Is Valorant on Xbox?

Is Valorant on Xbox?

In this article, you will find out that Is Valorant on Xbox? Whenever a competitive game gets popular, one of the things fans ask the most is, “when is it coming to my platform?”.

In the case of Valorant, its players have been waiting years for news on Valorant mobile and any other cross-platform releases. So, as Valorant continues its third year as a major competitive game, fans are asking where they can play.

Xbox? Playstation? Mobile? We will explain whether you can play the game on your console and, if not, answer the question of when Valorant is coming to Xbox. As extras, we will look into the possibility of playing Valorant on Xbox game pass. So, sit back, and let’s get started!

Is Valorant on Xbox?

Valorant is not available on Xbox yet, it’s only available for PC. One reason for this is the anti-cheat system used in Valorant, which operates at the kernel level of a PC’s operating system.

Implementing this system on consoles with different architectures and security standards would be difficult. Another reason is that the design and gameplay of Valorant are greater, more accurate, and more flexible than the controllers usually used on Xbox.

The mouse and keyboard controls of Valorant are more precise and could compromise the core mechanics of consoles when converting the gameplay experience.

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When Will Valorant Come to Xbox? Is Valorant on Xbox?

Valorant may be coming to Xbox soon. Is Valorant on Xbox? Although Riot Games has not yet announced the official release date, some facts indicate it is close.

For example, the fact that Riot Games partnered with Microsoft for Xbox Game Pass, providing unique prizes and perks to subscribers.

In addition, in February 2022, Riot Games advertised a job listing for senior game developers to work on a console version of Valorant. Also, data miners have found codes and files that suggest a potential release on consoles in the future.

What platforms is Valorant on? Is Valorant on Xbox?

Currently, despite promises to expand to different platforms, Valorant remains exclusive to PC. Riot Games has stated its intentions to add Valorant to other platforms like Xbox, Playstation, and mobile, but so far, the game has not been ported to any of the three.

In fact, in a confusing move in 2022, Valorant was added to the Xbox Game Pass lineup. However, it wasn’t Valorant for the Xbox. It was still a PC Valorant only.

With the Xbox Game Pass, Valorant fans got all current agents, access to each new agent, and 20% boost to Valorant Battle Pass, Event pass, and Agent Contract progress. However, that still all applies to Valorant on PC.

As far as Riot Games’ official statements, Valorant on Xbox is coming. The exact date for when that might be, though, remains a mystery. You can play Valorant on Xbox Game Pass if you have an Xbox Game Pass membership.

The membership lets you access all Valorant agents and League of Legends champions. In addition, you can unlock champions and Agents, gain XP boots, and more.

While there are other tiers to choose from, the subscription that lets you get all of Valorant’s perks is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. For as little as $1 for the first month and then $16 per month after that, you can get the package and enjoy your gaming experience.

When will Valorant mobile be available? Is Valorant on Xbox?

Since Valorant’s release in 2020, Valorant mobile has been in limbo. In June of 2021, Riot Games announced its interest in getting Valorant mobile released in early 2022.

Then, there were rumors of upcoming beta-testing in late 2022. Now, in 2023, Valorant Mobile News mocked a fan trying to leak Valorant mobile updates for April 2023.

Despite Riot Games’ constant claim that Valorant mobile will be “coming soon”, it has been a few years now. While the mobile version of this popular free-to-play shooter is likely inevitable, no one should hold their breath on when it might release.

Until Riot Games reveals an official release date, Is Valorant on Xbox, even their own “2022/2023” voguisms should be seen as hopeful goals, not real release news.

How to Play Valorant on Xbox Game Pass? Is Valorant on Xbox?

To play Valorant on Xbox Game Pass, Is Valorant on Xbox, you need to link your Riot account with your Xbox account. This allows you to get all the Game Pass benefits.

However, these benefits are only available in countries where Xbox Game Pass is supported. Furthermore, some regions may get these games later than others. Here is how to play Valorant on an Xbox game pass:

Step 1: Open Riot’s “Official Website” on Your PC

Step 2: Click the “Sign in With Xbox” Option

Link Xbox Profile Play Valorant on Xbox Game Pass

Step 3: Log in With Your “Microsoft Account”

Riot Games will ask you to connect both accounts.

Step 4: Press “Yes” to Link Both Accounts

Press Yes to Play Valorant on Xbox Game Pass.

Step 5: Log in With Your “Riot Account”

Will Valorant be cross played? Is Valorant on Xbox?

Given Riot Games stance on League of Legends crossplay, the likely answer is no. They currently host League of Legends on mobile and PC but do not have competitive cosplay.

They have too many concerns about the competitive difference between the different platforms. Similarly, once Valorant is on different platforms, it’s likely the game will not be cross-platform.

If it is, though, Valorant will likely only be crossplay between Xbox and Playstation (both controller consoles) and perhaps PC. There will likely never be crossplay between the other three consoles and Valorant mobile.

Why is porting Valorant to consoles taking so long? Is Valorant on Xbox?

Whenever asked about the delays in Valorant mobile and other platforms, Riot Games’ official statement is always that they want to take their time to get it right.

While Valorant fans prefer a working game, the delays are reaching a point where no one knows when the game will come to mobile, Xbox, or Playstation.

If Valorant stays on PC for a while longer, you’ll just have to get better at the PC version over your preferred console. They should give you more than enough information to improve your Valorant gameplay.

If you want assistance to know all there is about your stats and the stats of every agent, check out Tracker Network’s Valorant Insights as well as type your name into Tracker Network’s Valorant Stat Tracker.

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Is Valorant on Xbox?

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