonder, “What connectivity?” These aren’t Bluetooth, to be sure, but they also aren’t from the 1970s either. The bundled cord has a basic microphone and one-button remote control. Assuming you’re plugged into a phone, this is sufficient to pause and resume audio playback as well as to answer and finish calls.

The mic is passable and more than adequate for the occasional call, but given the size of these, it’s unlikely that you’ll be using them for frequent calls.

The Skullcandy Crusher 2014 has a subpar control layout with just one button for playing, pausing, and skipping tunes. They have a mechanical slider, but it just adjusts the bass level. This is quite disappointing because there is only one inline control button available, and it also has poor tactile feedback.


  • Battery Type: AA
  • Continuous Battery Life: 38 hrs
  • Additional Charges: N/A
  • Total Battery Life: 38 hrs
  • Charge Time: N/A
  • Power Saving Feature: No
  • Audio While Charging: N/A
  • Passive Playback: Yes
  • Charging Port: N/A

When the slider was set between 50 and 70%, the Skullcandy Crushers’ long-lasting AA battery provided up to 38 hours (average of 3 measurements) of continuous playback. The battery life will be far longer if you set the slider to 0 than it will be if you put it to the maximum bass setting. However, once the battery is depleted, the sound quality does not significantly worsen. Although the boosted bass effects are completely lost, the rest of the frequency response is unaffected.


As a basic pair of headphones, the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 excels. Although the all-plastic construction is uninspiring, the basic look of my review device in all-black suits its affordable pricing. There isn’t much flair here, except for a few discrete chrome accents, and I’m completely fine with that.

Design Skullcandy
Design Skullcandy

If the Crusher wasn’t available in a wide range of hues and designs, it wouldn’t be Skullcandy. There is a look for nearly every type of music listener, from silver snakeskin to wacky pixelated fashion to foliage-filled camouflage.

Whatever model you pick, the thick plastic headband connecting each pair of headphones features a cushioned strip on the bottom that made wearing them on my relatively large head for so long very pleasant.

The headphone ear cups are about the size of a large computer mouse and are quite stylish. They have cushioning inside that serves as both passive noise isolation while you’re completely motionless and as comfort.

Sound Quality

The Skullcandy Crusher headphones use two separate drivers. The REX40 driver delivers everything else, with the Sensation55 providing the bottom-end sound and feel. These headphones have multiple drivers in addition to being acoustically ported, which helps to boost the bass and lessen distortion.

Of course, when it comes to these Skullcandy headphones, the lows are the primary attraction. Skullcandy Crusher 2014 makes a huge deal out of the fact that the bass is audible, and this isn’t just a sales tactic. A conventional speaker isn’t what the Sensation55 driver is. Instead, it produces mechanical vibration, which means that when those low notes strike, it also vibrates you and the headphones.

Overall, this is really nice. Depending on your preferences, the bass can be adjusted with the slider, ranging from hardly audible to incredibly huge. The only issue is that depending on how the music you are listening to is mixed, different bass frequencies are highlighted. The majority of the time, everything had a satisfyingly deep bottom end, but occasionally, for example, I would hear a song where only the kick drum was highlighted.

The results become more varied as we travel up the frequency spectrum, but the mids are by far the weakest area. Even if the lower mids are the finest defined, the midrange as a whole is bland and uninspiring. In headphones that are obviously designed for bass fans, there is a strangely boxy character in the 800 Hz to 1 kHz range that I would have expected to be more muted. This area might get a boost to make the vocals stand out when the bass slider is set to its maximum.

As you get to the high end, everything dramatically gets better. The highs are clean and sharp without being overly harsh. There is a lot to enjoy here even though it is clear that the highs weren’t given the same tender loving attention as the bottom end.

When compared to other sonic characteristics, the sound stage is rather small. Although stereo separation is present, it isn’t particularly emphasized. This shouldn’t be a huge concern for many purchasers of these headphones, but it is still important to note.

The acoustical porting hasn’t caused any distortion, to be honest. I increased the level quite a bit without hearing any distortion. The very greatest sounds may cause things to begin to disintegrate, but at those decibel levels, my ears would do the same.

Where to Buy the Skullcandy Crusher 2014

The Skullcandy Crusher headphones were first released in 2014, so it might be hard to find them in-store or in the market, However, you can check some online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Skullcandy’s official website to see if they still have any in stock or if they have any used/refurbished units available for purchase. Another option is to check sites like eBay or Craigslist for used or refurbished headphones.


In conclusion, the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 headphones offer a powerful bass experience thanks to their dual-channel haptic technology and adjustable bass slider. The headphones are also designed for comfort, with plush ear cushions and an adjustable headband. However, the overall sound quality may not be as high as other headphones in the same price range and some users have reported issues with the build quality. Additionally, the lack of active noise cancellation may not effectively block out external noise. Overall, the Skullcandy Crusher headphones are a solid choice for those looking for a bass-heavy listening experience, but they may not be the best option for those looking for the highest quality sound or noise isolation.

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Skullcandy Crusher 2014 Review Specs Pros and Cons

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