Quizizz has already become the first choice of half the academies in the U.S. and approximately 150 countries around the globe. This is gratitude to a very reflexive technique that seems incredible and brings out fun learning through quizzes.

We know that there is no age and no place for learning. We can learn physically by going somewhere or by staying at home with the help of our developing technologies. One such application that makes our learning more fun by summing up games is Quizizz, nourishing teaching, and learning enthusiasm.

This application was created with the help of instructors and scholars whose aim was to aid users from all its characteristics and can be utilized as the best option for those who are learning.

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Quizizz is a quiz tool on an online platform that conducts quizzes like a game concert which means that it enables you with a question-and-answer forum that works around all websites, browsers, and Chrome and on both iPhone and Android gadgets.

Considering it with the brain of a learner, this incredible app conducts learning with more pleasure by using game-based features and proficiency. Talking about teachers, there is a keeper of pre-built quizzes which allows them to create their options which means they can edit the options if they want.

For enabling this feature learners require an access code, they don’t require any proceedings like signing for an account which makes this feature easy to use for everyone. Considering the privacy issues, then all the personal details are kept protected.

It is an easy-to-use app as it provides a large database of quiz options for teachers which saves them both time and energy. As the quiz can be reworked, this enables more in-depth and personalized facts for learners.

Working Of Quizizz:

If you are a teacher, then you need to sign into the quizzes. For signing in, you need to enter the basic components that are needed and can proceed by manipulating a school-based email-id or using a Google or Microsoft account.

The extremely valuable specialty of this feature is that it delivers incredible characteristics across the likes of Edmodo, Google Classroom, and Remind. Once an account is signed in, teachers are allowed the feature to edit the quiz.

But you will find that a pre-created quiz can be proven correct for your requirement. If not then you can go for edit and create changes required by you. Developing a fresh quiz is also an alternative, which allows you to create a single and multi-select multiple-choice answer option as per your requirement.

Teachers are allowed to input questions and answers manually which is the flexible way to work, but this app allows you other certain media options like fixing pictures to questions, or as answer choices, and also allows teachers to provide feedback for learners.

Features Of Quizizz:

This app allows you with the feature to conduct a private quiz or as a class. Teachers are nourished with the facility to allocate personal quizzes based on the student’s personality, or can allocate quizzes to a group, and also can build a report of the performance of a class with a single topic assigned to the group.

The benefit of holding quizzes together in a class brings a sense of competition among students. To nourish the sense of competition among students, teachers are provided with the feature of enabling a leaderboard.

Apart from this, a feature of the timer to solve a question is also enabled to make students’ minds tricky and faster. After the quiz has been done, students are allowed to see the results which helps them to keep track of their performance.

If they are enjoying the quiz, they can replay the quiz. Additionally, parents can also keep track of the performance of their children as this feature allows teachers to send the report of a student’s performance through email to parents.

Expense Of the Quizizz

Quizizz enables you with the free feature at starting as it hides the cost at the homepage depending upon your work. After using the free feature of Quizizz, it provides you with a  $10 per-month plan and an annual plan of $96.

On purchasing the plan, you are enabled to use the Quizizz Super library of quizzes and the proficiency to develop infinite quizzes and assignments. Also, it provides you with an ad-free trait involving the theme of games, explanations of answers, interesting videos, and much more benefits.

Tricks Of Quizizz:

  • Pay moment on the hunt.

It’s crucial to pay a moment to hunting the required data as investing time in hunting can lead to organizing a great quiz, rather than wasting time in creating your own and searching more makes you proficient at using the platform.

  • Assess before

Make sure you commence your class by using a quiz as this will give you an idea of how students are learning an assignment or topic.  In this way, you will get to know how to instruct the topic both on a course and the way the teacher teaches a student.

  • Use parents.

With the feature of sending the consequences of students through emails to parents, you can better make sure that students are working or not. It is necessary as it makes students aware that they have another pack of gazes on their endeavours.


Quizizz is an effort towards a more cooperative, extensive, and immersing understanding of features. It is a useful feature for classrooms that are conducted with multiple students or batches.

Also, it is a fun way to shift the interest of students in their studies. Also, it makes the task of a teacher easier and more compatible and makes lessons for students easier to grasp. Also, it nourishes a student to perform better with a fun-loving method.

An ad-free platform helps students to retain faster and quicker making their memory sharper and wider. In this article, we have guided you through the interesting features of Quizizz. Hope this guide proves helpful to all your troubles.

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