errordomain=nscocoaerrordomain&errormessage=could not find the specified shortcut.&errorcode=4

errordomain=nscocoaerrordomain&errormessage=could not find the specified shortcut.&errorcode=4

If you ask any developer in this world, what is the most annoying part of being a developer 99% of them will have the same answer – “encountering errors in code”. It is indeed very difficult to find out which line of code is the cause of any error occurring out of probably thousands of lines of code.

Now, when any developer comes across an error, they are bound to go on the web and search for the reasons and the solutions for the error they encountered, which is what we are here for. One common error is errordomain=nscocoaerrordomain&errormessage=could not find the specified shortcut.&errorcode=4. Phew! That’s a loooooong sentence, right? Don’t worry, in this article, we are going to break down each keyword involved in this error code to understand what it is, identify the causes and also finally we’ll take a look at various solutions to solve this error on your system.

Breaking down the error

Before we start discussing the potential reasons for the cause of this error, we shall take a look at the error code itself and try to figure out what it is trying to convey to us using a bunch of words.



Let’s first take a look at this part of the error code. We get to see this error code when working on any of the Apple development frameworks, such as MacOS or iOS. Here the error domain part of the error code is trying to tell us what domain of our whole development tool did we get an error from. So the part errordomain=nscocoaerrordomain of the given error code essentially means that the error code is with reference to the Cocoa or Cocoa Touch frameworks of Apple.

This is how the error domain helped us to know explicitly which part of the system has been affected by whatever mistake we have committed. Now, what is Cocoa you might ask? Cocoa is a set of object-oriented programming frameworks used for developing applications on macOS. When an error occurs within the Cocoa or Cocoa Touch frameworks, an NSError object is typically created to encapsulate information about the error. 

errormessage=could not find the specified shortcut 

Now this part of the error code is quite self-explanatory. The error code is simply trying to tell you that whatever request you made could not be found or located. When encountering the error message “could not find the specified shortcut,” it suggests that the application or system you are using expected a particular shortcut to exist or be registered, but it was not found. 

The system ad the frameworks that we are working on indicates that a file or resource specified for reading could not be found at the specified location. 


All the errors for all developer tools are assigned error codes which are some numeric values which make it easy for developers to understand what specific category or type of error has occurred in the system. When you already know what type of error you are dealing with it gets easier to figure out the solution for it and get rid of the error. Each error code corresponds to a particular error scenario, allowing developers and users to understand and handle errors in a more systematic manner.

Now, here in our case, the meaning of the error code “4” is completely dependent on the software or system that we are currently working on. It can be observed that even the error message told us the same thing that we got to know by the error code. So it can be said that you either need to have the ability to comprehend the error message well or have full knowledge about various error codes so that you can understand the error occurring fully well. 


Another interesting thing to study about this particular error is the potential causes that might have resulted in its occurrence. It is well said that “precaution is better than cure”, so if we know the potential causes of this error’s occurrence we might just avoid those situations and the chances of us coming across this error will ultimately lessen. These are the reasons that might be responsible for the occurrence of the error errordomain=nscocoaerrordomain&errormessage=could not find the specified shortcut.&errorcode=4.

  1. Incorrect file path: The path you provided to access the file is incorrect or does not point to an existing file.
  2. File has been deleted or moved: The file was originally present but has since been deleted or moved to a different location.
  3. Permissions issue: You may not have the necessary permissions to access the file.
  4. File name or extension issue: The file name or extension may be misspelt or incorrect, resulting in the file not being found.


However, due to some reason, if you have been unable to avoid all of these circumstances stated above as the potential reason for the occurrence of the error errordomain=nscocoaerrordomain&errormessage=could not find the specified shortcut.&errorcode=4 then you’ll have to take a look at the solutions for this error and get rid of it to enjoy a hassle-free development experience. 

To resolve this issue, you can try the following steps:

  1. Verify the file path: Double-check that the file path you provided is accurate and points to the correct location.
  2. Check for file existence: Confirm that the file actually exists at the specified path.
  3. Verify file permissions: Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to access the file.
  4. Check for file name or extension errors: Review the file name and extension to make sure they are correct and match the actual file.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Apple development framework? 

An Apple development framework is a set of software tools, libraries, and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) provided by Apple Inc. to facilitate the development of applications for their platforms, such as macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

What is an application bug?

An application bug, also known as a software bug or programming bug, refers to an error, flaw, or unintended behaviour in a software application. It is a deviation from the expected or intended functionality of the application.

Does the error “could not find the specified shortcut” occurs only in the case of the Cocoa framework? 

No, the error message “could not find the specified shortcut” is not specific to the Cocoa framework. It is a generic error message that can occur in various software systems, depending on the context.

How to correct the extension errors?

To correct extension errors, you need to ensure that the file extension matches the actual file type or format. 

How to identify the correct file extension?

To identify the correct file extension, look into the file’s documentation or through other reliable sources.


We are very well aware of how frustrating errors can be in the middle of your developer journey. We have tried to keep this guide short and easy to understand, and we hope that you’ll be able to get rid of the error that’s been troubling you. All these complex errors are just yet another part of your development journey and are going to help you grow as a developer. Best of luck for your future development endeavours. 

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errordomain=nscocoaerrordomain&errormessage=could not find the specified shortcut.&errorcode=4

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