Top 15 Best Alternatives of Wcofun


In this article, you will get a list of safe and working Wcofun alternatives that you can opt for to enjoy free cartoons, anime series, and movies.

What is Wcofun?

Wcofun offers a wide range of cartoons and anime titles that anyone can enjoy for free. You don’t have to create an account to gain access to its wide pool.

Wcofun is one of the official websites of WCO (Watch Cartoon Online), a popular platform that provides a wide range of cartoons and anime that you can watch in HD and high quality for free. Wcofun is a subdomain of WCO that focuses on anime streaming.

Wcofun also has some cartoons and movies available for streaming. Wcofun works as a streaming website that hosts videos from various sources on its servers.

What Happened to Wcofun?

Currently, the Wcofun platform is down, and you cannot access it through its official domain to enjoy free cartoons or anime. However, there are several alternatives available on the internet that you can use to enjoy an uninterrupted flow of enjoyment by watching free cartoons and anime titles.

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Best Alternatives to Wcofun

1. Gogoanime

Gogoanime is a safe and secure alternative to the Wcofun platform. You don’t have to pay any subscription fee or sign up with the Gogoanime platform to access the anime on the site.

You can open the site on any smart device with a good internet connection and enjoy your favorite titles anytime, anywhere. With the search facility, you can get any movie or show in an instant and watch it in the company of your family and friends.

2. 9anime

Next on the list is 9anime which comes with a simple yet engaging interface. There is a search facility that allows you to find any anime movie or show without any unnecessary trouble. The homepage features all the trending content of the day, week, and month.

There is no need for any registration to access the stock of the platform. Moreover, you can open the site on your mobile and enjoy the content anytime you want.

3. Anime owl

With a clean and clutter-free UI, Anime owl is one of the popular choices when it comes to watch free anime shows and movies. The platform features a massive database of the ongoing and completed gems of the anime world.

You can explore the pool to pick something randomly or search for something specific according to your mood. Anime owl has launched its Android app that you can download and enjoy entertaining stuff.

4. Animeheaven

As the name suggests, Animeheaven is like heaven for anime fans to enjoy both completed and ongoing titles of the anime world. You can safely open the site on your smart device with a stable internet connection and fetch any title.

You can get several shows of different genres on the platform to entertain your moods. Once you create an account with the site, you can track your progress and save your favorite ones easily.

5. AnimeKisa

AnimeKisa is another fantastic alternative to the Wcofun platform. The hottest ongoing titles are present on the homepage so that you can fetch them quickly and never miss out on any updated content.

You will get different pre-made lists for anime shows and movies. You can select any tab and explore the collection of the platform. On top of this, you can change the theme of AnimeKisa with a single click of your mouse.

6. Animenova

Animenova offers a complete alphabetical list to explore its massive heap of the anime world. There are different tabs for recent, ongoing, and completed anime on the platform.

There are different genres on the platform that you can use to funnel down your favorite shows and movies in a jiffy. On top of all this, you can search for any name through the search bar and enjoy them peacefully.

7. Animeland

Animeland comes with a massive collection of links to tons of anime movies and shows that you can use to watch and download the titles with ease. The interface is simple and easy to navigate for everyone.

You will get all the trending anime on the landing page. You don’t have to search the platform for the latest episodes and tune into the updated content in an instant.

8. Soulanime

Soulanime is a fantastic platform to get access to free anime shows and movies. You will get both ongoing and completed series on the platform.

The in-house team behind the platform makes sure that you get updated content regularly and maintains the servers to offer high speed while watching the content.

However, if you are a little confused about picking a title, the platform will give a random suggestion that you can watch and enjoy in your leisure time.

9. Animebee

Are you looking for a safe site to enjoy free anime shows and movies? There are several names on the internet, but they are packed with malware ads.

On the contrary, Animebee allows you to enjoy all the loved gems of the anime world without any threat to your data or privacy. You don’t have to go through any payment process to watch the content of the Animebee on your smart devices.

10. Masteranime

Want to enjoy anime shows and movies instantly without going through any registration process? Stop searching it here and there and opt for the Masteranime platform to tune into the dubbed and subbed versions of anime content for free.

You don’t need to go through any trouble with registration or payment. Just open the site on your device and enjoy the trending anime titles.

11. Animedao

When it comes to watching and enjoying ultra-HD anime content for free, Animedao names come at the top of the list. Once you log in with your credentials, you can make a list of your favorite shows and sync it on all your devices.

You can search for any anime show or movie through the search bar or explore the pre-defined tabs to pick something according to your mood.

12. Animepahe

Animepahe is home to tons of anime episodes and movies that you can enjoy in your leisure time for free. The UI of the website is simple yet interactive. There are zero unnecessary ads or pop-ups that will ruin your experience on the platform.

You get a search bar where you can search any title using the name or author of a specific choice. All the content of the platform is completely free.

13. Kisscartoon

Whether you want the latest episode of the ongoing series or want to tune into the upcoming list of titles, Kisscartoon will cater to all your entertainment needs. You can get titles of several genres in one place.

You can explore the extensive library of the site or search for a title according to your specific mood. You can watch and download all the famous cartoons and anime without spending any money from your pockets.

14. Wcoforever

Wcoforever is a similar site to Wcofun and serves as an exceptional alternative to the platform. You can tune into both ongoing and completed cartoons and anime series for free.

There is a dedicated section for the latest content on the site. The UI is user-friendly, so anyone can search for their favorite content and watch them in their leisure time.

15. Kuroanime

Kuroanime is a budget-friendly solution for all anime fans to enjoy free shows and movies on their smart devices. You can open the site on any device with good internet connectivity and enjoy the entertaining stuff peacefully. There is no need for any registration. Moreover, you can create an account to sync your progress across all your devices.

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Top 15 Best Alternatives of Wcofun

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