Who Owns Kidz Bop – Overview and Members

Who Owns Kidz Bop

Today’s generation is much more active with technological stuff, whether it’s playing games or watching binge-shows online. Apart from watching, they are also curious to know what the particular stuff is all about or who owns kidz bop, or what the purpose of the show is and many more queries are shuffling in their mind. This article is all about solving the jigsaw puzzle occurring in the mind of today’s technological bees.

Overview Of Kidz Bop

Talking about Kidz Bop is a youtube channel supplying kid-friendly tunes for 22 years. It is a group of children from the United States performing on kid-friendly covers of popular tunes. This group comprises young masters who are gifted performers. This American band is much more in sensation as people are developing a high interest in knowing who owns Kidz Bop. The theory of Kidz Bop is quite amazing and different as it produces pop songs and related media based on Kids’ themes.

Kidz Bop Spotlight

Since its creation in 2001, the group has achieved tremendous success. The musical brand seeks young dancers and singers aged between 9-12 years. The group has grown to include merchandise, video clips, live touring and talent competitions. Their main aim is to make child-friendly versions of popular songs so that children can enjoy them regardless of the lyrics. This musical brand had 24 Top 10 debuts on the Billboard 200 Chart and recordings in five different languages.

Founder Of Kidz Bop

After multiple searches, the data says that Kidz Bop is now owned by Concord Bicycle Music but was developed by Cliff Chenfeld and Craig Balsam, the founders of the entertainment company Razor & Tie. Concord Music is a worldwide music company that creates musicals, biographies, animated feature films, documentaries, and contemporary covers. The headquarter of the leading music company is in Nashville, the United States of America, and has offices in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, and New York.

Apart from this, its stuff is regulated and popular in various subcontinents. Concord Music Publishing owns more than 600,000 copyrighted works by artists around the globe. Children’s Music has sold more than 22.5 million albums and generated more than 6.5 billion hits since its inception in 2001. The president of Kidz Bop is Sasha Junk. She joined the company in July 2009 and also had an experience as an SVP marketing for Kidz Bop for eleven years after which she was promoted to president in April 2020.

Members Of Kidz Bop

As said, it is a group of child performers. Members of the group are:

  • Cooper Hounshell
  • Sierra Gracelyn Brogmus
  •  Olivia King
  •  Julianna Revilla
  •  Isaiah Morgana
  • Shane Davis
  • Freddy Pomee
  • Ahnya O’Riordan

Some recent members were included in the group in the year 2021 whose names are – Adie, Tafari, Chanel, and Toby.

The band surprised fans in 2009 after Zendeya was featured in one of their clips covering the success of Katy Perry’s Hot n Cold.

Is Elise Ecklund the CEO of Kidz Bop?

Rumours spread saying Elise Ecklund was the CEO of Kidz Bop. She has almost 2.2 million subscribers on Youtube. She began her channel in 2015 and her first video was a guitar tutorial for Troye Sivan Youth’s song. Elise shares new clips every week to gain more viewership and popularity and enhance her fame. Once she posted a video of herself searching the bar, “Who owns Kidz Bop”, the screenshot of the final product got viral and mistakenly she was misunderstood as the owner of Kidz Bop. Contrary to this she stated that “I don’t know who did this but if you search who owns Kidz Bop, my name comes up as the owner.”

Further, she added that while it was just a joke that she is the CEO of Kidz Bop, she is scared of taking this joke too long. She added that she was scared that Kidz Bop would now file a case against her. The video has been viewed more than 40,000 times and received 4,000 likes at 6:30 a.m. Eastern Time on June 6. However, Ecklund has been found not to own the musical brand and does not appear to have any affiliation with the band. So, no Evidence was found why she was mistakenly considered the CEO, but the problem has been fixed.

Do Kidz Bop artists get paid?

The financial reports seem confidential regarding the stipend of the artists of Kidz Bop but the estimations have been made public which say the salary of the artists would be around $68.4k and $95.5k annually.

Perks Of Listening To Kidz Bop Music

  • The most advantageous feature is that music is composed with keeping kids in mind which means the songs don’t have adult themes.
  • The music is also cheerful and fun, making it an excellent way to get kids moving and dancing.
  • Moreover, KidzBop music is an excellent way to introduce children to new artists and styles of music.


Kidz Bop features children’s songs on popular streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. Hence, it continues to be one of the most popular children’s music brands in history. It has covered a long journey through its uniqueness, creativity in its album, conducting live tours and concerts, and offering multiple albums. The franchise has also introduced children around the globe to an enormous range of musical genres and artists, and its covers have often become more popular than the original songs. Over the past few years, Kidz Bop has also extended its reach beyond music, with the launch of its range of clothing and other products.

We can say that Kidz Bop is a music brand that is beloved by children as well as parents. As long as families are searching for fun and secure entertainment options for kiddies, Kidz Bop is expected to be the most secure and fun-loving website for years to come. The brand remains a powerful force in the music industry and indicates no symptoms of downfall. With its growth and evolution, it seems interesting to keep an eye on how Kidz Bop continues to shape its peak by entertaining the minds of kids.

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Who Owns Kidz Bop – Overview and Members

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