How to Add New Habits Into Your College Life With These 7 Apps

How to Add New Habits Into Your College Life With These 7 Apps

Every year people write a master list of things they want to get in the upcoming year and leave old stuff in the past. Going to the gym more, watching top IMDb movies, or quitting eating junk food, all of these goals are manageable when you put your mind to it. Yet, many people fail to form a habit because they feel easily bored or unmotivated when they are not good at something immediately. That’s when smartphone apps come to the rescue and help you develop and track your habits.

College is the best time to pick up new habits and commit to them. Even though you might feel overwhelmed with your responsibilities and questions like “how to write my essays,” adding new goals to your routine can help. Forming new patterns and adding activities to your list can significantly improve your quality of life. With these apps, it will be easy to transform your college experience in no time.

How to Add New Habits Into Your College Life With These 7 Apps


If you are not the best at making schedules and to-do lists, Goalify is the best option for you. With Goalify, you can create reminders, schedules, and other helpful notes to stay on track with your new hobbies or activities. You can also invite friends to share the experience with you and help you stay focused on your goals.

The free version comes with three goals you can track, whether it is a series you want to watch or daily running plans you have. The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and you can start at any moment.

Productive – Habit Tracker

Even though Productive looks like an ordinary to-do-list-app, it significantly eases your habit formation journey. You can set reminders and check your goals from the list to get rewarded for each accomplished task. Productive creates comprehensive infographics, helps you track your progress, and challenges you to maintain it.

Create daily, weekly, and monthly goals and set the best time to achieve them. The clean and user-friendly interface will help you with your tasks.


Habitica is designed specifically to put some fun into the habit-forming process. It turns your daily routines into a game progress where you have to create a character, finish levels, and compete in challenges. Habitica is most fun when shared with friends and family to stay on track with your changes.

The app will challenge you to stick with your plans and send you reminders and charts so you can visualize how far you’ve come. Set up milestones, get rewards, and upgrade your character, just like in a video game.

Grow – Habit Tracking

If you are not a big fan of sophisticated apps, Grow is designed for you. It has a simple and clean interface without any complex features. The main goal is to grow trees from your new habits.

You can pause the process, start a new one, and create a fun digital forest from your progress. Create a simple schedule to practice your habit, and the app will notify you when you reach new heights.


It is yet another people’s favorite and well-known habit-tracking app. Streaks take a simple concept of encouraging you to stick to your goals and keep your daily streaks going. It sends you regular reminders and charts to help you visualize your progress.

You can always access charts and statistics to see how far you’ve managed to come. It is easy to get to your smartwatch so you can stay updated all the time.

Way of Life

Way of Life is a serious app to use when you are forming long-lasting habits. It can expand up to two years of continuous daily tracking of your routines. It helps you to stay updated on your goals, develops detailed statistics, and allows you to create an in-app journal.

Way of Life also allows you to create custom messages for your reminders to boost your morale during your journey. If you want a straightforward habit-building app, opt for Way of Life. With a Premium subscription, you can get an unlimited list of goals and more features.


You might know this app as a first choice for to-do apps. Yet, Todoist added a Karma feature to help you build new routines and stay true to them. It uses graphs and colorful statistics to help you estimate your progress.

With Todoist, you get two options for the price of one: a good To Do app and the opportunity to track and set goals. Over time, you can get access to more detailed statistics and see how you can improve your score.

How to successfully form a new habit

Creating new habits can be a bit tricky. It is often all about the commitment and mindset you put into it. Many people struggle with habits because of ADHD, while others just want to see instant results.

Here are some additional tips to make your habits stick:

  • Forget about perfection – Don’t push yourself to exceed in everything you practice. It is normal to forget things or make mistakes. At the end of the day, you get better at something when you practice daily.
  • The three to four weeks rule always works – It is scientifically proven that your habits form within this timespan. Once you get through the initial thirty days, you can make everything a part of your routine.
  • Start with baby steps – Don’t try to change your life drastically in one day. Start with small and simple steps for about thirty minutes every day.
  • Share your interest with a friend – When you are forming a new habit, it is much easier to stay motivated when you are practicing it with someone. Ask your friend if they want to start something new.
  • Use role models to stay motivated – Get your daily inspiration from people around you and successful people. Your role model can be anyone from your friends to famous people.

The bottom line

Starting something new can be exciting and scary at times. Yet, if you feel some challenge, it means you are on the right path. Adding new habits can bring you a lot of joy and new friendships along the way. Never give up even if you fail several times to become good at something.

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How to Add New Habits Into Your College Life With These 7 Apps

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