What is IYKYK Meaning?

IYKYK meaning

The abbreviation iykyk meaning stands for the phrase if you know, you know. It is used after a statement or some form of content as a way of indicating that it is an inside joke or a reference to something only a select group of people know and understand. Abbreviation is the process of shortening something, usually a word or phrase, or the shortened version itself. “Mr.” is the abbreviation of “mister,”

NASA is the abbreviation of National Aeronautics and Space Administration, etc. (hey, that’s an abbreviation too). There are different types of abbreviations. Some are followed by a period (.) to show that the word has been shortened. Initialisms and acronyms like DNA, SAT, NATO, and SCOTUS, which are abbreviations that are formed from the first letters of a series of words, are written in all capitals.

This is usually done without providing any further explanation. The abbreviation iykyk meaning is typically used in texts and online posts, often as the hashtag #iykyk. Even though it’s abbreviated, it’s often read out as the full phrase. It may be used alongside inside jokes, innuendos, obscure references, memes, seemingly innocent photos, and many other types of content that are directed at people who understand the joke or reference being made.

Example: Atlanta Falcons fans still have 28-3 nightmares. #iykyk. IYKYK meaning is “if you know you know.” This acronym implies that a post or message will make sense to some people and make no sense to others. Often, the post will have some callback to a particular experience that will instantly stand out to those who are “in the know.” It can be written in both the uppercase IYKYK and the lowercase “iykyk.”

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IYKYK is often typed as a hashtag added to the caption of a picture or video, especially on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. For example, someone might post a video of themselves at a party with the caption, “Last night was crazy! #iykyk.” This implies that something specific happened at that gathering that only the people there will understand. IYKYK meaning is a bit like an “inside joke” or a way of referencing an inside joke without giving anything away.

To understand an inside joke, you have to be in on it. And to understand a post tagged with IYKYK, you either have to have been there, understand the context (like having a kid, for example), or share similar tastes in something (it could be food, music, clothes) in order to unlock the meaning behind the post.

Where Does IYKYK Come From?

Unlike many internet slang terms that we cover on this site, “IYKYK” is a recent invention. The acronym and phrase first appeared on Urban Dictionary in December of 2016, well into the social media age. It started appearing in social media posts earlier that year before becoming a popular acronym several years later.

One of the things that helped launch the acronym into the mainstream is a 2018 song by the American rapper Pusha T titled “If You Know You Know.” In 2020, IYKYK meaning became even more popular because of a rapidly growing TikTok hashtag, where users would make videos for specific audiences. The term peaked on Google Trends in early 2020.

The slang term IYKYK meaning is also heavily used in text messages and IM chats. The slang phrase is often used by teenagers and those in and around the 16-25. The popularity of the phrase, generally speaking, is born from the fact that it saves time writing out IF YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW – hence why, like LOL and IIRC, it is used in text messaging.

As people become more technologically savvy, new words and slang terms find a way into popular usage. With Twitter, for instance, you have things like DM which mean, “send me a DM” – where DM means Direct Message. Or, the phrase “selfie” which, of course, means to take a picture of yourself with your front-facing camera on your phone (although the first-ever selfie was taken almost 100 years ago).

With phones – or modern platforms like Twitter – phrases like “DM” and “selfie” simply wouldn’t exist. For this reason, oftentimes, slang terms and abbreviations are extensions of our increasingly connected and technological world. Their popularity and usage are a direct result of the nature of the world we live in, so do not expect them to go anywhere anytime soon.

Where is it used?

The abbreviation/hashtag iykyk is most commonly used in online posts, typically as a way to indicate that it is an inside joke or a reference to something that only certain people will know and understand. When someone uses IYKYK meaning on a more private feed, such as their Instagram stories, then they are likely hinting at a specific group of their friends and acquaintances. These posts are normally associated with a specific shared experience with other people. To put it simply, if you were there, you’d understand. If not, you wouldn’t.

How to Use IYKYK?

If you want to use IYKYK, make a social post with a subtle hint to an event, experience, or shared interest that not everyone shares. Don’t give away too much, or the post will cease to be a fun, inside reference between you and others.

Here are a few ways you can add IYKYK to your captions:

  • “This trip to Vegas was definitely special.
  • “When the season finale turns out crazier than you expected.
  • “Well, I’m never going on dating apps again.

IYKYK On Viral Posts

Most things that go viral on social media are global events. Everybody knows about them. But influencers often it to market products and services to specific niches of their following. In this sense, you can use IYKYK meaning as a marketing tool or to speak to certain groups of people.

For instance, if you bought a new pair of headphones. You can share a post with the tag IYKYK. This implies that people who recognize the brand and/or own a pair understand just how good they are. This approach also works with cars, places to eat, clothes, and pretty much every other consumable product on the planet.

IYKYK meme

IYKYK on Private Posts

If you’re following someone on Twitter or Instagram, for instance, and they post something, a picture or a tweet, and it is tagged with IYKYK, it will most certainly be of the inside joke variety, meaning you have to be there to understand what they’re talking about. Here are some common examples:

  • Went to Dave & Claire’s wedding.
  • Weekend in Liverpool with the lads.
  • Season Finale of The Expanse.
  • Listening to new Mastodon.

As you can see from the above examples, IYKYK meaning works in loads of different scenarios from TV shows to music and outings with your friends. The main thing with this abbreviation is that you don’t give anything away – it is designed to be cryptic. Also check out the meaning of wbu.

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What is IYKYK Meaning?

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