What is the Best Virtual Phone Number Company?

What is the Best Virtual Phone Number Company

Only a lazy person has not heard about eSIM technology — an electronic SIM card that easily replaces the plastic version.

In addition, the virtual phone number with SMS has a number of advantages over a similar physical SIM card.

In the article, we will tell you what it is and choose the best virtual phone number company.

eSIM advantages

An electronic SIM card is an excellent solution for stable and inexpensive communication during trips. Outdoor enthusiasts, shift workers, bloggers and those who often spend time on business trips receive significant advantages when using an electronic SIM card:

  1. High level of security. The module cannot be removed and reinstalled in another phone to try to access the accounts and personal data of the owner;
  2. Availability of the use of the offers of local mobile operators on eSIM;
  3. The ability to simultaneously use an eSIM and a physical SIM card;
  4. Financial control. The mobile application allows you to clearly track the structure of expenses for communication services;
  5. Operational switching of tariffs. When changing the region of the current stay, it is enough to log in to the mobile application and choose the optimal tariff.

Many operators are calling to buy electronic SIM cards. To save money, it makes sense to contact a large company, which offers a virtual SIM card for free. The application can be made online on the website of the financial institution.

Going to a specific country, you can take advantage of a package offer from a mobile operator by easily connecting it in your eSIM profile. Moreover, the technology allows you to use several numbers on one electronic module with different tariffs, which is very convenient when cities or countries change frequently.

The best virtual phone number Company

The most popular service offering full unlimited Internet in more than 100 countries is eSIM Plus. In addition, the package of services can be expanded and the ability to make mobile calls and send SMS can be purchased. The cheapest tariff will cost 5 euros, and the most expensive 200 euros. They differ in the number of days of use and available countries.

Well-known DrimSIM users presented their eSIM with a flat tariff of 1 cent per megabyte, convenient for short trips to several countries. However, at the same time, the minimum amount of replenishment is a substantial 25 euros, and a five is charged for installing a virtual SIM card.

If you accidentally delete your virtual SIM card, create a new account and spend another five euros — an innovative, unique approach for the market. In addition, the author had DrimSIM in some countries (for example, Greece and the UK) and did not dare to connect to LTE, limiting myself to slower 3G.

For traditional beach trips to warm countries for a couple of weeks, it is worth looking for package options that apply to one country, but with a significant discount.

So Ubigi has separate tariffs for Spain and Greece, where 10 gigabytes are offered at once for $19 — in this case, you can not even disable a variety of automatic downloads of something to the cloud via LTE.

The tariffs for Italy and France are higher, but also not bad — $15 for 3 gigabytes. All these packages are valid for 30 days. Ubigi has a slightly crooked registration scheme: first you need to download the application to your phone, then send yourself a QR code to register eSIM from the website, install eSIM according to standard instructions, connect to the Internet through this connection, and only then open the application to register a new user and purchase a package.

If you need less Internet for the upcoming euro trip, but in several countries, Truphone offers a tariff of 5 euros for 1 gigabyte, also for as much as 30 days.

The tariff is valid in 34 European countries, and in some of them it represents the lowest cost of a gigabyte available to travelers. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, the Truphone application, from which you need to install the actual eSIM.

YESIM has packages of 500 MB for 4 euros (15 days), 1 gigabyte for 6 (30 days) or 3 for 16 (60 days) in most European countries. The special attraction of YESIM lies in the fact that not only Spain and Greece fall into this tariff, but also not to European Turkey. In addition, the 39 “preferential” countries with the above prices include Australia with New Zealand, China with Hong Kong, South Africa and Korea, Taiwan and even Ghana.

The YESIM app for iOS was released not so long ago, but the developers promise to add support for adding eSIM to it soon without fiddling with QR codes and paying in different currencies, as well as releasing a version for Android. The author tried roaming on a week-long trip around the UK.

The Thai “big three” in theory prescribe eSIM only to their monthly contractors. But everyone wants money, so the local “number one” AIS invented the SIM2Fly tourist card, which works in most countries of east and Southeast Asia, except for Thailand, Vietnam and Brunei proper (but there is Qatar and Australia!).

The card quickly had an eSIM incarnation, which is also sold through the website and is filled into the phone via a QR code. 5 gigabytes already cost $19 and are valid for the same 8 days, and after 5 gigs, the speed is simply cut to 128 kbit/s. The office also has smaller packages, starting from a gigabyte for $4 for two days.

India stands apart from Asian countries: two operators, Airtel and Reliance Jio, offer eSIM without restrictions on prepaid tariffs, where insane gigabytes of traffic cost mere pennies. But the former can only switch to eSIM from an existing physical card, and the latter offer to visit the operator’s store to install an eSIM.


eSIM technology is suitable for absolutely everyone: travelers and businessmen, ordinary users, and those who do not want to add their number when registering for various services.

Therefore, choose the best service right now and plan your vacation without roaming.

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What is the Best Virtual Phone Number Company?

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