How to Choose Online Resources That’ll Save Students Time and Make Money

How to Choose Online Resources That’ll Save Students Time and Make Money

Probably every student knows what it feels like to have too much on their plate to keep up with everything. Lectures, exams, extracurriculars, and loads of homework leave students with barely any time for themselves. Given that, there’s no wonder why all students are constantly seeking ways to save time and reduce the load.

The good news is that it’s possible today! Thanks to the Internet and other technologies, modern students have access to a wealth of handy tools and resources that can make their lives simpler and save them lots of time. In this article, we will tell you about the top nine online resources that will change your life in college forever!


Academic papers and homework take most of the students’ days. Therefore, if you seek ways to offload your schedule, delegating your tasks is the best option. So the first handy resource is WritePaper. It’s a place where a student can just say, “I need to write a paper for me,” and get professional help from writers with MA and Ph.D. degrees. It’s a platform that will make you achieve greater academic success with less effort. Without any doubt, WritePaper is something every student needs to have at hand.


Another thing that can take a lot of your energy is taking notes during classes, so the next tool on our list is Evernote. It is a digital note-taking application that allows students to create and organize notes, to-do lists, and reminders. It makes note-taking incredibly simple and intuitive. It also has a web clipper that lets users save articles and web pages for later reference.

Google Scholar

When working on your papers or college projects, you likely spend a lot of time on research. In most cases, this is the hardest part of the task because finding reliable and relevant sources is never easy. But not with Google Scholar. This online resource is a search engine that specifically searches for scholarly literature, including articles, theses, books, and conference papers. It helps students find plenty of trusted, up-to-date, and academic sources within several clicks, making your research easier.


You probably heard about the next tool. Grammarly is a free online writing assistant that can be used either from the browser or as an app on your devices. It checks different kinds of texts for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. It also offers suggestions for improving writing style and tone. And it offers even more features in its paid version. Using this resource will help you speed up the proofreading and editing process for your assignments and thus will give you more free time for other things that matter. You can start your own blog and run it, but for that you must look for web design and development company like to create your blog.



We’ve already talked about the challenges associated with research and how much effort it can take to handle yours. So the next handy tool we want to share with you is Zotero, and it’s also meant for research assistance. In a nutshell, Zotero is a free reference manager that helps students collect, organize, and cite sources for their research papers. It also has a browser extension that allows users to save the liked articles and web pages with one click.


Whether you are writing a simple essay or a dissertation, another task that takes plenty of time is citing resources for your bibliography page. This task is incredibly boring. Yet, it’s there, and you have to accomplish it to get a high grade for your work. Luckily, there is a smart tool called EasyBib. It’s a free bibliography generator that lets you create citations for any book, article, video, or any other content in just a few seconds. With its help, you will forget about spending hours looking for the right bibliographical data and organizing your citations according to all the rules.

Wolfram Alpha

The next resource on our list will be especially handy for math students. Wolfram Alpha is a computational search engine that can solve math and science problems, generate visualizations, and provide answers to factual questions. With this tool, you can easily handle your assignments for mathematics, algebra, calculus & analysis, etc. At the same time, though it was primarily designed for math purposes, Wolfram Alpha can also answer factual questions on many other disciplines, including science, technology, society, culture, health, finance, and many others.


Flashcards have always been known for having plenty of benefits in terms of education. Studies confirm that learning via flashcards stimulates your memory and helps you create stronger connections to studied material. Knowing this, many students use flashcards for studying. But they often make their own flashcards, which is quite time-consuming. To make the process simpler and faster, you need Quizlet. It is an online platform that allows students to create and study flashcards and practice tests for a variety of subjects. What’s more, this platform also has a large collection of pre-made study sets created by other users, which lets you study without wasting additional time.

Dragon Dictation

Finally, the last one on our list is Dragon Dictation. It is a speech-recognition tool that can take your note-taking, brainstorming, and many other tasks to the next level. Basically, this tool enables you to transform speech into typed text. For example, you can use Dragon Dictation to take quick notes during lectures. Or you can use it to save your ideas during the brainstorming session. You can find even more applications for this great tool. And in any case, it will definitely make your life simpler.

The Bottom Line

Studying in college often takes nearly 100% of students’ time. It requires significant commitment and diligence to achieve academic excellence. Luckily, these days, there are many ways to simplify your everyday life and save plenty of time.

Using these resources can change your life for the better. Now you know about some of the major must-haves. So be sure to use the resources from this article for your benefit too!

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How to Choose Online Resources That’ll Save Students Time and Make Money

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