Best Launcher Apps for Android in 2021

Best Android Launchers

You can customize the layout of your phone’s home screen using the finest Android launchers. With launchers ranging from basic skins to those that throw an exploding rainbow of color on your mobile, you’ll discover an amazingly wide assortment of options for stamping your mark on the finest Android phones.

The finest Android launchers can completely transform the appearance and feel of your smartphone, from altering the icons and themes to adding new features like smart folders and search assistants. Although the appearance of Android changes year to year, there are several launchers available for your mobile.

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Launcher Apps For Android In 2021:

1. Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher is one of the first Android launcher applications, as well as the finest customization launcher app, to hit the app stores, and the Mobile application has since established a name for itself in the mobile market. Nova Launcher is recognized for its customizability capabilities, which include gesture support, application look and feel modification, Android icon pack compatibility, themes, and more. “Nova Launcher Prime has many skins in it. Though it comes at a price, but you can download Nova Launcher Prime Apk file for free.” Nova Launcher Prime, a $4.99 edition with more functionalities than the free download, is the way to go if you would like the most advanced features.

2. Microsoft Launcher:

Soft Launcher, one of the better Android home screen launcher apps, gives users a simple method to control their device’s contents. The Android Launcher software makes it more efficient with Cortana, which can check unread texts and emails, calendar changes, and more about the user, in addition to customizing the calendar to-do lists and Sticky Notes. People with a Microsoft account will appreciate the app since it gives them instant access to the files, calendars, and other recent activity. The Microsoft Launcher software synchronizes all of the user’s Windows systems and makes life easier.

3. Niagara Launcher:

Niagara is a minimalist Android launcher that puts your alerts front and center while minimizing unnecessary distractions. Spam and persistent alerts are automatically filtered out of notices that appear on your main screen. Your favorite apps are instantly surfaced in the app drawer, which also includes alphabetical shortcuts.

4. AIO Launcher:

Other launchers may provide decluttering aesthetic options, but AIO Launcher is all about squeezing as much information as can into your screen in a sparse style. The app shows you your most-used applications, as well as system statistics, recent calls, texts, and emails, as well as future calendar events and more.

5. Apex Launcher:

Apex Launcher is another great Android launcher that strikes a decent mix of features and performance. The option to adjust the home screen grid size, with up to nine displays, as well as a scrollable interface with up to five pages, are among the key features. Even more personalization is available thanks to infinite scrolling, transition animations, different folder styles, and multiple app dock styles.


The amount of downloads and customer feedback are used to compile a list of the best and newest Android launchers. If you want to give it a go, you may choose from any of the top launchers for Android applications based on their capabilities and features.

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Best Launcher Apps for Android in 2021

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