How to move home on a shoestring budget

How to move home on a shoestring budget

Moving home is exciting and stressful, however, when you’re tied to a tight budget, it can make a stressful situation even more so. In order to remove and relieve as much stress as possible, you should make a plan and include every eventuality so that if anything happens, you’ll already know what to do to cope with it.

However, with the effort of having to make your budget stretch just that little bit further, here are some additional ideas that could save you money in your move.

How to move home on a shoestring budget

How to move home on a shoestring budget

Ask local businesses and stores for any unwanted boxes

You may be surprised to know that the large double- or triple-walled cardboard boxes that are often used for house moves are really expensive. However, businesses everywhere are regularly putting similar boxes that their deliveries have arrived in into the recycling bin.

You’ll find that if you approach these businesses, they’ll be more than happy to pass any boxes of a certain size to you for your own use free of charge, but you may have to put the word out in plenty of time before your moving date.

Ask friends and family for help

Friends and family are often falling over themselves to be a part of a home move and therefore be the first to see your new home before anybody else. Taking advantage of this is not a bad thing from a mover’s point of view, and you could even put on a small welcome to your new home party for those who’ve helped once all of the boxes have been moved in.

This can be very easy to do if you’ve got a barbeque and the weather is fine outside, as once you have all everything in your home, you can get everyone outside for thank-you drinks and something to eat.

A less conventional way to move

However, in every home, there are items that could require a larger vehicle than a household would typically have to get them transported. Large fridges, freezers or couches, for instance, could need the services of a man with a van. You may not know it, but there are websites where you can hire a man and van service with ease. A shipping broker for instance, will be able to provide you with quotes so that you can choose a man with a van who is close to you or has the size vehicle that you need.

Pack food for moving day

You are very lucky indeed if your move day goes smoothly and can be completed quickly and without hassle; most are stressful times. If you’re organized, you’ll be quick in leaving your old home, but it doesn’t always follow that those currently living in your new home will be as motivated.

In order to keep your strength up and keep arguments and tensions at bay, it’s recommended that you have food, nibbles, and drinks on you especially if it’s a warm day. Packing up your cooler bag or picnic hamper the night before could be the best move that you make.

Final thoughts

Moving is exciting and stressful, but by enlisting the help of others that you like to have around you, you can also make it a fun adventure too. If you pack an overnight bag with your essentials in, you won’t even have to unpack any boxes – unless you want to – for the first night or two that you’re there, allowing you to take your time in moving in and making your new home your own.

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How to move home on a shoestring budget

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