OGWhatsApp – The Best Alternative of WhatsApp


WhatsApp is by far the most popular messaging app in the world. It boasts over 500 million monthly users and for some of us, it is almost an invaluable part of our life.

It is the most common platform for news distribution for activities, keeping in touch with people in groups, and most importantly texting.

Over the years it has grown to a massive degree but still lacks a couple of advanced features that its users really desire. That’s why a number of Mods have come up during recent times.

OGWhatsapp is one of our favorites among them. It is the best alternative to WhatsApp with a ton of more features.

It brings all of the features that we really needed even though we didn’t know.

Some of the most notable features of OGWhatsapp are :

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Group features :

1) You must’ve been annoyed with the 256 group member limit of WhatsApp if you were organizing an event and you had to make separate groups and send the same information again and again which might lead to confusion or missing something.

OGWhatsapp makes you bypass the group me member limit and you can more people as you desire.

2) You can also engage in a group video call with a greater number of people.

Double account:

With OGWhatsapp you can run WhatsApp with two numbers on a single device. This can prove really efficient if you had to carry your work phone and personal phone and one of them dies.


  1. OGWhatsapp also lets you change the appearance of your WhatsApp to a much greater extent.
  2. You get thousands of more variants for chat wallpapers and you can also change the home screen which has practically been the same since the start.
  3. OGWhatsapp offers you thousands of different themes and fonts which you can apply by simply downloading the app.

Privacy features :

Perhaps this is the most important to almost every one of us.

You can become a ghost with OGWhatsapp and move way past the privacy of the original app.

  1. You can prevent your grey ticks from turning blue even if you read the chats.
  2. You can stop the other person from getting two ticks even after you receive the message.
  3. You can disable your own last seen but can still see the last seen of other people.
  4. Further, you can also hide your ‘typing’ and ‘online’ status with the help of OGWhatsapp.

Media features :

WhatsApp imposes a pretty annoying limit of sending only 30 photos at one time and you have to remember the last photo you sent to forward an album to someone and select them again and again.

  1. With OGWhatsapp you can send over 100 photos and videos at once without any reduction in quality at all.
  2. OGWhatsapp even lets you bypass the video size limit and you can send much bigger videos.

Other best alternatives to Whatsapp in 2023

1. Telegram

This is the best WhatsApp alternative after OGWhatsapp. For a very long time, Telegram is know to provide all the features that WhatsApp provides. Along with them, other additional services like channels are also provided by Telegram. This is an open-source messaging app available for all and for free.

2. Signal

This messaging app provided by Signal Foundation has the ultimate power of end-to-end encryption technology. You can find the same technology in Facebook messenger and WhatsApp messenger.

3. Discord

When you hear the word “Discord” you may only associate it with gaming. However, you can use it to chat with your fellow game-mates as well as others. You can look for various Discord servers to find your interest. Moreover, its dm function allows you to chat endlessly with anyone.

4. Snapchat

Although Snapchat is not a pure messaging app, you can still use it for messaging your fellow friends. There are a few unique features that allow you to have fun while chatting.



This was a short summary of OGWhatsapp and one of its many features.

We hope that you download this mod and enjoy all the benefits and advantages over the ordinary app.

We hope that you achieve a better texting experience after this.

Thanks for Reading :)

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OGWhatsApp – The Best Alternative of WhatsApp

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