Six Ways You Can Learn Japanese Online

Ways to Learn Japanese Language

Nowadays, people can learn various skills online and languages too. Enhancements in today’s technological world have made things easier. Not only students, anyone can learn any language online like Japanese, and it may be for any purpose like self-interest, commercial purpose, educational purpose, etc.

There are various rumours regarding that; it is hard to learn Japanese or any other languages online. Apparently, that’s not the truth. It depends on person to person and their potential, understanding level, and most importantly, through which medium they learn. If you’re dedicated enough, then the only thing you need is the right way to learn it.

Stated below are some of the most effective and exciting ways to learn the Japanese language online.

Justlearn is definitely one of the finest platforms on which you can get personal teachings for the Japanese language from professionals. Not only Japanese tutor, but there are also a ton of languages available which you can learn there. You can set a schedule with the tutor according to your timetable and learn Japanese or any other language at your pace and just by sitting at your house without the need of going anywhere. Personal teaching is also a lot more effective as it gives you personal attention and focuses only on you, unlike classes having a bunch of people. If you’ve made up your mind and are committed enough, then Just learn is the perfect match for you.

Watching Movies/Series

Well yes! You read it right. Watching movies and tv series can also help you learn Japanese. It is one of the interesting ways to learn Japanese. While watching, you are visually aware of the context, and reading the subtitles while watching will help you understand the scene better and your brain to register it. While learning this problem occurs many times that you forget the meaning of the words. However, this method will help you in understanding it better and in keeping it in mind for a more extended period.


Even if you know a little bit of Japanese try reading short articles, news, templates, short stories, blogs, etc. Note down meanings of words. This will increase your Japanese vocabulary skills. Start from short passages then slowly and steadily keep on increasing the quantity. It will not only improve your language skills, but it will also increase your knowledge regarding the events or the stuff that you read. Reading will surely help you in improving your vocabulary; however, you should note down the words and their meaning; otherwise, you’ll forget those after some days.

Listen to Japanese Podcasts

Meanwhile in your free-time listen to Japanese podcasts. Listening to podcasts really helps in better understanding. Also, your listening skills enhance, and it helps you comprehend different accents too. You can find a lot of Japanese podcasts online. You can make them a part of your daily schedule and listen to a specific number of podcasts while travelling, doing certain chores, relaxing, etc.

Join Japanese Groups

You can join various groups where people speak Japanese. The groups may be online and offline too. Make friends with people who speak Japanese language and try communicating in Japanese with them, tell them to help you improve (they definitely will). Keep a note whenever they correct you.

Practice Speaking

Practice speaking Japanese with a friend of yours who is familiar with the language. You can also practice speaking in front of the mirror. For a fun twist, you can try singing Japanese songs with your friends. Speaking will improve your fluency and will develop confidence among yourself. There are various songs available online, just pick the one you like and go with it.

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Six Ways You Can Learn Japanese Online

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