What is Rabb.it and What Happened to the Platform?

Why is Rabb.it Shut Down

Many people are asking about Rabb.it on Google because of their outstanding services. But now they are not providing any services at all, or we can say that Rabb.it is dead. Let us know what is Rabb.it and what happened to the platform.

What is Rabb.it?

Rabb.it is an online video streaming website, where users can come and watch their favourite videos. It is a US-based platform that was launched in 2014. Users can watch the videos by browsing in real-time. Users can watch the videos on the website and the application also. There are various categories of videos that you watch with your family and friends.

Here a user will create a room private or public where a private network is always for the specific people, and a public network is for everyone. The users can come and join the network and can watch the video that a host is streaming.

The most fantastic thing on this platform is that you can also chat with random people and can also share the moments about the video. Rabb.it is not just a video streaming platform, here you can also make friends and can talk with them through voice calls.

To enjoy all the services like sending photos and doing voice calls, there should be a good internet speed so that you can enjoy their unlimited services without any buffering issues. When the platform was active, 3.6 million people were active in a month. But people are still wondering why is Rabb.it down and what happened to the platform. There could be several reasons, let us know why Rabb.it shut down.

What happened to the Rabb.it platform?

The platform was running very smoothly, without any issues and was receiving millions of traffic monthly from active users. Then what happened to the platform, a very common question asked on Google because there were 300 employees already working on this platform, then what happened, why it shut down?

The main reason behind shut down is non-availability of funds. The owner has no funds to run the company, and we all know that a business requires a huge amount of investment to run and Rabb.it has no investors who can invest on their platform.

After getting no investors, the owner decided to charge some amount for their services. All the users liked their services, but they didn’t want to pay money for using their services, and that’s why their planning failed. Still, they have the option to get the sponsors, but the sponsors believe that the content Rabb.it is providing is steeled from somewhere. They had tried to convince the sponsor, but it didn’t result positively.

Then due to lack of funds, the CEO decided to shut down the platform and had given all of their assets and patents to other streaming service providers. Rabb.it was shut down on 31st July 2019.

Final Words:

So this is the complete information about Rabb.it and the reason for their closing. It was a quite tough decision to shut down the business, but no business can run for a long time without profits.

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What is Rabb.it and What Happened to the Platform?

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