The Best IPMAT Coaching in India For Admission in IPM IIM Indore

Best IPMAT Coaching in India

If you wish to get admission in the prestigious IPM programme at IIM Indore, Rohtak, Ranchi, and other such IIMs, the first step would be to crack the IPMAT exam. The IPMAT exam is one of the toughest UG management entrance exams and requires much preparation. With over 30,000 applications and less than 600 seats available in total, students seek guidance and coaching from experienced institutes to get high scores in the IPMAT exam.

With that comes the dilemma, which is the best coaching for IPMAT that one should join? There are a gazillion options available, but all of them have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Many students who cannot crack the IPMAT exam are often the ones who end up joining coaching classes that do not suit their needs. This results in them paying huge fees and getting poor results at the end of it all. However, with proper guidance from an experienced IPMAT coach or faculty, one can quickly get high scores on this demanding test.

In this post, we’ll look at the characteristics of excellent coaching and what criteria to follow when selecting an IPMAT coaching institution. In the end, we’ll conclude with our top pick as vetted by our expert writers after consulting hundreds of current IPM students.

How to choose the best coaching for IPM IIM Indore

Proximity from your home

The best coaching for IPMAT could be the one that’s closest to your home. This helps in reducing the travel time and allows you to focus on studies 24X365. Many students who are enrolled with far away coaching classes end up paying massive amounts of money on commuting costs alone. For this reason, it makes sense to choose a good IPM coaching near to your place or, even better, online.

Online coaching is an excellent option for those who cannot find a good IPMAT coaching centre in their vicinity. There are many benefits associated with online coaching over offline. One significant advantage of online IPMAT coaching is that it’s much less expensive and more convenient than a traditional offline setup. You can learn at your own pace and get access to the best of resources at the comfort of your home.

Not a jack of all trades but master of one

One of the most important factors to consider while choosing a coaching institute for IPMAT is if it solely focuses on IPM and not every other entrance. However big or small, most institutes focus on multiple exams like CAT, CLAT, Banking, etc. IPMAT is distinctly different, and studying in the same batch as CLAT or CAT aspirants is not the best use of your time. Be wary of that.

An excellent coaching for IIM Indore’s IPM programme would be one that has experts focusing on just IPMAT and not every other exam. With such an intensive focus on IPM, you can be sure that they will help you address all your queries and doubts.

Driven IPM Faculty

The face behind the success of any good coaching institute is its faculty members. A good IPMAT coaching should have faculties that are experienced, educated and well placed. The faculty members are the ones who guide the students through their entire journey of preparation for this demanding exam. Their guidance is what helps students achieve high scores in the end. Oftentimes, the best faculties are reserved for the institute’s main centres; the quality could be wildly different in the local centres in non-metro cities.

IPM Specific Study Material

Study material plays a crucial role in your IPMAT preparation. A good institute should have well-laid study plans and the materials available for students to use while preparing for this exam. Make sure that the content they provide you with is specific to IPM. Following the study material, which was meant for basic BBA entrances or CAT, won’t work here. IPMAT as an exam is different and requires specialized material. Very few institutes take out the time to work on laser-focused IPMAT study material. Look for such institutes.


IPM as an option is lucrative but also very competitive. Many coaching institutes take advantage of this fear and overcharge students while setting false expectations. Remember, higher cost does not always equate to higher quality.

While you shouldn’t cut corners to save money, don’t forget about the inexpensive alternatives. You may discover many fantastic choices at reasonable costs while providing more value than their more expensive counterparts if you do your homework well. We’ll talk about one such institution in the latter part of this article.

An offline IPM coaching would set you back by around ₹50,000-₹75,000. Online coaching, on the contrary, would be in the range of ₹30,000-₹40,000.

Past Track Record

Last but certainly not least is the past track record of the respective institute. Have students from this institute been able to get final converts in previous years?

Remember that a good track record is not an indication of guaranteed success. However, it certainly gives you better chances while signing up with a new institution. This would be especially true if their records are consistent year after year. This will help you get the most out of your time and money while preparing for this exam.

AceIPM Cover

After all is said and done, there’s no such thing as the best coaching for IPMAT. What’s best for one student may not be the best for another. The best coaching for an individual depends on a vast range of factors. However, if we were to rate the top IPM coaching institutes available in India, we would have no choice but to rank AceIPM among them.

Best IPM Coaching – AceIPM

AceIPM LogoAceIPM is a result-oriented coaching institute that solely concentrates on management entrance exams like IPMAT and its other variants. This specialization has been established from day one as the venture is run by students who’re currently a part of IPM themselves. Despite being relatively new, they’ve garnered much name and fame in the IPMAT aspirants community. They have been producing excellent results from the first year itself. In fact, the institute has a conversion rate of around 10-15% (vs the national average of less than 0.6%) which is higher than any other coaching centre in India.

Features of AceIPM’s IPM Preparation Course

  1. True IPM-Focused Institute: As is evident from the name, this institute’s sole focus lies in IPM and nothing else. Their coaching classes are also run by current students, which makes their entire process a lot more efficient as they’ve been through a similar experience themselves not too long ago.
  2. Experienced IPM Faculty: The best faculty for this exam would be those who’ve earlier prepared for it themselves so that they can relate on a personal level to what you’re going through while preparing. Such relevant feedback from your mentors goes a very long way in helping you achieve better results during your prep time.
  3. Personal Mentorship:  All the students who are part of AceIPM’s preparation course get unrestricted access to current IPM students for personal guidance. Having an experienced AceMentor guiding you along can make sure that there are no loose ends in your preparations that may end up costing you heavily at the later stages of this exam.
  4. High-Quality IPMAT Study Material: They’ve put together the best study material specifically for this exam. While most other coaching institutes focus on creating generic study material for multiple entrances, AceIPM takes your IPM preparation way beyond that.
  5. Mock Tests That Are Replicas of The Actual Exam: The most valuable part of their entire coaching program is the set of mock tests they provide you with. These are essentially replicas of what your exam day will be like and help you develop a sense of this unique test pattern in advance. AceIPM claims to have the highest number of test-takers in its AceMocks series, which allows you to ascertain your national ranking.
  6. Interview Preparation:  With IPM being a relatively new course, AceIPM has exceptional expertise in this aspect as well. They believe in bringing out the best of all its students. Hence, they offer dedicated interview preparation support for shortlisted candidates. This helps ensure that you don’t end up making any mistakes during your final face-to-face interaction with the respective colleges.
  7. Highly Result Oriented: Again, AceIPM has established itself as one of the most result-oriented institutions across India when it comes to management entrance exams like IPMAT Indore and Rohtak, among others. Despite having a limited batch size, they managed to get more than 60 of their students to land an offer from the prestigious IPM programme of IIM Indore and Rohtak. 
  8. Affordable Price Tag: Compared to any other institute in India, their fee structure is surprisingly affordable for students looking at preparing themselves under budget constraints. This makes it easier for all kinds of aspirants – regardless of whether they’re from a metro city or not – to prepare without compromising quality, which very few others offer.

Free Counselling For IPM

As good as these features sound, AceIPM has one more ace up its sleeve. The organization offers free counselling sessions to IPM aspirants to help them better understand the IPM admission process and their course offerings. You can book a counselling session for yourself by clicking the button below:


IPM preparation is a crucial step towards your aim of making it to one of the most prestigious management colleges around. AceIPM’s credentials are unmatched by any other institute, and their pricing structure makes this process very affordable for students who can’t afford to spend much on preparation. So, if you’re looking for the best IPMAT coaching in India, AceIPM is your go-to destination.

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The Best IPMAT Coaching in India For Admission in IPM IIM Indore

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