6 Important Components of Software Localization 

6 Important Components of Software Localization 

Translation companies have to work a lot for the translation and to send the content for localization. Translation and localization are required for global expansion, and it requires top-notch services. The software needs to be assessed and analyzed through every part and also it is part of the process to create a good and pleasant user experience. Also, the abundant choices have made the customers and users intolerant, and they move on to the next choice quite soon. The localization of the website, product information, and content within the software with search engine optimization play a crucial role in the success. Ignoring even a single feature could worsen the whole process of localization. 

Therefore, it is vital to sort out the components and the aspects which require localization so that the whole process can be executed without much hassle.

6 Best Important Components of Software Localization 

6 Important Components of Software Localization 

  • Software Content

The content and text of the software are a primary part of the software localization services. To make the software user-friendly, it is important to make them understand the whole content of the software. Even a single language has multiple dialects and regional variants, so localization experts have to ensure that the language used in the localization is according to the requirements. Differences in grammar, spelling, or slang between different variants of language can affect it big time. Thus, the content of menus, buttons, and instructions is important to consider.

  • Information of Website

The website information is another integral part that should be considered a primary section to be localized, as this is going to be a significant part of using the website and downloading the software from the website. Though localization of the software helps users with the useable the customers can only make most of these when they are aware of the format and method to use these.

The key information to use on the website, such as name, description, help guide, and benefits, includes the marketing material. Therefore, the basic and significant information of the website, which the users and customers could require, should be primarily translated and localized.

  • Graphical Content

Software and app localization services are more about adapting and modification of the graphical content as it is of foremost importance to convey certain information and give users the know-how to use the software. In order to make the previews and tutorials visible on the website, it is important to ensure that the media that is being used is localized. The logo, colour scheme, and photos of the regions and cultural and religious beliefs should be adapted and modified accordingly to avoid controversies and conflicts. For instance, the Red Cross had to modify the Red Cross to the Red Crescent so that it would be accepted in Muslim countries.

  • Measurements, Currencies, and Addresses

Measurements, currencies and addresses are put on and written in different formats in different countries. This information is an important part of the software content. Whether it is software or a website, it is important to have separate sections. If the website or software is offering a marketplace, such as an e-commerce website, it is even vital to place this information in the right and balanced form. Customers can only be engaged and tempted to make a purchase. This is when you need to hire the services of a certified translation services agency in the US or anywhere else that has the expertise to translate official documents in an eCommerce website or portal for native language speakers in the most accurate manner when they understand all this content in their native language. Moving in and out of the app or software for the customers to analyze the price in their local currency can put them off, and they might switch to another e-commerce market. Therefore, all these factors should be considered by the localization experts.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The costs and expenses of advertisement and marketing are growing every day. Therefore, to make the most of this money, evaluating the organic reach through SEO should be prioritized. In order to target the fresh audience more effectively, it is important to do it with a better SEO strategy as targeting a new region and language particular research is important to be carried out. Once customers can find the software, only then can they rave about it in their social circle. Thus conducting a region-specific SEO campaign is inevitable to boost the page ranking and domain authority.

  • Legalities

Translating the app software and going for professional website localization services also require taking care of certain relevant legalities and court matters. While targeting a new region abiding by the local laws and regions is extremely important. The relevant authorities expect to ensure that the localized return, refund, and tax policies have been localized accordingly as per the defined rules and regulations. Overlooking legal matters can create legal troubles, and the companies often end up having court issues. Abiding by the consumer court of the new country and target audience as per their local rules should be the top priority while localizing the software. This is crucial to be taken care of to avoid questions at the successful launch of the products.


The process of localization is extremely challenging. However, planning things can save translation companies a lot of trouble. Companies and businesses should ensure that they understand the localization process themselves and also realize the most important aspects which require localization according to the preferences and choices of the target audience. 

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6 Important Components of Software Localization 

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