How To Fix the HP Touchpad Not Working?

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A touchpad or also known as a trackpad is a crucial part of your laptop. A touchpad is a built-in device in the laptop. And the touchpad’s function is similar to that of an external mouse in a computer. What if, one day your laptop’s touchpad stops working? And we all know how important a laptop is. From doing official work to watching a movie, everything is done on a laptop. And if the laptop’s touchpad stops working, all your work will come to an abrupt halt.

 A question arises here, how to fix the HP touchpad not working? To answer this question we will be discussing the procedure on how to fix the HP touchpad not working.

Causes of HP Touchpad Not Working Properly 

Before jumping on how to fix the HP touchpad not working. Firstly, we need to know why it is not working. 

There are various causes of the HP touchpad not working properly. The important ones are mentioned below:

  • Touchpad option deactivated 
  • Out-of-date touchpad driver
  • Old and failed system drivers
  • Older version of Windows 
  • Other software might be clashing.

These are some important reasons that can cause your HP touchpad to stop working. But, no need to worry, here we will tell you how to fix the HP touchpad not working. 

How To Fix The HP Touchpad Not Working?

In the previous section, we discussed the causes of HP touchpad not working. In this section, we will be discussing how to fix the HP touchpad not working.

 The following fixes that can be followed are given below:

1. Activate the Touchpad 

How to fix the HP touchpad not working
Hp touchpad

The touchpad is not a device that stops working abruptly. One such reason for it to stop working is that theists touchpad is disabled. To activate the touchpad, there you can find various settings in Windows that can deactivate the touchpad such as mouse properties, device manager, etc.

 To activate the touchpad of the HP laptop is to double tap a dot situated to the upper left on the corner of the touchpad panel to enable the touchpad.

2. Performing a Clean Boot

Another software clashing with the mouse may stop your HP touchpad from working. There are a few steps given below to fix this problem. 

  • Click Windows+R> type > Ok
  • Press the General tab
  • After that untick the ‘Load Setup items under ‘Selective Startup’
  • Then, choose the service tab>hide all Microsoft services >disable all
  • After doing that, open the task manager
  • Then click the startup tab> right-click the application> click Ok and then start.

You need to repeat this procedure till your issue is solved.

3. Enabling Touchpad from BIOS

BIOS (Basic Input Output System) has a way into all the hardware which are attached to the motherboard. A touchpad is also attached to the motherboard. So you can activate the touchpad from BIOS.

Here are some steps that need to be followed to enable the touchpad from BIOS:

  • Press F10 continuously to enter the BIOS menu
  • Then, head towards the ‘advanced tab’, there hit the built-in device option 
  • After that, check the touchpad checkbox
  • With that, save and exit the BIOS.

4. Enabling the Touchpad from Windows Settings 

The Touchpad of the laptop can be enabled from the Windows settings also. As Windows has access to the laptop’s touchpad. 

There are a few steps to follow, to enable the touchpad through Windows settings.

As the touchpad is not working, you need to follow this procedure with the keyboard. 

  • Press Windows+I to open Windows settings 
  • With the help of the up and down keys, head to Bluetooth and the Device option 
  • Continue pressing the Tab key till the Device option is highlighted. 
  • With the Arrow key, move to the touchpad and click enter.
  • Press the Space button and set the radio box on.

After completing this procedure, use the touchpad. 

5. Update Windows 

Older versions of Windows cause the touchpad to stop working. Windows updates resolve bugs and other issues and provide better performance.

So, updating Windows can enable the touchpad of HP laptops.

The following steps can fix the issue:

  • Press the Windows+I keys to open the settings
  • With the help of down arrows, go to the Windows updates and highlight it. After that press Enter key.
  • Press the Tab key continuously and highlight ‘check for updates’ or install updates.

6. Update HP Touchpad Driver 

An outdated touchpad driver is another important reason why the HP touchpad is not working properly. 

The following steps are given to update HP touch driver automatically:

  • Firstly, download Advanced Driver Updater.
  • Go to this application and click ‘start scan now
  • Now, wait for the scan to end
  • After scanning, this approach will provide you a list of outdated drivers. 
  • You will see the updated driver next to it, click it.
  • Once the driver is updated, reboot your laptop and try to use the touchpad. 

7. Detach the External Mouse Setting, If Using 

While using a laptop, generally an external mouse is not needed. But in case, if you use an external mouse, and after using it your HP touchpad is not working. Then just unplug the USB mouse and then use the touchpad. 

8. Troubleshoot Hardware Issues

After trying all these measures, the laptop’s touchpad is still not working. Then perform a hardware troubleshooter. Hardware troubleshooting helps to search for the problems in your device and also helps to fix these problems. 

The hardware troubleshooter studies the device and executes various tests to find out if the issue is found. And if any issue is found, it will fix the problem by performing the required changes. 

To run the troubleshooter, the steps are as follows:

  • Go to the control panel in your laptop and then click troubleshooting 
  • After that, hit the Hardware and Sound option
  • Then, click Hardware and Device option
  • With that, hit the ‘Next’ option and wait for the troubleshooting process
  • Wait patiently for your device to get fixed automatically 
  • Then, restart your device and try your touchpad. 

These are the solutions to your question on how to fix the HP touchpad not working. In short, you can follow these solutions to resolve the issue with the HP touchpad. 


In the above article, we discussed how to fix the HP touchpad not working. We discussed why this happened and how to solve this issue. 

As touchpad is a very important part of a laptop. Without a touchpad, you can face many difficulties using a laptop. 

Therefore, we mentioned various solutions you can follow to fix this issue.

I hope this article will answer all your answers on how to fix the HP touchpad not working.

Thanks for Reading :)

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How To Fix the HP Touchpad Not Working?

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