The Best Way to Restrict PDF Files

The Best Way to Restrict PDF Files

PDF files are extensively used across companies, sectors, and professions. However, in several organizations, PDF files contain classified data that require stringent control so that they are not compromised or misused by users. Here is where PDF digital rights management [DRM] comes into play. Let’s look at how PDF DRM can secure your PDF files and ensure you have enforceable rights access controls, thus making it the best way to restrict PDF files.

Importance of Digital Rights Management

Sending a PDF file can be easy. However, the moment you hit the send button, you lose complete control of the file. With PDF DRM, you can control who has access to as well as what they can do with it.

PDF DRM systems specifically concentrate on technologies that empower you to control what the recipient of the file is doing with your content. In several cases, it could be based on copying, printing and editing protection that can ensure the recipient is able to access the PDF file but unable to use the content in any manner other than the purpose of reading it.

If you have sent a PDF file containing highly classified data, you can imagine having the relevance of PDF DRM protecting your data. It can prevent the unintended spread of data from a PDF document that could result in massive losses to your business. Furthermore, with PDF DRM, it becomes almost impossible for the viewer or recipient to borrow your document and share it. Hence, it makes complete and absolute sense to safeguard your PDF files with PDF DRM.

Most PDF protection systems on the market today say that they restrict PDF editing and printing.  In reality, however the passwords they use to enforce these restrictions can be easily removed using password recovery software. So make sure the PDF DRM system you choose to restrict PDF files does not rely on passwords for protection.

Who can use DRM

PDF DRM solutions are applicable for a wide range of businesses, clients and individuals. The software prevents illegal usage and distribution of content. So, for instance, if you are:

  • An e-book publisher. You can be ensured that no sharing of your ebooks or copying of content from your PDF document will be done through forums or file-sharing websites. PDF DRM will stringently safeguard your content. Similarly, suppose you are in the business of publishing training manuals, standards documents, medical data etc. In that case, PDF DRM can prevent your intellectual property within these files from being shared or sold illegally.
  • A financial professional. You know about compliance and strict guidelines focusing on data security in your company and industry. This is why you would be able to appreciate the many benefits of PDF DRM for your business. For example, there is a lot of classified data within earnings reports to due diligence reporting that can be highly profitable to individuals who have malicious intent. Keeping PDF files safe with PDF DRM software can protect your documents from being viewed by unauthorized parties and shared safely.
  • A corporation. Organizations can benefit from DRM to help control access to crucial company data needed for daily operations. For instance, if an employee leaves, DRM can revoke access to every piece of information regardless of the devices it is stored on. This can prevent any likelihood of data breaches or leakages that could potentially cost your organization a colossal sum of money and penalties, litigations and fines.
  • Healthcare industry. Assuming you are a medical scientist, doctor or healthcare professional who must send medical records internally or externally within your organization. In that case, you need to ensure a certain level of security that meets compliance for data protection. PDF DRM systems add that level of security to your PDF files and ensure that you comply with data distribution regulations.

Why PDF DRM is the best way to restrict PDF files

PDF DRM provides many benefits for restricting PDF access and use.

  • It prevents the sharing, printing and copying of your data.
  • It provides you with expiry controls so you can automatically expire PDF files after a time period.
  • It restricts the use of your PDF files to specific devices and locations.
  • PDF DRM protected PDF files can only be viewed by authorized individuals, thus rendering the document unable to view outside specific parties.
  • It prevents screen grabbing and adds dynamic watermarks to your content to identify the user.
  • It enables PDF tracking to identify any suspicious activity.  And if you spot any you can instantly revoke access.


PDF files are incredibly easy to share, just like any other digital document. However, with PDF DRM, you can be assured that your PDF files will never end up in the wrong hands. In addition, it offers you peace of mind knowing that your PDF files will not be susceptible to data breaches thanks to its stringent safeguards against the unintended spread of information. Understanding how PDF DRM can be a crucial step in protecting your PDF files can ensure the best for your business and offer you enhanced ability with less anxiety.

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The Best Way to Restrict PDF Files

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