Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max Worth Buying for Girls in 2022

Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max Worth Buying for Girls in 2022

Apple released iPhone 11 Pro Max in late 2019. It is neither the latest of Apple’s generation nor is the most powerful one, but we have many reasons why it is worth considering in 2022.

Girls, if you’re upgrading to a new iPhone from Android versions, you will surely like iPhone 11 Pro Max. We know Apple is a luxe brand, and why not avail discounts, right. If you already have a Pro Max, do check exclusive iPhone 11 Pro Max cases for girls on

Let us freshen you up with some details about iPhone 11 Pro Max, and it got an improved processor and battery life. Apple amuse us every time with new launches, and that’s their USB to improve, improve and improve for better smartphones. Well, this time, they included a Night Mode feature in-camera for night steady captures even in dim lights. That is why we call it an all-rounder in the iPhone series.

So, is it worth buying in 2022?

Let us know why the iPhone Pro Max is worth buying by checking out the specs it offers.

Design, Size, and Durability:

  • 5in Super Retina OLED, True Tone, Haptic Touch, 2688*1242 pixels, 800 nits
  • 158*77.8*8.1mm, 226gms, Triple Camera, Stainless Steel

Apple completely overhauled the way the display looks with iPhone 12 series. Its flat edges and stylish frame steals the show completely. It has gained 0.3 inches of thickness which looks taller and broader. The iPhone 12 Pro Max glances good but is difficult to hold or stuff in the pocket, especially if you are wearing a tight dress. Even carrying a wallet along with a phone is a tough task.

On the contrary, iPhone 11 Pro Max is a standard phone with an apt size and curved edges that is easy to hold and carry. As per my opinion, iPhone 11 Pro Max has a practical size that you can party easily with that phone in your jeans pocket. If you love big-size phones, then you have a 12 series phone.

Battery Life:

Yep, this is one of the best iPhones I have ever had. Its battery lasts more than a day without charging. It provides 5 hours more battery backup than iPhone XS Max is a huge difference.

You will not need sneaky charging at the office or home. It stays more than an hour in Low Power Mode without turning down the brightness. Even in heavy use, it does not drop even 50%. So, this owes a big thumbs up!


  • 4 GB
  • Apple A13 Bionic
  • iOS 14

The iPhone 11 Pro Max runs an iOS 13 but updates iOS 14 and 15.

iOS 15 has a FaceTime feature with autofocus for better audio and video. 3D audio sounds terrific. It has a voice isolation feature that focuses on your voice and cancels background noises.

There is a SharePlay to share music, videos, and movies alongside. Messages also show improvements. The Face ID is a significant improvement.



iPhone 11 Pro


Screen Size


6.5in XDR Super Retina OLED


Screen Resolution


2688*242 pixels
Battery Life Hours Without Charging


20 hours


Wide 12MP, 12 MP Ultra-wide, 12MP Telephoto
Video Resolution


Operating System


iOS 14


Apple A13 Bionic


4 GB


87, 900INR for 64 GB variant
Network Support


All carriers
Water resistance


IP 68 (4mtrs up to 30 minutes)
Fingerprint Sensor



No, Only FaceID
Front Facing Camera


2 MP with Face ID


Bluetooth 5.0


64GB, 128GB, 256 GB


Gold, Space Grey, Silver, Midnight Green


  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: Triple camera Wide-lens 12MP, 12 MP Ultra-wide lens, 12MP Telephoto lens
  • Video: 4k @ 60fps

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is better than the previous 11 series. It has a triple camera, unlike iPhone 11 with a dual camera. The triple rear camera sits around the glass square that looks ravishing. It has three prominent holes that feature a normal wide-angle lens, ultra-wide lens, and telephoto lens.

The telephoto lens lets you zoom in 2* more to the object, and the ultra-wide lens allows you to capture a moment in one frame. It is good for a big gatherings photoshoot or an animal safari, where you want to get it at once.

All three cameras are standard and offer great resolutions. This time Apple has improved the video quality. It records video at 4k in 60 frames per second. That means you get buttery smooth footage that is quick and worthy.

Additionally, iPhone 11 Pro Max Night Mode is truly impressive. It captures vibrant pictures in low lights that turn night into day via the advanced processing image feature.

Price and Colors:

  • 87,900INR for 64 GB variant
  • Color variants: Gold, Space Grey, Silver, Midnight Green

The Pro Max comes in 3 variants 64GB, 218GB, and 256GB. It starts with a pricing of 87,900INR for a 64 GB variant that goes up as you proceed. We recommend you get a 218GB variant, it has sufficient storage for the phone gallery and files.

It comes in 4 vibrant colors. The gold and Midnight green are sexy. Trust me, girls! They are chic and have a different vibe. You will love to flaunt these colors. I feel they’re specifically designed for ladies.

What might stop you from buying an iPhone 11 Pro Max?


The storage of a 64 GB variant is quite low. We recommend you spend more and get a 128GB variant. If 64GB is sufficient for you, then go for it.

iOS Updates:

All Apple devices get an update every three years. So, if you buy a new Apple generation phone, it will stay for more years. Many do not find any problem in using older iOS versions. So, this entirely depends on your preference.

Final Verdict:

Okay, girls, so now we would like to know your opinion- Are you buying an iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2022? If you ask, I would prefer an 11 Pro Max, and the main reason is it is cost-effective and offers a big sharp display, good camera and the reliable brand logo of an Apple. What else do you need?

Thanks for Reading :)

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Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max Worth Buying for Girls in 2022

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