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If you are looking for all-in-one converter tools that can cater to all sorts of conversions and editions, then you are simply in the right place. In this brief write-up, we are going to tell you all about the best PDF converter tools that you can find on the web and use them via the website as well as on the application stores of different operating systems. 

There are more than hundreds of pdf converter tools available on the web, but not all of them are reliable and easy to use. Below we have shortlisted the top-notch converter tools available in 2023.

PDF Converter – Convert PDF to Word Document

The PDF converter app which belongs to CA apps is the first all-in-one converter Android app on our list today. This free pdf to word converter is ranked among the top utilities on the play store, and this is because of the many features. This pdf is a word application compatible with every device/operating system and is also famous for producing accurate results. This pdf file converter app has many sub-tools that can help you in different kinds of conversion. Some of the famous tools offered by this app are:

  • Lock PDF & Unlock PDF
  • Split PDF & Merge PDF
  • WaterMark PDF
  • Rotate PDF

Other than these sub tools this converter app can provide you with all kinds of conversion services including conversion of word to pdf and vice versa, conversion of JPG to PDF and vice versa, conversion of PPT to PDF and vice versa, conversion of text to zip and many other of the same sort. This online application can be used even by a non-specialist as it is quite simple and elegant in its working!


A user-friendly PDF editor is available from Canva that enables people to quickly and easily alter their PDF files. Users can easily alter text, photos, and other elements in their PDF files using this tool for editing. This PDF file editor offers a hassle-free alternative for changing information in a resume, adding captions to photographs, or making last-minute modifications to a presentation.

This capability is convenient for altering visuals in presentations, reports, or any other PDF document where images are important. Whether you’re a professional needing to make quick edits to a client’s PDF file or an individual looking to modify personal documents, Canva offers a comprehensive set of tools to meet your needs.

Wonder Share PDF Converter

This Wondershare PDF converter tool is another all-in-one converter tool that can work on all sorts of devices. This online PDF converter tool is an immensely powerful program that is famous because of its simplicity. This pdf converter is extremely easy to use, and if you need simple soup programs, then this is the right tool for you. Wondershare can easily convert your pdf files into all sorts of Microsoft Office formats and even into image ones. In the same way, you can also convert all office formats into pdf and that too for free.

The best thing about Wondershare is that it keeps intact the formatting and original style of the input version. Wondershare works in different languages, and so you can easily convert files that are not even in the English language.

Gorilla PDF

This all-in-one converter tool is best for editing, converting, and manipulating PDF files. This online tool is a new service if compared to others on this list. In a short amount of time, this online tool has gathered a huge fanbase. The working of this pdf converter tool is extremely easy, you don’t need to get any experience to run this program, nor do you have to register or sign up with this tool to get free services. Currently, this pdf converter tool is providing eight different conversion services including JPG, PNG, TXT, WORD, Excel, PPT to PDF and vice versa for all of them. You can also use this tool to protect and even unlock files. 


This pdf converter tool is another famous tool. The reason that this tool is known to be a famous one is just that it can easily work on any device and anywhere you want. This online tool is compatible with all sorts of devices and operating systems which makes it one of the most versatile tools available on the internet. Soda PDF can help you a lot in editing your pdf files, reading them, converting them, locking as well as unlocking them. You can even create a new PDF file without any complications with the soda pdf.

Converting files to pdf and from pdf is a cup of cake. The tool has the simplest interface which can even teach a non-specialist how to run this tool without being familiar with it. This online pdf converter tool also has special features such as management of colors, measurement of tools and blank page pdf creation!

Small PDF

The small pdf website is another online platform that can help you in creating pdf files. We want our readers to know that the soda pdf tool can help you read pdf files, convert them, edit them, and in many other aspects. You can easily add signatures on pdf files with this tool, you can lock them for security purposes, and you can also unlock secure pdf files with this website. The small pdf tool also has one of the best pdf compression features with the help of which you can easily reduce the size of a pdf file for free!

All of these all-in-one converter tools are reliable and easy to use. If you have pdf files that you have to edit, convert, compress, or manipulate in any other way, then these are the right platforms for you!

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All in One Free Online PDF Converter

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