5 Features Of WhatsApp Spy Tools

5 Features Of WhatsApp Spy Tools

What’s up? Yes, WhatsApp is a play on those words. And since the inception of the internet in the 90s, it has become more challenging to utter those words to children with their heads bowed down on their phones. These days, they have become more challenging to connect to, and it seems their lives revolve around their mobile phones. As a parent, you would want them to be more social in real life, or as they would say IRL.

Today, there are about 17 social media sites, and one of the most popular is WhatsApp. The app took the world by storm in 2014 when Facebook acquired it for USD$16 billion. Since the founders launched it in 2009, it hasn’t stopped growing, and today it has about 2 billion users.

WhatsApp is popular with teenagers because, as a mobile messaging application, it offers a lot of features, including group messaging, voice and video calls, media, location, and document sharing.


With social media’s massive influence, children have become more glued to virtual reality than actual reality, which worries many parents. Today there are ways you can monitor your children’s activities on social media like WhatsApp and see if they’re up to something. Using a WhatsApp spy tool will give you peace of mind knowing there’s a way to track their activities without them knowing.

Here are some of the features of WhatsApp spy tools

1. Give You Access To Their Phone’s Address Book

You know that unscrupulous people like pedophiles on the internet hide their identities on aliases and pretend they’re teenagers too. They do their evil deeds by fooling teenagers with fake photos and names. Still, if you have their current phone numbers, you would have a better way of identifying their real identities and unmasking them before they can do any actual harm.

2. Read Conversations Without Them Knowing

When you see your daughter huddled in a corner and giggling like crazy, you know there’s something to what she’s reading that’s making her react that way, and you so badly want to know what it is first before violently reacting. You don’t want to make the mistake of embarrassing yourself for blowing up over an innocent text. Once you know whom she exchanges texts with, you’ll be able to talk to your preteen calmly and not make matters worse that could result in them not trusting you with sharing personal issues like boys. If the text was from a boy her age, then you may heave a sigh of relief and have a heart-to-heart conversation with your child about young love and its pitfalls.

3. Ability To Unlock Deleted Messages

This time, a WhatsApp spy tool will help uncover what messages were previously deleted. If you suspect that your spouse is engaged in an affair, you may use the tool to uncover deleted messages on his app. When people are up to no good, they don’t want to leave any evidence, so they delete the messages they sent or the entire conversation with another person. But this time, the app will expose their digital footprint without them ever knowing.

This kind of power could make one vulnerable to taking advantage of the information. But you must remember that just because you saw something fishy, you’ll take it at its face value. You still have to listen to your spouse’s side of the story, and maybe they have a reasonable explanation. What’s excellent about this spy tool is that you can figure out what’s best for your relationship and perhaps commit to doing something better to make it more meaningful and last longer, like what you promised in your vows.

4. See Their Exact Location And The Places They Visited

Knowing where your children exactly are will lessen your worry because when they say they are with friends and you see that they indeed are, you may focus on doing other things knowing that they’re with the right people or at least people you know. You may also track the places they frequently visit with their friends and see if there’s a need for you to get worked up.

5. See What’s Saved On Their Phone

With the WhatsApp spy tool, you can access your child’s digital library. See their photos, videos, documents, and everything they have shared with other people. What’s scary these days is those evil people who have malicious intent on children blackmail them to get them to send naked photos online. This kind of act damages a child forever. When this happens, they’ll be scarred for life, and knowing that you have some sense of control over it can make you sleep more soundly at night.


Monitoring children’s digital activities used to be impossible. Still, with a WhatsApp spy tool, you can innocently track your children’s or spouse’s activities without them knowing. It can be a great tool, but it has its downside. Well, suppose you use it responsibly and only with good intentions. In that case, you can discover many things that can be useful to protect your children and heal and improve relationships with your partner. How you use it would ultimately spell the tool’s success in your life.

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5 Features Of WhatsApp Spy Tools

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